What are the principles of investment shops

now, not only real hot, shops investment has become the choice of many people. However, if you want to invest in shops, which, after all, is not a small fee, but also need to do more investigation. Here, Xiaobian to introduce the principles of investment shops need to follow, so as to help investors choose to better investment shops.

1. investment shops planning for the first

is planning for the future development of the prospect of drawing, thus changing the future city in space pattern, which makes some market prosperity or become cold. Obviously, investment shops to planning for the first ", it is" planning change thoroughfare "and" planning to create business opportunities".

2. in a commercial street to choose "corner" and "edge" on the shop

"gold, silver edge, belly is the site selection, the shop in the popular commercial secret. The benefits of a commercial street is not equal, the shop on the corner shop is the first choice. Because the corner sink four people, people should be based on a long time, so the corner shops due to many people, will bring wealth wang. "Edge" refers to a street at both ends of the shop in the stream of people to enter the port, but also just entered the commercial street is interested in the flow of passengers, there is a time to stay high intensive place, the business of shops thriving. "Belly" refers to the middle part of the street, because of traffic dispersion, shopping, walking to the frail and declining interest in shops operating difficulties.

3. choose low not high

customers in the store to shop for time, effort, often reluctant to go upstairs, so the lower floors often create a higher profit than other floors. To this end, in the choice of shop, select the one or two layer than the choice of the three or four shops to have more operational security. In other words, the height of a commercial building and its economic benefits are inversely proportional to the relationship, that is, the higher the floor, the lower the sales, so less profit. This is determined by the customer’s shopping habits and consumer psychology.

4. format matching rationality

this is mainly to avoid too much impact on the market similar products. If in a capacity of 500? 600 households in the District, a dozen hairdressing shops or supermarkets, shops over the same Yetai total consumption of the overall level of people living in the area, the formation of consumer overload, so, this whole business community shops is not good, there will be some investors.

5. shops operating content should be convenient as the main criteria

developers to design shops in order to facilitate the principle of the owners, therefore, the shop operators should be mainly in department stores, pharmacies, printing, beauty, hair, clothing, etc.

The introduction of Hefei will receive 100 thousand a number of preferential policies to promote man

in order to comply with the State Council Premier Li Keqiang called on the Hefei area, also carry out the "double week" activities at the same time, promote the introduction of a number of management policy, from the policy, equipment, financing and other aspects for entrepreneurs to open the traffic lights, to ensure the smooth development of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The old city of the future plant

will be part of a customer’s talent and personal business loans are raised to 100 thousand yuan, state-owned enterprises and institutions of science and technology personnel does poineering work from preparation, job title, don’t worry about wages. Hefei yesterday held the "double" mobilization meeting, Hefei city officially issued "on the promotion of some policy suggestions for entrepreneurial innovation peoples mass vigorously".

The use of

What is the

the provincial capital will introduce a series of financial support policy. The annual taxable income of less than $300 thousand small-scale enterprises, which proceeds from the reduced rate of 50% is included in the taxable income at the rate of 20% corporate income tax, value-added tax on small scale tax on sales of not more than 30 thousand yuan enterprises are exempted from value-added tax. Business tax on the monthly turnover of not more than 30 thousand yuan of enterprises, temporarily exempt from business tax.

What skills do you need to pay attention to

business now many people now are doing, which is one of the ways to make money, but in fact, many people often do not know how to choose business to make money, the person is not in the minority, but choose business among some people is not profitable, why is this? There is no master.

1. supply chain

often your product is not directly from the manufacturer to enter, so when you purchase from suppliers, must strengthen the supplier inventory management attention, can’t let you out of stock, but can not let you have too much inventory, this is a basic guarantee to each chain and the relationship between the reaction is the most important.

2. management and customer relationship

3. quality function

The quality of the product is

to ensure the customer back a powerful factor, only when you have confidence in their products, to provide high quality products to be more convincing to the customer, are more likely to establish credibility in the minds of consumers, so if you are in the industry’s leading quality, it must exert the advantage.

choose business need to master some skills and know-how, the above analysis of business skills, at the same time, the choice of business entrepreneurs should also be timely adjustment of strategies, in order to meet the needs of the market, so as to increase the competitiveness of the market, but also easier to earn money.

Taobao shop opening process look like Taobao shop

saw her friends opened a Taobao shop you can build up the family fortunes, itchy? Want to open a Taobao shop, you must first know Taobao shop shop process. Today, Xiaobian for everyone to explain in detail the process of Taobao shop, Taobao friends want to look at it.

1. registered Taobao account, improve personal data

The first step of

2. activates the Alipay account authentication

click "my Taobao" – "please name authentication


3. goes on to add the bank card

4. basic certification completed, the following is the shop step

into "my Taobao" — "seller center" — "free shop", this is you have some real name authentication is not complete, click on the "immediate certification", can be completed according to the requirements. Note: the first step to positive and negative real name authentication upload identity, second do not upload my upper body photo and ID card hand head photos, photos of the four recommendations to the photographer, the boss said you clearly to the Taobao shop specifications.   real name authentication requires a total of about two days a day, pay attention to timely attention to the "real name authentication is separated from the two step".

