Angel investor Wang Tong for entrepreneurship and investment I have my own way

entrepreneurship is now the most popular topic, everyone is talking about entrepreneurship, everyone has a heart of entrepreneurship. Recently, the entrepreneurial magic Institute held their first open class. Business School of magic is a practitioner of entrepreneurship education Lu Wei, launched the flight steward co-founder Deng Yongqiang joint institutions a entrepreneurship education institutions, mainly for the Internet and the field of mobile Internet start-ups.

in the open class yesterday, as the Magic Academy Manager Wang Tong made famous angel investors and venture investment "keynote speech, from entrepreneurs and investors perspective about the problems that should pay attention to the business before, are considering a business or business at the beginning of the road should be help, and according to the following order:

Wang Tong speech



1. Entrepreneurs need to have the quality

2. Some problems in the early stage of entrepreneurship

the best choice of familiar fields, from the strange field began to pay a lot of time and energy.

partners and employees

2016 will set up a business degree from Tianjin University

the minor by the Department of management and economics Tianjin University Xuanhuai College from 2015 onwards, the first batch of students enrolled as of November 20th. The application and evaluation by the students will get free minor degree opportunities, with the help of Xuanhuai College "1000 guide plan" and the $3 billion 300 million venture fund pool, the entrepreneurial project is also expected to get students entrepreneurial guidance and financial aid. Students who have successfully completed their courses and practical studies can earn a minor degree in Business Administration (innovation and Entrepreneurship) outside of major.

Carrying out innovation and Entrepreneurship Education:

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Chengdu major projects started to invest about 40000000000 yuan

Since the reform and opening to the outside world, China’s economy has achieved remarkable development. After entering the twenty-first Century, the major provinces and cities in the country are still developing their own

. Chengdu expand effective investment is to support stable economic growth, expand the structural adjustment and transformation and development potential of the enhancement of a powerful starting point, but also an important content to promote the supply side structural reform, but also comprehensively promote the solid guarantee for the construction of advanced manufacturing province. On the morning of September 22nd, the major industrial projects in Sichuan focused on the start of the new energy vehicles with the Czech Republic Ji Wenhua automobile production base project groundbreaking ceremony held in Jintang.

It is reported that

, held a major industrial projects started to focus, is to implement the provincial government decision to deploy steady growth, an important measure to firmly grasp the industrial development and practice. The focus of the construction of 345 major industrial projects, with a total investment of 155 billion 700 million yuan. Among them, a total of 56 major industrial projects in Chengdu focused on the project, a total investment of 40 billion 230 million yuan.

total investment of 3 billion yuan to build new energy vehicle manufacturing base

according to reports, the 56 projects covering electronic information, automobile, aerospace, biomedicine, new materials, precision machinery and intelligent manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection and other major industrial projects, plans a total investment of 40 billion 230 million yuan, the completion of the annual sales income will be 69 billion 300 million yuan, profits of 8 billion 800 million yuan, will further consolidate the economic development of Chengdu industrial chassis and promote the sustained and healthy development of Chengdu city’s economy and society.


, in the main hall to start Mandarin with the Czech new energy automobile manufacturing base is located in the industrial park into the project, a total investment of 3 billion yuan, mainly the production of new energy electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and fuel vehicles, after the vehicle will be an annual production capacity of 100 thousand units, the output value of 30 billion yuan, annual tax 3 billion yuan. Solve the employment population of 1000 people, can drive the Chengdu new energy automotive battery, motor, electric control and related project core components of cluster development.

it is reported that the project investment of Shanghai with the Czech Republic Polytron Technologies Inc, founded in 1999, is the first China automobile product design and development company, is currently the largest and most powerful independent automotive design engineering company. FAW Group, Dongfeng Group, SAIC (600104, stock it), Beijing Automotive Group, Shanghai GM and other domestic auto companies and Europe and the United States and Japan Automobile Company to provide related services to the more than and 80.

"at present, has completed the signing, project, product development, plant design, production line design, construction bidding and other work." Lei Yucheng, President of Shanghai Mandarin with the Czech Republic, the project plans to achieve mass production in December 2017, the next step will be in Jintang to build a set of ecological energy conservation, low-carbon environmental protection, benchmarking new energy industry base.

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From 20 yuan into a successful counter attack of $2 million

20 piece of money can do, eat a bowl of ramen spent, but actually someone can use 20 dollars to start a business, and eventually become rich, from $20 into a 2 million! If this is a challenge game, I think few people can do it. Because if you think it’s not just the game, it doesn’t affect the rest of your life. But if you really only 20 yuan, really desperate, I think, this is not necessarily unsuccessful.

2013, leaving the school for nearly 10 years, during which I worked for a stable work of over 7 years. Because I am not willing to the status quo, job hopping, entrepreneurship, these things have let me catch up. During the experience of resignation, job hopping, the company closed down overnight and so on. Always feel that these are only in the television to see the plot, but it is true in my life. The most difficult time, I put the stall, but also in the family’s eyelids. During that period, the contempt of acquaintances, the change of the kind of view, let me understand a moment of truth – when you are successful fart also makes sense, when you do not succeed when there is reason to fart. After the stall fail again, I really go to ruin.

2013 just after the Spring Festival, the weather is still very cold. After the destruction of the Spring Festival, the wallet was finally defeated, the whole body can only touch 20 dollars. I picked up last night left half a cigarette, and puff, my aunt dialed a telephone.

Hangzhou to build the Yangtze River Delta China of entrepreneurship and innovation

in the new situation, whether it is the eastern developed cities or less developed western cities, are exploring new opportunities for development, with the power of innovation to achieve the development of innovation and entrepreneurship. Hangzhou will strive to become one of the core of innovation and development in the Yangtze River Delta region.

