On the law of imaginary website weight problems


other sites link to your website link will increase the weight for you, so that the weight distribution of external links into the more the more. But there is a little difference between the weight of high to low pass, may cause the latter to be K, a corner of the iceberg to explain is the weight overflow, website within a specified time is a normal weight value in a certain range, if the sudden increase in weight is beyond the scope of overflow, will be punished.

The weight of

site links to other sites, have no effect on their website weight. If the direction of spam links will lead to drop right, not because it is derived and the influence of the iceberg? Explain in a corner to spam links is a poor performance optimization, search engine will reduce the weight value of the site is growing, the total weight of the site is reduced, instead of the decentralization.

fourth, the weight derived law of constant

site included how to love love Shanghai? Shanghai snapshot? How is the keyword ranking? Are very concerned about many of the problems, and the core of these problems is undoubtedly the weight of the site, and what is the weight? Weight itself is abstract, can not be quantified, so this gives a lot of stationmaster caused a lot of confused, the iceberg today to talk about imaginary website weight.

site in home page is the highest, give priority to the transfer channel, then transfer to the home page, the distance is farther, the lower the weight. If you want to enhance the weight of the article page of the website, we must consider the link path. In addition to the website with the increase of the new article, cause the old article continued to drift, will also lead to weight decay.

fifth, the weight of import value-added law

is fixed, it will be with the structural adjustment, the website information filled, links and other complementary changes, good operation optimization can improve website weight, poor operation optimization will reduce the weight of the website. The new weight from the default value of X, then the weight will rise with the increase of time will decrease with other factors.

third, the weight of waxing law

Weight is not a web site

a website total weight at a certain stage of the site is constant, if the channel is more, the average weight of the lower channel, the less the average weight is higher, so the website channel more, to focus, focus on the advantages of high weight value search page, which accord with the rule of 28, for no value to search page "nofollow".


‘s law and an imaginary personal view, hope to promote exchanges. This article from the original 贵族宝贝fzfcyy贵族宝贝/ Fuzhou Modern Women Hospital of Shanghai Longfeng, please leave the chain, thank you.

first, the weight growth law of

second, the weight of the conservation law of

Then if a search team immediately, it teaches you what

do not give the product label. As the article initially said that the pronoun immediately in some friend’s eyes is the search of the national team, so a high-end atmosphere label, will let everyone expect immediate value to rise. But in fact really do immediately? Match? "Fame" and "no good", "no brand" is the most realistic portrayal. This gap will cause great damage to the product, is the so-called no golden diamond do not embrace porcelain live that, blindly give their own high-end only based on resources, immediate strength and technology are fully strive on is a tangbidangche. The same is true for many friends in the industry, you may want in the creation of products are given clear product positioning, the precise research ideas are worth promoting, but the label set must be cautious, not only unique, more practical, blindly take all the pet is not suitable for the user to know the products first impression how important is the implantation. Otherwise unfamiliar street would not be so hard to white wash.

marketing planning can not have the slightest deviation. The immediate failure is also to some extent, the marketing suck cause, you know, from the establishment to the merger, then to integrate the launch, immediately always use their own thinking to the promotion of products, regardless of changes in the external environment. To know that in the time period immediately launched around, so Ali cloud search, search and so on have appeared, then forward count, 360 is heady, on this basis, immediately after the launch did not consolidate a good customer base, but is doing some news media publicity, and now look really do don’t understand. Search users are concentrated in what place, immediately at that time still did not want to understand, perhaps in print advertising do not have money, but they do not know your immediate search, also talk about what you use, so in the brand, there is no Chinese search from A to Z set up, marketing is "evade the crucial point". Therefore, you start friends, we are doing products (not necessarily limited to search products) when marketing planning must take aim, not only is the attribute directly attached to the user, more important is the promotion process should focus on the core user >

now mentioned immediately, we expect more of the search team label. But even with such a "big" attribute, not immediately came to the first camp. See a post in the know yesterday, Deng Ya Ping bluntly settled was the reason can not get rid of, but it is not the only reason. As the search product, immediately immature place is too much. Blind that appeal can change all the pattern of the idea is not only "pure" is naive. Even later with immediate and comprehensive utilization of resources to the Pangu, but it is undeniable that the two failed product combination can only be more failure. After all, good genes do not have a reasonable product, immediately after it was minor and pangu. Then in the search industry immediately raging like a storm, failure to give other entrepreneurs, especially on search industry friends, what is the realistic meaning.