5. shop exam

6. through the real name authentication and shop exam, you can shop

first enter taobao.com – seller center, click store basic settings, shop names and profiles must fill out related to the type you have to sell the baby, which is good for buyers to quickly search for your shop, increase the flow shop. Shop categories: must choose the category, if not the election Taobao consulting

Opening of the third Guangzhou youth entrepreneurship contest

youth entrepreneurship is the main force of entrepreneurial innovation, play a role in optimizing the social and economic structure. Throughout the year have held a variety of youth entrepreneurship contest and exchange activities to help young entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

11 5, the opening of the third Guangzhou youth entrepreneurship contest and the Guangzhou youth entrepreneurship Community Cultural Festival 2015. The scene to carry out the 2015 Guangzhou youth entrepreneurship A round of investment project promotion, business market activities, attracted a total of 80 entrepreneurial team, 200 well-known venture capital institutions and the Guangzhou youth entrepreneurship circle of well-known enterprises responsible person at the scene of resources and project docking.

in the business market, ESUN intelligent snoring pad, 3D printing nylon composite (Yang Ming Technology) and other business projects stall display; the original fresh life of ecological agriculture electronic commerce project booth, exhibition is the soil yam, rice and other agricultural products.

the original fresh life is the electronic commerce project in Guangzhou in 2013 college-graduate village official United Farmers co founded, mainly to support the agricultural development pattern of Internet based community, through the integration of high-quality ecological farm and brand cultivation base, to control the quality from the source, to establish the supply chain management and e-commerce channels. Zhang Yongjia, CO sponsor of the project, said: entrepreneurial market to bring convenience to these young entrepreneurs in Guangzhou. We can stay here and do the same agricultural business entrepreneurial team in-depth exchanges, such as this year we have begun to explore other projects O2O, people know that after we have asked how to carry out, there are opportunities for cooperation; and orders before the business to see we have asked the day after the soil yam, how should the resources docking."

on the establishment of youth entrepreneurship Community Cultural Festival in mind, Guangzhou City Youth Employment Service Center Director Chen Jianlin said, had held the two session of the youth entrepreneurship competition teams reflect, due to the busy competition, mutual exchanges between enterprises, the project team, not enough, hope online has more in-depth exchanges, promote more cooperation.

"through this platform to build youth entrepreneurship community, can make all resources of Guangzhou youth entrepreneurship community more systematic and in-depth exchanges and docking, we also increased access to information, venture capital, they encourage cross-border cooperation, so as to realize the benign operation of the business ecosystem." Chen Jianlin said.

Small catering enterprises how to effectively implement the assessment program

good performance appraisal for an enterprise’s stable and sustainable management of important considerations. Big companies have a set of their own company management system and system, but for a small restaurant just started how to implement the assessment program?

job responsibilities to clear

to a certain stage of the development of small and medium-sized catering enterprises, in order to introduce performance appraisal, it is necessary to clearly sort out the job responsibilities and organizational structure, while clearly the responsibilities of various departments. Is not a small hotel does not need the organizational structure and job responsibilities, reduce when the boss felt that increased employee mutual buck passing phenomenon efficiency, a person not to come over, requires relatively clear organizational structure and job responsibilities. Make clear what everyone should do, that is, to design a clear job responsibilities. This is the premise and basis for the design of performance evaluation indicators.

assessment indicators to fine

On the one hand, on the one hand, the evaluation index of

comes from the job responsibilities, on the other hand, it comes from the overall work of the hotel. The catering business, assessment should focus on job responsibilities, to quantify the index of management can be quantified, for some of the more "virtual" indicators, such as the enterprise culture cognition, try not to put into the evaluation system. Performance evaluation can not pursue "comprehensive".

assessment person to be quasi

"quasi" refers to the collection of assessment information to be accurate, the assessment index information should be collected accurately in half an hour. Accuracy is the key to effective assessment. Of course, the manager of a listen, two look, the feeling is also very important, after all, in the work of the assessment, to understand the most real, appropriate, three.

assessment results to use fast

once the assessment results are determined, the results of the assessment will be reflected in the month of the floating salary of employees, while the superior assessment of the interview to allow subordinates to experience the results of the assessment of concern. The assessment results of half a year, a year can be summed up and staff training, promotion, year-end bonus linked to the maximum extent to motivate employees to create better job performance.

assessment process to monitor and guide

performance appraisal will sometimes become part of the manager to send "human" tool, citing a famous saying: "any thing will produce corruption supervision". Especially in the early implementation of the assessment, the human resources department should play the role of guidance, support and supervision of the assessment of the functional departments. In the key links of performance appraisal, the human resources department should play a guiding role in setting up the assessment methods and indicators. In order to make the assessment form a virtuous cycle >

