628 love Shanghai black K station thinking storm

oriented search site, as a user oriented website. Such as forums or other users interact with the web site. But this type >

1. types of information website, has not much prospect, because the information station is on the large number of articles, but these articles, as ordinary webmaster, can not be entirely original.

4. station groups, the contents of the highly repetitive website, K seems to be reasonable, a year ago, I did a lot of websites, there are "stations" too, but these are all different types and different themes, from common sense, a lot of people do stand, is a normal what, no reason K station. Instead, some of the bigger, more repeat station group, after 628 this whole, instead of ranking more before……

but in any case, station is K hard, needless to say, "back to the night before the liberation of the lingering. Innocence did not use, you can hate love Shanghai, you can call love Shanghai, you can despise love Shanghai, but no one can change the world, only to adapt to the world, to love the attitude of Shanghai should also be the same, if you need it, it can adapt to it. We should think about this, after the 628 incident, the website how to do

2. and related links, links to other sites if is love Shanghai punishment, then the "kill jiuzu" thing, love Shanghai is made, the essence of love lies in the Shanghai algorithm is not perfect.

1. website and on-line time, my website was less than a year, but a lot of keywords ranking on the home page, perhaps love Shanghai understand this way is not unusual way.

June 28th, a black day, many websites are in love with altitude hair, included only home page or a website isn’t what is better I was so hurt. According to Shanghai’s official explanation of love, is that the main content of bad quality, but the site of the people you know is how to get the content of the website. So this explanation from my personal point of view, the weak, not enough to become a compelling reason.


3. content, such as the love of Shanghai official said, but the problem, algorithm and love Shanghai does not recognize who is really the original station, original content, not collected or reproduced (station does not leave a link), the love that is the original Shanghai station, Shanghai is the only such love blind. Kill the original. Shanghai dragon real search engine optimization, is the pursuit of win-win website and search engine, Shanghai dragon is a way of communication between websites and search engines, but such a whole, we have to use non original means.

According to

observation data or personal online, Xiao Yunhua believes that some love Shanghai update algorithm, a large number of websites are as follows in order to reason about K, note that this is only my own summary or observe the love of Shanghai 628K station is part of the reason, only as a reference:

2. and

And ruin his scam exposed 5944VIP space methodThese 10 kinds of entrepreneurial personality the most

, we PR people like founders who are motivated, ambitious, sometimes crazy, sometimes eccentric, but most of the time very smart. Working with CEO, a different creative enterprise, you can learn more about human nature. At the same time, you will see that some of the founder’s personality characteristics are not only a disaster for the PR department, but also for the company as a whole. The following are our eleventh years of practice, summed up the "founder of the most necessary correction of the 10 personality characteristics", and the other is our favorite type of founder.


executives are as demanding as they are. They know what they want, and they know what they want right now. Therefore, as the PR staff, ready to "daoshan, under fire". Be careful of those who can’t wait to hear your advice, or even throw away your advice and your CEO.

1., thank God you’re here! But who are you here,

this seems to be an advantage, but it is not. The most consistent PR project should be a close partnership between the PR team and the customer who wants to do more for each other. If a founder leaves us in the past and then disappears, then his PR project will inevitably end in failure.

2. world overweening

What has

there are good ways, everyone to tieba.sh419/f, kw=5944& t=4, sh419 stick, the good way to introduce!!


, I was cheated by the www.5944.net website yesterday,

began to pay, customer service is very serious, ask a sentence 2, and answer the application is not good, you can refund. When you pay the money, the garbage service begins. You ask him 20 sentences, he answers at most, and the FTP upload speed is only 5K. Ask customer service, customer service said that the night passed quickly the afternoon, not easily passed, the results can not open the site.

cheated users cross his

can’t make a liar furious,

, our favorite founder, is still a child. We can always meet people who are most likely to show up when discussing a news report. Tens of millions of founders feel that the flash of the media should be on their own. But please note: just because you want to land on the "Wall Street journal", does not mean that you should.