Wu Longjie thinking and execution, to achieve the ultimate dragon in Shanghai

A few days ago


is not writing more than a month, recently in the busy station channel that are in contact with a large number of Internet news and information every day, feel there are too many things to write, when you want to sit down and write. But do not know where to begin, the Internet change is really fast, the search engine algorithm is the same, today and then give you something to talk about the Shanghai dragon.

think oneself to understand Shanghai Longfeng a year ago, and now many have changed the concept of. Shanghai dragon really is an infinite vision of a chance for individual webmaster, but we have to put your thoughts out, rather than casually do, as I mentioned in the 5 methods of Shanghai dragon Er money by detailed analysis, almost all of the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix er by the 5 methods to make money, but a part of Shanghai dragon Er earn more, part of Shanghai dragon Er earn less, and even part of Shanghai dragon Er did not earn the money, Wu Longjie think the real reason is that there is no money to give a method to achieve the ultimate, take the first through the large flow site earn advertising fees, which is on average earn 100wip Qiushi 100W, maybe some owners do not believe advertising alliance can make so much money to see below a love of Shanghai alliance income statement.

this is a July 14, 2011 love Shanghai union revenue report, website IP on the same day at about 1.5W, the income of 282 yuan, we can get a rough estimate, if a website daily 15W IP, the daily income will reach 2820 yuan, for individual webmaster, a month income is 10W RMB so, should be regarded as a good income, this is not the website at the same time on the noble baby AdSense and other advertising alliance. And the website of PV and IP is almost the same, if the user experience.

CMS, keyword layout, within the chain chain construction, URL pseudo static, log analysis of the Shanghai dragon technical things really learn a lot of things, is dead, just do it, the key is to see you do not want to learn, when we have these things, not necessarily can do a large flow station, or a high conversion rate of the product for the station, individual owners, a successful website evaluation criteria is whether they earn money, earn money not everything is nonsense. The Shanghai Dragon technology, how to earn money, rely on Shanghai Longfeng strategy.

Qiu Shida published a well-known master article "Qiushi Shanghai Longfeng case: station from the search engine in the 100 million IP, after reading this article, I felt ashamed, rely on advertising alliance income 100W, ip100w daily, or even a 2m thief program, its operating practices just ordinary blog, blog, let oneself really realized that Shanghai is really focusing on to achieve the ultimate dragon.

The search results on your avatar infix in the noble baby

as a publisher of the content, to do so can results clearly show the original article in noble baby search.

? The third step: the final step of

feature a love it, even more exciting is it together is no difficulty, just a few minutes.

introduce it: noble baby now you can name and picture display in search results, if the article search is your words. Click on the picture will open your noble baby profile page. What is not now want to see a living example of


fix. Wait for the next baby captured your content and noble link test. Open the ri>

this is very important. When creating a hyperlink, remember to add rel= "me" in the connection, as shown below.

then you need to ensure that all the posts you wrote has a link to "About Me" page links. This link should have rel= "author" characteristics, as follows:

. Login to your noble baby profile page to add a custom combo point to your "About Me" page. In "my exclusive page" option tick and save.

The second step:

< a href=" https://profiles.贵族宝贝/your_ID" rel=" me" noble baby; > My; Profile< /a >

what is the

Three step

Let s get started:

first step: if there is a "About Me" tab in your blog, create a and connect it to your noble baby profile page.

< a href=" 贵族宝贝yourwebsite贵族宝贝/about/" rel=" author" > My short bio< /a >


if you have a blog or a writer for the authors website, noble baby provides a new function of the original author — believe that you will not refuse to experience this good for you.

do you have another benefit — noble baby click rate will be higher. Because the baby is usually the noble search page to the text mostly, so people will be more inclined to some visual elements (such as your avatar).