1 24 afternoon, the provincial people’s Congress of the four session of the Hangzhou delegation held a plenary meeting to consider the governor Li Qiang made the "government work report" of the twelve. At the meeting, a representative of Hangzhou, to carry the "Chinese entrepreneurial innovation" banner, the new core to do "the Yangtze River delta".

Hangzhou to carry the "China entrepreneurial innovation" banner

make Delta "new core"

the provincial people’s Congress, vice president of Zhejiang University Luo Weidong said: "the engine function of Hangzhou can break through Zhejiang Province, to play the role of the regional growth pole. Many people think that the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai Nanjing Hangzhou three city is "one main two", in fact the three city development potential is the main and auxiliary points, the future will be multiple multipole pattern, Hangzhou is certainly one pole."

and chief technology officer of the provincial people’s Congress, the Alibaba group, Wang Jian believes that as the next generation Internet is coming, in the environment for innovation, compared to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou is more obvious advantages. He believes that Hangzhou should not only become the main engine of innovation to lead the development of the province, but also carry the "China entrepreneurial innovation" banner, make Delta "new core"  .

The future of Hangzhou for


will, according to the "government work report" mentioned in the west of Hangzhou branch high corridor, the provincial people’s Congress, vice president of Zhejiang University Luo Weidong said that this corridor near the recommended

Fuyang college graduate Village entrepreneurship training

now college students to rural areas of entrepreneurship is more common, and there are a lot of college students are the new business model to the rural areas, it is now in the rural areas, e-commerce, e-commerce business is very hot.

Sun Zhaohui college-graduate village official in Fuyang District of Hangzhou city

Liugu Bay, taste, shop No. 1 Fuchun mountain…… After the preparatory stage, the 10 teams participating in the WeChat platform opened a shop of different styles. In addition, the organizers provided 10 leading agricultural production of Dongzhou grapes, wine, sweet potato, Steamed Buns small hand peeling bamboo shoots and other dozens of agricultural products supply, at the same time for the participating teams, each team is allowed to contact, to determine the quality of agricultural products, expand sales channels.

Children’s clothing brands need to pay attention to matters

China’s huge consumer groups, the clothing market has broad prospects for development, including the rapid pace of development of children’s wear brands, many entrepreneurs have become the object of pursuit. In the 1980s after becoming the main force of the army of the times, he (she) who pay more attention to the style, quality and uniqueness, the pursuit of the brand, more importantly, more emphasis on children’s clothing brand. Especially many parents of only children children "the two generation" of the family, the child is baby baby, in my hands if broken, with the fear of the mouth, love or not, parents are willing to realize their children dress up colorful childhood "creative dreams".


1, the domestic brand malnutrition

have to admit that our children’s clothing industry started late than foreign brands, so the gap between the objective is to promote performance obviously, especially children’s clothing brand is particularly evident. Good brand awareness and perfect sales promotion is an important factor in the promotion of foreign brands of children’s clothing, packaging success, while the domestic children’s wear brand is weak, mostly silent small brand".

"first-tier cities to sell children’s clothing brand, the two or three line of the city to sell children’s clothing products" is an important feature of children’s clothing brand market. Two or three line city children’s wear brand needs to guide the development of the road. First-tier cities find children’s clothing brand figure, the two or three line of the city is not strong "fault" is facing the dilemma of domestic children’s clothing brand reputation, excellent products, birth and high added value of brand is an important subject of domestic enterprises, but also a major responsibility on the shoulders of ren.

Business meeting channel how to do all the business

is now a lot of people think of entrepreneurship, especially in some rural areas, however, is that there is a guaranteed quality is very real, but if there is no channel, so that the business success also will be faced with the problem very much. In Huaian, there is a small business specializing in the sale of small businesses, shop operators for the old couple, Man Wang uncle is a retired veteran in the non-staple food factory. Retired right, again. But the identity changed, the original is a worker, is now his own horse, and when the boss, and when workers.

is the most at home dry peanut brine. Uncle Wang from selling fried. However, the original skills, has now become known to all the insignificant skill, because operators engage in this kind of goods is numerous, Uncle Wang made the price of peanut dry saline, brands have a competitive advantage. Sales group is only for retail stores across the residential area, it is difficult to break through. Originally wanted to start two times, the king of the show is nothing to do.

analysis of

analyst: Zhu Huizhong

for this business Uncle Wang, we have a lot of retail customers will meet in business, because their sales groups mainly concentrated in a small area, such as rural shops, roadside shops etc.. Coupled with the characteristics of the goods and not much of the characteristics, and the operation of the goods, the species is also a single, sales have certain limitations, so that it is difficult to break through. Not to relax, let go, not a pioneering spirit.

retail store management, variety should be diversified, serialized pattern, which can meet the needs of different grades, different consumer groups. Uncle Wang want to enliven the business, it is necessary to truly form their own characteristics, can not stay in the past, the real characteristics of their own to drive sales of other goods, so go hand in hand, complement each other.

peer weapon: retail customers Zhao Liang

shop to engage in business, use their brains is the key. Is there a saying called "due to customer’s needs, the goods with the wish? An ordinary commodity, as long as the use of brains, increase creativity, you can make sales by leaps and bounds. So, for the king uncle operating this small food. How to get the goods back to life, get good sales performance? I think, first of all to the commodity structure adjustment, positioning of the product into children’s leisure food, but should pay attention to, not too salty peanut brine, in which innovation can also add other elements, such as chocolate, milk flavor, strawberry flavor and so on.

followed by the commodity to have a certain pertinence, such as the positioning of this product for children’s leisure food, for children’s psychology, in the packaging effort, you can use the card Tonghua packaging, put in the bag