, you’re an early start, CEO, and you’re financing millions. You are in charge of dozens of employees, many of whom depend on the job to support the family. Since CEO’s position is so important, do you spend your time in writing about media PR? First of all, you’re a CEO, not an editor, so you’re not as professional as we are. Next, do it quickly

editor’s note: the author is Kevin Wolf, founder of TGPR California Menlo Park. In this article, he shared with us the personality of the founder of PR people. The following is a first person narrative.


is exposing his scam now, and they are starting to use free space to attract users. To tell you the truth, their free space is good and the speed is ok. On the home page can see VIP30 yuan, 1G space IIS1000 CPU15% traffic is not limited, many people consider free space is also good. The fee space must be better that’s what I think

!How did

no words, hope you don’t be fooled, don’t believe it, he VIP have a trial function, you can try first,


4., this is a few highlights of the PR project. Let me know when it comes out,

3., but people want to go to the Wall Street journal,

feels that the sun rises and sets in front of him because he is open to flowers and even wants to be on earth because of himself. We have seen some of the founder, said that with certainty, the reporter an interview with his story, they will have the opportunity for promotion.

The founder of

5. well, is this punctuation wrong?

I was using his free registered account to upload illegal information * * * * * * illegal information website etc. now is the Olympic Games during this very strict investigation we hope that concerted efforts to make his server found several stations.. Then seal him!

been building?… Ask customer service, customer service will not speak..


For the love of Shanghai new algorithm, webmaster should actively face


ah, said Shanghai Longfeng webmaster may be dead now can not find a good method to promote the site, not to seek a breakthrough in the technology above the Shanghai dragon. This statement seems to be from the beginning of June last year by more and more owners say it. Why is this speech? It is because love last June Shanghai began to update a algorithm of the year’s biggest, this algorithm upgrade caused a large number of Web site is k or drop right, the most striking of these is the medical industry.

is a engaged in four years of personal webmaster and an ordinary Internet users, for the love of Shanghai agree with this approach. It can purify the Internet environment, to the vast number of Internet users in a trusted security environment.

three: reduce the site rate, site visits, the loading speed is a big problem in the webmaster should consider. In order to maintain the stability of web space.


two: related website theme and content, if the content of your site is not, believe it to have been doing.

: webmaster usually should spend more time to find where the needs of users, and strive to do a good job, the user will often browse web content above

In fact,

algorithm, also more frequent exchanges between the webmaster. The web site was afraid of his own love blow to Shanghai, due to the violation of certain rules and be K or drop right. A new algorithm for "pomegranate algorithm" some owners said, this is the love of Shanghai in order to recover and get out of the bidding. Some people say, this is because the Shanghai dragon road has come to an end. Whether the Shanghai dragon is dead this problem? Originally through love Shanghai algorithm summed up some experience for everyone to share.

some senior webmaster may already know that website optimization is no longer in unilateral efforts can be obtained. The result is that both sides need more interaction to produce Shanghai Longfeng effect. Many webmaster do optimization very carefully, but often failed to achieve the desired results. Our focus is on the user experience, how to improve the user experience of

Shanghai dragon is dead? Many webmaster of this problem is more attention, on the Internet there are many webmasters have given different answers.

Along with the recent launch of the new

in this algorithm, we need to face more webmaster. As long as the user to create a love website can get the search engine’s favor and recognition. From the user experience of the implementation of Shanghai Longfeng work. Including the website usability, practical content, reasonable structure and so on.


short, I believe that Shanghai dragon will not die, as long as there is the Internet search engine, search engines do not disappear as long as Shanghai Longfeng will continue until the last possible search engines no longer called search engine may not call Shanghai after Shanghai dragon dragon. "

How do enterprise stand Shanghai Longfeng index let included maximum

content quality and methods to attract the spider

as above, this is the author use the Xenu software to detect ZhengZhan results, Xenu can be used to detect the number of station chain, also gives the entire station how many URL, such as the above enterprise station a total of 585 URL, JS, CSS pictures, these documents were not statistical word also has 286 URL, of course enterprise data quantity is less, so we can be in the background of the site to see how many products and news content, so you can know how many pages of this enterprise, I probably calculate the number of pages should be 449, site data of the enterprise station is 413, here the author is not a screenshot. But the site data is not accurate, the best reference index amount of love Shanghai statistics, in general the amount included in the enterprise stand still, but then again, how to make the enterprise stand the amount included in the maximum? I think that need to pay attention to the following two points: < / p>

is a large part of Shanghai Longfeng personnel in the station to do business optimization, compared with the large-scale web site, enterprise site with less number of keywords is less. So in the Shanghai dragon service company is a person responsible for optimization of several enterprises station, in fact no matter enterprise station or business class website, optimization principle and ideas are the same, just focus on the operation of Shanghai dragon is different, large web page data is very large, so the biggest problem is how to let the page included the maximum, the overall structure of the site must be considered. As for the enterprise station itself page is very few, so let the inside pages included the maximum, the amount included in the page is a very important index of Shanghai dragon and a lot of enterprises, the station included not ideal, even the most important product pages are not included.