How to achieve

Thinking Nunchaku skills and optimization of Shanghai Dragon Art

let’s take a look at the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon optimization development is similar to the nunchaku? From the beginning of development of Shanghai Longfeng optimization industry, a few years ago, if you want to do for a master of Shanghai dragon, just write several articles on Shanghai Longfeng technical articles, do some good websites basically, you can become a master. Then, when the Shanghai dragon form is how? Before Shanghai Longfeng work more well done, content is king, the chain for the emperor, may well prove this point. When love is in Shanghai to improve my form, many times more in the Google algorithm update is behind the formation, and love Shanghai algorithm and no unified views, until after Google pulled out of Chinese, fell in love with the sea was suddenly discovered, own path, need to understand, to love Shanghai change, more users began to love Shanghai’s search results are dissatisfied, love Shanghai needs change, his technique needs to be updated, optimization techniques can not forget about love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng single, so love Shanghai launched a series of measures in 2012, according to the contents of the quality of the update, also in June last year. The update for the chain of love in Shanghai in October last year and this series of updates, so many websites to the end. As the nunchaku techniques, to today’s development, many people technology can not be improved, many people put forward the nunchaku to standardization, and the palace of the nunchaku to martial arts, this measure, so many.

of the nunchaku was formed within the past two years the domestic network developed, while the Shanghai dragon is also, network product development in recent years, a lot of people in the Shanghai dragon road, is believed to originate from the network, and nunchukus development, it should say is the site of the rise the. Because before this, no more people to practice and learn the nunchaku, most of the time, are seen from the film, and after the development of the network within a few years, the number of practice nunchakus surge. The development of nunchakus as the Shanghai dragon, nunchaku first rise, raise caused a lot of network master. With the development of the times, more and more people gradually see the development of nunchakus not blindly, and nunchukus practice, nor follow and practice, nunchaku is a martial arts, all the regulations should proceed from the viewpoint of Wushu, or more should start from the most basic. The actual combat is the key to the success of this form of inspection.

The development of

it seems that people cannot read a little, and the Shanghai dragon nunchaku skill can have what relation? Taijiquan can contact with the Shanghai dragon, the nunchaku and why not? Maybe a lot of people are Bruce Lee’s movie, Bruce Lee’s special weapons nunchaku, perhaps everyone in the movie see, the most, is also considered a weapon most handsome. Now there are a lot of nunchaku nunchaku nunchaku in practice, development and training, and Shanghai dragon little both are an emerging industry.

Non epiphany analysis of website ranking method how to go beyond the love Shanghai Encyclopedia

Kangnai, red dragonfly, I believe we are quite familiar with, you can go to the sea in search, Kangnai and red dragonfly website is ranked in the front of the encyclopedia. This enterprise website, did not do any optimization, there is no strong chain, but has been ranked in the front. But this one is very difficult to do, what I say is a way. I hope you do not. Here is their ranking screenshot.


A few days ago in the


three, the old domain name advantage

, make a brand

shows that the weight of a site to bring the old domain. Of course, maybe.

can be done as long as one or a few words is beyond the love of Shanghai Encyclopedia of the corresponding word, that is, something Denver is not too. So what kind of way will allow us to go beyond it? Personal summary of the following several methods, I hope to share with you.

two, the well-known weight site

is the first site above, we can see its domain in overseas chain was 1700, included only 303 pages. But a domain name that it is registered in 2000.

you can go to love Shanghai search station network, our A5 network owners in the front row of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love. A5 to the original site, the breadth of the chain, the visitor’s viscosity is very powerful. There is in the webmaster circle visibility brings traffic, I think these are all it can row in front of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love. If we do a webmaster segments of the industry can reach this level of stationmaster net, or that it is 50% degree, I think that love can transcend the Shanghai Encyclopedia of words. This one is very difficult to do, so in the end there is not some kind of doing it is not difficult to answer yes?.

many people are not sure whether an old domain name can bring considerable weight, personally think that the old domain name is very important by the love of Shanghai. The following is a water pump, love Shanghai index of thousands of words, there is a site without the huge chain, also did not see the number of original articles, and snapshots are not the next day. But it is in the front row of love Shanghai encyclopedia words do pump.