Partnership to dry cleaners to be cautious

entrepreneurship shop, a person’s money is not enough, you can get a few people well, especially in the current environment or to raise the public, which I am afraid that has become a lot of entrepreneurs ideas. However, if the partnership shop, we also need to be careful, or you might be the final and lost two. Below, let Xiaobian introduce a partner to open the dry cleaners the final failure of the case, you can give investors a reference.

partnership cleaners let me rencailiangkong. In 2006, I saw that we have invested in the dry cleaning industry, but also want to open a dry cleaning shop, but at the time suffering from the lack of money on hand, so I think the partnership dry cleaners. At that time, I and my best friend raised 100 thousand to open a dry cleaning shop. I thought the partnership could not only make money but also increase the friendship between us. But later, I found that I was wrong.

my friend and partner in the dry cleaners, to discuss the feeding, the purchase of equipment, decoration problems. In the dry cleaning business, we have different opinions, especially in the purchase of dry cleaning equipment, two people at odds, friends want to buy second-hand machine backward, even with the withdrawal of threat, so I was forced to make a concession. In the actual dry cleaning operation, the failure of the dry cleaning machine has become the fuse between our two disputes, the feelings of friends than before a lot of alienation.

just stumbled through the dry season, after entering the season, the dry cleaners increased a lot of business, profitability has increased a lot. But I found through statistical books, dry cleaners did not increase revenue, at most flat level. Through observation, I found out that my friend was always taking some money from the books, and I had to talk to him several times, but did not make any substantive progress.

dry cleaners with financial difficulties, equipment failure and more frequent, business under the dry cleaners. Friends see dry cleaners have not been much of a promising future, simply breaking the jar smashed, the store valuable things, all moved home, dry cleaners have been unable to face the situation of dry cleaning. So my dry cleaners to this extent, will have to declare bankruptcy, so I advise you to do the best dry cleaners do not partner.

in fact, not only is the dry cleaning industry, in the industry, once the investment partnership, in fact, there will be more or less a problem, a lot of the time, even in the original are good friends eventually head part. So, although venture capital is a good choice, but if you choose to venture partners, but also need to be treated with caution, it is best to start a contract, so there will be protection.

Shenzhen will create a personal file for entrepreneurs

now social entrepreneurship is a personal behavior, but relates to the whole social economic and employment development, local entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial activities are in fact and the whole society are closely related, is currently in Shenzhen took the lead for entrepreneurs to establish the personal archives.


In fact,


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Two venture opened a new chapter in the development of Linzi

in the public have been concerned about the new venture, while the two venture began to rise. For the two venture, we should have a correct understanding of how to use the current era of entrepreneurship policy, the right way to carry out entrepreneurship.

"12th Five-Year" period, Linzi District complete 7 economic Park infrastructure, foster the formation of 6 major industrial clusters, the cumulative implementation of 100 million yuan project 197, public budget income, fixed assets investment more than doubled in 2010; launched several rounds of chemical industry comprehensive renovation, completed a total investment of nearly technical 100 billion yuan, the implementation of the national science and technology plan 16; "ten full coverage" to become the province’s model, "17+9" people’s livelihood project comprehensively; has undertaken national reform task 7, the site will be more than 150 times above the level……

in front of the result set up the "zero sense", on a dare to play the spirit of wisdom and grasp the opportunity. In the face of three characteristics under the new normal, "and" four turn "," national public entrepreneurship, innovation "," Internet plus "and other major strategic deployment," two business "is represent the general trend. These years of sustained and rapid economic and social development, regional competition is more intense, the structural contradiction of high growth has become increasingly prominent, "two business" is also the location of. The region’s development to a higher platform, people get a sense of the increasingly high demand, "two business" is the common aspiration of the people.

outlook "13th Five-Year", Linzi district to the "innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing five development ideas throughout the entire process of the" two pioneering ", bring forward a comprehensive well-off society and the" two double ", the innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial unity play four paths, the maximum sustained release potential, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness.

"two business" to new heights, to be full of hardships and challenge. In order to maximize the power of condensed development, Linzi District proposed the "play" to dare to play, will improve the fault-tolerant mechanism and protection mechanism, to play "fallback"; the full implementation of the "first standard" mechanism, the underlying layers of positioning, to further improve the recommendation, to catch up with the advanced;

Operation of maternal and child supplies store location is the key

operating maternal and child supplies stores, want to get a good profit, you need to pay attention to the problem is more, if you want to do a good job in the investment business, then you need to pay attention to what the problem? Site selection, purchase, promotion, etc. need to be taken seriously, Xiao Bian share some experience, I hope to help your business.

Two or three lots of

brand stores maternal and child supplies its products to higher prices, are vulnerable to regional restrictions on the level of consumption, so in the site should pay special attention to the general should in the vicinity of high-grade or mature community. We must protect the interests of the site, reduce operating risks. We can through the district and kindergartens to establish certain cooperation relationship to pull business, the kindergarten is concentrated directly to the consumer, can be used as a kindergarten infant products distributors.

Management of maternal and child supplies stores

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