As the saying goes,


the first point: new and old station of Shanghai dragon strategy

optimization as early as possible, just on the line of the railway station is more suitable to do optimization, but the reality is that many companies stand no long-term management, and many places do not meet the love of Shanghai station optimization guidelines, leads to the optimization of the old station is very troublesome, because after a period of time to let Shanghai to favor this love like the dead stop to. New and old station also has the difference in the optimal way, a large number of new sites need to fill the contents of the website, but do not collect a lot of content, pseudo original and original can, at the site of a certain amount of content need regular add. A day to update a news, add a few products. The other is the article whether to add anchor text, according to my own experience, new sites to add anchor text content is difficult to be included in the article, so long as we can be bold keywords. As for the old station we can slow down the frequency of updates, general article can add anchor text to 2-3. But before some old station by station anchor text that spread over optimized, such enterprises or station according to the actual situation to decide.


Apple Pay started very well consumers want to use

according to the New York Times reported that according to the initial statistics for payment in major U.S. retailers platform using Apple Pay, although the service has not yet reached the degree of hot, but the consumer interest in the service is much higher than similar products after Google launched. The report says, many retailers try to add Apple Pay services to attract consumer attention, so as to improve their market competitiveness.

According to

however, there is also a part of retailers have not been able to experience the thrill of Apple Pay. For example, toys and baby products retailer Toys " R" Us, built-in mobile payment transactions in the past three weeks, only a slight increase. That is to say, the vast majority of consumers have yet to adapt to the new technology of payment.

New York Times earlier this week reported that health food supermarket Whole Foods of the total transaction amount of 1% is paid by Apple Pay, a transaction with iPhone users has reached 150 thousand. Similarly, the famous food brand McDonald’s (McDonald) said, Apple Pay (tap-to-pay) for the point you go half way trading volume. In addition, the transaction through the digital wallet trading drugstore chain distributor Walgreens trading volume, since Apple Pay launched at the end of October has doubled.

NetEase Francisco November 15th message, according to foreign media reports, Apple Pay looks like a good start, many retailers in the United States have adopted the application service, a research report and from these retailers, consumers have a strong interest in the probation service, this is a mobile wallet payment field had not had phenomenon.

Verizon, AT& T and T-Mobile investment, focus on function of NFC joint venture Softcard Apple said, Pay launched in the field of mobile payment further aroused the interest of consumers. Softcard CEO Michael · Abbott (Michael Abbott) said, Softcard application downloads soared, but trading volume more or from existing users. This Abbott soared thanks to apple on the use of NFC function, which means that the final Apple compatible with Pay may promote the rapid development of Softcard.

the report presented by Apple Pay digital retailers, consumers show a welcome degree of the service launched. Previously, Apple CEO Tim · Cook.

Abbott said, because of the Apple Pay and other companies are NFC into their own proprietary solutions.

Analysis on the July 17th Shanghai K station of love

2, Shanghai dragon industry influence, love Shanghai auction business is the primary cause of sluggish sales.

the big update Shanghai love their products and 58 city and other similar such classified information and some of the strength of the comprehensive website page rank promotion, and many companies stand to be thrown into the back, in order to combat and the effect of potential customers bid promotion strategy, clearly inform customers of these Shanghai Longfeng not reliable.

Shangqiu eadoo find a few after 717 to Shanghai dragon ER suggested ideas. We refer to the reference

1, Qiaoshanzhenhu strategy to tell potential customers bid Shanghai dragon is not reliable.

with Shanghai Longfeng practitioners increased year by year, a large number of Shanghai dragon’s propaganda and success stories so many love Shanghai auction companies have started to re-examine their own propaganda strategy, Shanghai dragon with its price advantage gained more and more customers’ curiosity, trust and support. This directly affects the performance of the Sales Department of Shanghai love.