Adsense nets to see an article, the authors say Shanghai encyclopedia is love Shanghai "grave". The author also makes sense. However, personally think that is a lot in front of love was a Shanghai Encyclopedia of helpless, angry way out. In fact, we can do in Shanghai love this encyclopedia "grave" to "dig up treasure, denver".

How to tap the marriage website long tail keywords




love Shanghai in the drop-down box and relevant search for us to look for the long tail keywords is very useful, as follows:

we search "in love inside the Shanghai wedding photography", love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search lists many long tail word of the word, these words are certain word searches, we can choose some valuable words as our long term.


when looking for the long tail keywords, we can also analyze peer.


1, use the drop-down box and love Shanghai love Shanghai search


a lot of people online through some quiz platform for help, such as the Shanghai people love that platform, knowledge platform to ask Sina, often in their questions in some very precise long tail keywords, but also a lot of people are concerned, these words can bring a lot of traffic to the site.

Q & a platform

keyword is very important for a website, it is a website label, users need to find these labels through our website, so we hope your keywords to rank, increase your exposure, attract more people to visit our website, so as to improve website traffic. We want to bring a variety of benefits. We in the site keywords optimization, often find that some keywords it is difficult for us to do up the rankings, it is because of these words is very fierce competition, standing in the front of the site has been very stable, they want to squeeze down, too difficult. This time we will not be a way to go black, we can select some long tail keywords to do these, although not to the long tail word keyword that bring a lot of traffic, but it is easy to do, and some of the long tail word may be more accurate than the main keywords, do some long tail keywords, come down for a long time, bring Many a little make a mickle.. The traffic is very considerable. How to do the long tail keywords? Here’s to marry Wed114 network as an example.

search through the "wedding" in the Q & a platform inside, we can see that many problems can be used as our long tail keywords, which for us to explore the long tail word provides a lot of convenience.

3, competitor analysis website

to do the long tail word, the key is the choice of words, need to pay attention to is not the long tail word we selected too uncommon, such words are very easy to do, but no one search, can not bring traffic to the site, do not value. A subject of "here’s to Wed114 network marriage wedding photography" as an example, teach you how to excavate the long tail keywords.

No discussion of the chain cannot do it in Shanghai Dragon

solid hardware support

Links!!! Is not outside the chain? This should explain the chain, usually said is one-way, and Links is two-way, there are people in order to keep the weight of the website, A station with B station exchange to C station, thus reducing the weight loss of the C station, so there is a saying Links is the best of the chain, don’t forget Links in the "friendship", perhaps in this brutal competition in the Internet we are taking advantage of each other, you can’t talk about what friendship, but don’t ignore the role of friendship.


high weight Links

structure in addition to internal website code optimization and website template function to improve the user experience, including the external links to the brothers "Duke" internal links and keywords, put them in the website structure, because the internal construction of the link and keyword density should be early in the site into a website in the process, the internal links in the content added gradually penetrate, extending long tail keywords expansion is completed in process of increasing in content.

to do something big in strategy but also the material foundation, Shanghai dragon is dapper have special meaning (the best domain name has a long history and good) steady and fast server, everything is in order to provide users with high-quality service…… For the chain on the loss of weakness.

content in Shanghai Longfeng work is king, the chain for the emperor, therefore we also formulate the chain construction and development of the ideal, said the foreign chain value, is not to leave the chain, Shanghai dragon and unable to carry out site development? No leader in

the reasonable structure of the siteBesides the basic construction site of

we have always stressed that the details of the account of Shanghai Longfeng better, in fact, from the search engine ranking algorithm adjusted can also see, no one can influence ranking factors completely, so Shanghai Longfeng work to advance farther toward the direction of the broader battlefield.

no king, the king is precious, it is the essence of a website content, sell themselves not to say the content of the website for a long time without optimization promotion, but that the optimization of user acceptance of website promotion brings rich content will ignore the ranking directly, this is the highest level of Shanghai dragon. Not in the rankings shocked the world, but the content of real world.