July 17, 2011, love Shanghai again, although this is not a major earthquake in Wenchuan earthquake so strong, but we also felt strongly. Many words that this ranking fell badly, what is the reason for love again Shanghai roar? Now the rapid development of Internet, the rapid development of the Internet, love Shanghai wants to further development, so adjust the site relatively large range, so we re evaluation of the old station, so the new station included faster, there is perhaps a warning to do station to the user as the center in the Shanghai dragon people do. Do not stand, buy a few links. Do a few outside the chain can get a lot of visitors.

Hailai love to the survival of the existing auction customers, in order to prevent more customers to switch to Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love must strike out at the necessary time to stabilize the morale of the troops, so that the existing customers recognize the Shanghai dragon is not stable, and to demonstrate that protecting the interests of customers with Hedwig bidding decision.

is a special day for your webmaster for 2011 July 17th, why do you say that? I think a lot of sex in Shanghai optimized website owners are aware of what happened that day? The webmaster do optimization you can also continue to adhere to? In 2011 July 17th, love Shanghai search engine changed most of the sites were K, rankings plummeted, even in love Shanghai search engine to search the fundamental content, of course is also known as the day day, Wenchuan earthquake is like the same magnitude more fierce, what is the cause of love in Shanghai to do so much work?

July 17th, Shanghai of Shanghai Longfeng love requirements may be more stringent. The crackdown is increasing. Especially the small station, we need to improve prevention, do normal station, some unnecessary black hat tactics or not for good.

3, to increase the confidence of the existing auction customers, completely destroyed the steering idea of Shanghai dragon.

Does the entrepreneur believe in Feng Shui When you try your best, you may believe itGrapefruit with

will apply the name of grapefruit, but also because he did not want to do the female physiology management, but hope that your application can do to help women’s overall health.

Such applications in

"but we’re essentially different from those like aunt.". We look outside as if it were a period software, but in essence it is not. In essence, we are a software for analysis. The most important thing we do is upload the data, then analyze and follow the records. The two others have not been done." Chen Fangyi says.

core: data acquisition and analysis

"this is our greatest inspiration is how to reduce the user’s information input costs." Chen Fangyi says. As a female physiological period management as the core entry point, access to women’s physiological phase of the relevant data is the most basic work, no data, all out of the question.

Chen Fangyi recently attended an inspection mission to Israel and visited many Israeli Internet Co. One of the companies impressed him.

In fact, the reason why Chen Fangyi

foreword: it’s strange that a business critic and entrepreneur talk about Feng shui. But this article is not as you imagine, how to through the conditioning of residential, office layout, Feng Shui, to achieve their own careers. But tell you from another angle that Feng Shui is not just about the kind of Feng Shui you understand…

Ma Yun says innovation and reform are forced. In my view, letters do not believe in heaven, believe it or not, Feng Shui is also forced out. If you don’t believe it, it only means that you are not working hard enough. You haven’t worked hard enough to do anything.

, first of all, entrepreneurship, Feng Shui is not "luck"

are particularly hot with women’s physiological phase. Xiamen after 85 entrepreneurs Chen Fangyi also chose to start again in the field of application, they launched the grapefruit in the growth rate has exceeded the aunt and PT pioneer.

, but for users, it’s still necessary to manually record their height, weight, and physiological data, which adds to the user’s cost. Grapefruit approach is to give some incentives to users, allowing users to have the power to take the initiative to fill in the data.

didn’t realize that being a company often tried to be incompetent until he started his own business. But when you are restless incapable of action. In addition to choose not to "give up" the road, only the "pray". In a time because the "stick" and poise, gradually from the bottom of my heart that "three feet above the gods". Gradually believe that Li Jiacheng should really believe Feng shui.

for example, you spent two yuan to buy lottery tickets, second days, a fancy 5 million, and that’s luck. There is a day into the lottery, and spent money to buy lottery tickets, lottery is not, this is the destiny. Of course, do not rule out a lot of research and investment lottery and repeated awards, which can be understood as fate.

Taiwan electricity supplier Godfather Mr. He Yingqi is one of my company’s shareholders, but also one of the most important mentors on my way to start business. He founded the Ubid and Monday companies in Taiwan, and later sold them at a high price to the famous American Internet giant. Ubid was sold to eBay for $9 million 500 thousand in 2002, while Monday was sold to Taiwan YAHOO in 2008 at NT $1 billion 800 million. After financial freedom, he became Taiwan’s top investor. He has a very famous Theory: entrepreneurship is two points, by effort, eight by destiny. It sounds like the early gravitational wave language so funny and funny. But the real record industry, and experienced many frustrations, can understand.

but whether it is to do the physiology of the management or daily health, grapefruit methods are the same, that is to reduce the cost of the user input data, and then using a large data analysis, give relevant suggestions.

yes, I’m afraid this article was accused of "Zhuangshennonggui" or "idealism". I’m afraid everyone thinks what I said about Feng Shui and destiny was what you understood as luck. Earlier, the media interviewed Mr. He Yingqi, in fact, his "Feng Shui" and "luck" interpretation is very objective.

, whose company is recovering from patient surgery, has made it very interesting to combine physical recovery with the game to restore some of the dull body movements. For example, arm fracture recovery requires constant arm movement, and the company combines the exercise with the hamster game to allow the rehabilitation person to perform related rehabilitation exercises during the game.

Chen Fangyi also admitted that they still do not good enough in this regard, he is also considering whether there is no need to manually enter user data access methods. "We are sure to do the hardware." He said. Smart hardware is probably the best way to access data right now.

eighteen when nine year old Li Jiacheng heard people say the richest businessmen very believe in Feng Shui, including Hong Kong and Taiwan and overseas Chinese are a lot of letters. But as a mainland Chinese, I don’t think so. Perhaps it is because of the brainwashing of materialism from childhood, everything that cannot be seen or touched is not believed.

with the arrival of the big data era, and personal health related mobile Internet Project suddenly became a popular entrepreneurial direction. And because young women are far more concerned about health than men, many entrepreneurs target their health in the field of entrepreneurship.

and what I call "Feng Shui" is…


How do the bidding data fluctuation analysis

general data show a selection of keywords, creative quality, bid ranking, matching problem, other problems. Analysis of the data show higher, that account optimization in place, creative appearance quality is high, keywords selected users search needs, a reasonable bid or higher, set reasonable; show the analysis data drop, account check, creative keywords quality is low, optimize the quality, extension word method, offer lower quality a high degree of stability, slightly raise the bid for the position, stable show opportunity, and constantly improve the display times, matching set can change the stability after continuous adjustment.

The influence factors of

consulting data yesterday was 50, today is 5, the data is volatile, the first step is to view the site can open web server, speed check, check whether the normal URL access, in many cases I click on some key words into the site has expired or network domain name server problems causing the site can not normally access miss, paying customers bought not normally enter or consultation, and setting a consultation tool is, setting unreasonable terms, almost all the mechanical format answer, ask "how to XX disease". Answer: "you this price concessions, XX, XXX" will leave almost give an irrelevant answer consultation, the establishment and evaluation of the consulting team must be reasonable, personnel management and training in place. In order to improve the fluctuation of consulting data. < >

data show fluctuations;

three, consulting data fluctuation problem analysis

bidding promotion data must be for a bidding personnel, data analysis can be seen in the accounts of many problems or provide a reference for the optimization of a bidding personnel, if not analysis the bidding data will be bidding, can only be said to be understanding of competitive price, no entry, the old Lu SEM combat network we count on price fluctuation data analysis and how to solve:

, show the data fluctuation analysis



2, click on the data fluctuation;

this case is generally not stable and attract qualifying creative large degree of influence, when ranking stable, without clicking on case look attractive when creative, change the perspective of their own creativity, or colleagues to see if it will click to enter, the quality of instability, will affect the account data, click a sudden surge of data, not happy early, because the data is likely to be e and immediately, see background data IP or a keyword clicks, avoid E.

3, consulting data fluctuation;

two, click on the data fluctuation problem analysis

the old Lu analysis,


4, visit data fluctuation;

general wave data will be

Dry cargo sharing the basis of the optimization of Shanghai Dragon (a) asked a few a few

and news website optimization method is the same, there is no specific special.