The rich content of the construction of

How to deal with the site is down right after the love of Shanghai

with love Shanghai algorithm constantly updated and improved, down the right site seems to be a homely food thing, this is plagued by countless stationmaster whenever and wherever possible, once the site suffered right down to restore doom in a short time is a very difficult thing. Many websites have experienced from the almost right down to the recovery process.

if you feel site without any problems or drop right after the problem has been solved, can appeal to love Shanghai, love Shanghai as soon as possible on the site of a detection, in order to restore the site weight.

4, Shanghai’s


2, analysis of the site to drop right


5, to the needs of professionals to help

Since the

3, adjust the site

want to talk about today is how to restore the natural to web site is down right after, to determine the site right down is actually very simple, in addition to the new sites, the general site will appear right down: site only home page, the website included, in addition to the end of the month in Shanghai keywords love big update ranking overnight 100 besides, the website included all disappeared, domain is not in the home and so on. Then the site down right after we do

site drop right also have light weight, slightly down right may be tempted to love Shanghai, adhere to the update website will soon resume ranking, once suffered severe drop right, site is subjected to at least be waiting for the crowning calamity, three months will slowly recover. This time suggest that you can consider replacing the domain name, website data before the pack up and move to eliminate the optimization trace, ban robots crawling, all new sites, but must change all source code, can be the same industry. The effect is obvious.

1, adjust the psychological state of

many webmaster in website down right after a long time to find a way out, it is difficult to restore the site weight, this time may be appropriate to consider to help Shanghai dragon industry veteran demand.

website can be right down, the site itself has some problems, try to remove traces of the original article on page optimization, is a good medicine to make the site restoration of weight, must make good use of.

found many webmaster in site is down right will be taken by surprise, it actually didn’t know what to do about all of a sudden, this is standing taboo, maintain a sense of balance is a prerequisite for successful webmaster. The web site is down right after we need to calm down, first check before and their ranking website ranking almost any changes, and observe whether there is love Shanghai Webmaster Platform message or the latest news. Patiently waiting for Shanghai to restore love continue to maintain and update the rankings.

The solution of Taobao off site love Shanghai K station


many of the Taobao webmaster site was found off Shanghai and love K, from 618 to 809 in the year to January 6th last year, a total of three times the K station, it is really as anecdotal for Taobao? What phenomenon can be defined as K? What is K the common? To introduce the following solution for Taobao off site love Shanghai K station.

loved K station in Shanghai of the situation there are many, but generally speaking, there are about three such cases, can be defined as being in love with the sea K.

1 in

two is how to define love sea K station

What kind of

Shanghai K station is love for Taobao guest website

3, snapshot stop or backwards; in general, the snapshot stops, we just press the right way of doing it can make our website slowly back to the previous state, but if so, it is a snapshot backwards, basically can be defined as K.

regardless of the above three cases, are not restored, the most important thing is to do with the correct ideas, according to the plan to do, this is a webmaster do have money.

three is common

for this problem from a different point of view, can be said to be, but also can not say, love the three K stations in Shanghai during the first half of the year is mainly aimed at the garbage station, station station station, excessive optimization, and also made a clear, Taobao off some competitors under the genus the website cleaned up a lot, some of which are identified as garbage station, which in the market is passed against Taobao and K for passenger station, in fact, there is absolutely no need to scare myself, you know there are still a lot of Taobao fell in love with the sea railway station is not only K but more and more good, this is enough to that love is not for the Taobao K sea station, so please rest assured.

is K for many reasons, there are also a lot of Taobao guest website in common, such as site content, inbound links, outbound links, the following details:

observation, it is not difficult to find many friends of the station was K is released on the Internet because of the repeated content.

2, included reducing; when the website has significantly reduced, the basic can be concluded by K, of course, included reducing a variety of circumstances, one is included to reduce the number of two page is not included, the three is included only home page, no four is included.

Taobao K off siteSince

1, the decline in ranking; when the main keywords we even unique keywords ranking suddenly fell into an unattainable position, such as dozens of, it can be concluded that the site was K. Here to explain, if the ranking is just floating within the twenty, this can be considered to be K but not fully considered by the K, so don’t worry, some methods can still get ranking back.