?Answer: ?Answer:

four, ask: what are the suggestions for the electricity supplier Shanghai dragon

two, Q: new online, can use the way of news reprint?

seven, ask: buy home link, there is no help for the website ranking

is very useful, it is recommended to do more.


optimization process, more or less will experience the site keywords ranking in search engines love Shanghai, a floating up and down. Often the webmaster in website ranking drop, will complain love Shanghai adjustment problems, we can not rule out this phenomenon (such as new year’s Day event.Cn,.Net K station, right down, ranking all) but also are in the minority. Xuzhou ewang suggested that if the website ranking drop, unless you really think your site do not have any problems, please carefully check the website or the relevant data, such as: the chain, the station, site security etc..


recently the author Daniel with some exchanges, summarizes some optimization knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng comparative basis, through the A5 platform, for everyone to share.

page article plate, is the latest article links or fixed link to

, ask: home is not to put all the links for nofollow

Eight, Q: the Answer:

Six, Q:

can nofollow out, some related information can be nofollow off, but not all, did not use the nofollow link off it.

soft hair is also said, but the chain is must adhere to, you do not, your competitors in the hair, either.

answer: best not to, or search engine start that this site is collected on site, after the site’s ranking is not good. The original is the best way to do.


site weight, also need to continue the text?

page is the most new link is of no significance, will appear on the home page, Shanghai Longfeng, improve the site included no help, so we should not be included in the page or randomly.

?Answer: Many owners have sex in Shanghai Nine, Q: a >

will certainly help, can go to lj.admin5贵族宝贝 to see, don’t love is found in Shanghai on the line, of course, is not to be found.

three, ask: website comment content on website ranking function

search engine ranking is based on the page as a unit, are all the same. How to get the ranking, how many links depends on the page, high quality is not high.

five, ask: how to get the weight of the article page ranking and

Five artifact Forum gathered popularity

is most popular, but in fact that traffic is not entirely the case. The flow is one of the popular forms of the forum, and many inherent embodiment, it is not a simple flow index can be displayed. A loyal user may bring traffic in number more than ten tourists to bring traffic, but in terms of quality, bring more than ten tourists have much value. This is really popular with the false prosperity of the difference. Then, the popularity of the importance of nature is self-evident, but should be how to gather popularity? I want to talk about today is in the "old forum", how to use the five artifact, tightly connected users, can make "new popularity".

, online activities is a good choice. Interesting online activities to attract popularity, and inject fresh blood to the site. Perhaps these are not necessarily pure quality and popularity "

in the early development of Shanghai dragon, BBS forum should be the most common mode of Shanghai dragon ER venture. Most of Shanghai dragon ER has made the forum, so most Internet entrepreneurs, are very familiar with the forum mode. If so, then surely we all understand, on the forum, popularity is how important a thing.

first, the content should be targeted. Want to have a stable high quality user group, is not too greedy. What all want, if Shanghai dragon ER will ultimately be too greedy, like the fable of the beggar begging, because too much, finally break out of clothes, all the wealth into clouds. Want to have high quality and high user loyalty, website content must be targeted. Just do something, but to do it. For example, you want to do is to lose weight, lose weight in, don’t look at the recent hot and do whitening whitening. You can even carefully, specifically to do health aerobic aerobic weight to lose weight, do the most professional, so keen on aerobic fitness to lose weight, it will become the most loyal users of the website. The so-called have sailed the seven seas hard water, except Wushan not cloud, if in the aerobic healthy diet you can do, even if other sites also do aerobic healthy diet, will not included in the site "fayan". So these users, is the site of the "loyal", the high degree of loyalty, will not betray. Such strong popularity, is definitely conducive to an invincible position heel forum.


forum to active atmosphere

In this

when the contents of the forum has done a good enough time to fail, it is not so easy, but from the forum success but there is still a distance. The second step is to expand the forum. Man is a social animal, automatically reaching the warm atmosphere of the place, only a part of the loyal customers is not enough, they are users of the website in the "elite", but "elite" is not enough to hold up a forum, also need a lot of ordinary people "". In this case, only focus on the site content is not enough, there must be something to call popularity.

content of the forum should be targeted

The traditional