2016 win in Suzhou, the whole law entrepreneurship contest opened in France

the current increase in the number of students, employment opportunities have not been able to keep up with the growth rate, so many foreign students to shift their attention to the business. 2016 win in Suzhou, the whole law entrepreneurship contest opened in Paris, France and China to provide a platform for entrepreneurs.

this competition mainly to have the entrepreneurial intention of leaving juristic person, overseas Chinese and foreigners as the object, covering the field of new energy, new materials, smart grid, nanotechnology, biotechnology, medicine and modern equipment manufacturing, software and service outsourcing, financial services, cultural and creative etc.. Competition will be held in France in June 11th finals, held in Suzhou in July 13th, the global finals, the winner will receive a number of entrepreneurial support.

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A few words to benefit from doing business

a lot of words, sounds like a lot of people feel disapproval, but in the course of the actual operation of the business, but it really has a great help. In fact, the shop to do business, will encounter a lot of people every day, a lot of things happen, there are a few simple words have always been in my mind, I have a great deal of business, and even make me feel the benefit of life.

goods do not earn money,

just opened the shop that, due to lack of experience, the goods are always incomplete, looking at the customer did not want to buy something, disappointed to turn to other stores, I always regret how did not expect to enter this commodity. Neighbor uncle Cao sitting in front of the door to see me often, then I called the past, sincere words and earnest wishes said: "the children, you know just to do business, there are many things that you have someone to buy goods immediately to write on paper, and then to purchase, can not let people down again when the two time. Also, make some time to go around other supermarkets, there will be a few hearts. You have to keep in mind this sentence: not all goods do not make money."

then, I take this sentence as truth, still retains the odds and ends of sewing small objects like, let the customer know my shop is full of goods, not to disappointed. Thank you uncle Cao’s words, let me train the old customers.

can not do it "


a few years ago, I opened a small shop next to a supermarket. I secretly worry about the loss of customers, thinking about how to get back to customers. A few days later, a friend of cloud to my shop, do not want to say a word: "the boss is cheap, buy a few jins egg to round up, take out a few times, 10 Fen does not let, 5 dollars 1 cents, also received the 10 Fen, she said not to make money…… Haggle over."

I heard this, I thought of a way. Every time the customer to buy things, 12 Fen cents a fraction do not accept, even if it is to buy a small piece of money two dollars, even if only earn the 20 Fen, I will not receive. As time goes by, customers know that I have this habit, and sometimes the 12 Fen cents to find them a fraction of the time, they do not, said: "well, you do not often do not."

After a year without

, the small supermarket customers are scarce, put up the shutters. I thanked my friend’s words: "do not worry about".

"don’t compromise"

years ago, a customer in my shop to buy a box of "Taishan (white general)", and then come back, accusing me of cigarettes is false, I have to ask him to pay a box. In all sorts of explanations to no avail, I’m afraid of the impact of the store image, wanted to leave him for a pack of cigarettes. I can’t afford to see Zhang in my store

Infant clothing store money

infant clothing store business prospects, attracting a large number of investors concern. If you want to make a profitable business, you can pay attention to the operation of the industry. If you have any questions about the profits of the industry, you can take a look at the relevant introduction, Xiaobian hope to help you know more business.

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Chongqing five small business skills

as a business people, business skills are the basic skills of their survival, take the food business, in recent years, the form of relatively hot Chongqing is small. Chongqing side of the night after the explosion of red and then the success of the franchise stores everywhere so that entrepreneurs believe that the starting point of the perfect career is a small shop. So many people want to do something, but also want to share a share of this craze, but many entrepreneurs are new, how to successfully operate a small Chongqing is a problem to be studied.

with the development of the times and the economy, in addition to a few special industries, and now more and more industries, 80, 90 has become the main consumer in the restaurant, especially in this line. Because they do not have the habit of cooking at home and tradition, coupled with busy work and study, three meals a day out of the solution has become a habit. So, as a small Chongqing franchisee, we should grasp and do a good job marketing is such a group.

Chongqing five small business tips

1, do their own marketing.

content that is marketing, service that is communication, experience will be involved in communication.

about the content: the first door is the biggest marketing, to create a good first impression to the customer.

on the service: the boss personally asked the guests views and consumer experience, to maintain communication with customers, through the service staff to establish communication with customers.

experience: to create a sense of participation, will stimulate the spread. Give customers a reason to spread you.

2, the use of large data analysis.

real consumption, not what I want to do, but what the customer let me do. In charge of the consumers to signal you, capture data, get the value of. For example, click on the menu guide menu replacement. Scientific data to ensure that the role of marketing and not deviate, the customer is a unique signal, the value passed to you, so that you know what to do.

3, create and lead new products.

no one is doing the market blank, there is a chance. Marketing is not equal to propaganda, is not equal to any channel, the key lies in what you have, how to develop new products, how to do creative.

4, to create 80, 90 screaming products.

think what they did right?. Changes in form, packaging, appearance

How about tea – tea selected tea maker

with the growth of the global economy, people’s living standard has been a very good promotion, consumption concept has also been a big change, take Chinese, people for the consumption of food is not only limited to the feed level, but requires good food. For this beverage sales industry, tea demand unprecedented surge. Global tea market demand continues to rise, China’s tea market to grow at an annual rate of 20%-30%, the future of China will become one of the country’s largest tea consumption! With the improvement of people’s living standards, milk tea is not simply to quench thirst, but also to enjoy a taste of consumers, a mood, a pleasant pursuit of high quality.

tea how selected tea tea maker?

vitamin + fiber + trace elements + tea polyphenol = nutrition and health and fresh fruit

+ vegetables + milk = natural dessert taste compound!

dynamic spring + warm summer + power autumn + cure winter = a year of hot non-stop!

Taiwan Jiangxin tea, just a few seconds out of the cup, taste fresh and of 1-2 people will be able to operate, customers buy with go, wait for low rate, low-cost sales, nearly 70% of the gross profit income!

green tea tea to join the advantages:

6-10 square meters, in the shop to table milk based, decoration design to cool blue as the keynote, white collocation makes hot summer more cool, unique charm, simple is not simple!

theory guide – headquarters free management manual;

practical guide to professional market – based evaluation of site personnel on cooperative store; headquarters free store design drawings, and external image display made by the company uniform, beautiful and durable, save money; headquarters to provide various promotional activities of the operation guidance and planning business promotion activities; headquarters to the gold medal manager professional training;

shop in the process of decoration of the shop, take away the expansion, different industry alliance cooperation; headquarters to provide 3+2 professional training; headquarters of professional logistics timely, safe facilities, raw materials distribution to your store;

headquarters to provide guidance and promotion activities of the cross industry alliance planning; headquarters regularly sent professional trainers for business cooperation include product knowledge, store management, service skills, financial management, standards, inventory management and other professional training!

above is a simple introduction to the tea maker tea brand, if you want to continue to understand the brand, and would like to join the idea please stay below our website >

Entrepreneurs choose the project easy mistake what

chose to start a lot of people, but the real choice of business opportunities for people who are very limited. In short, the choice of the project is the first step towards success, the rest is to adhere to, and "good good study, day day up"! However, a large part of the entrepreneurs in the choice of the project will be a problem, entrepreneurs choose entrepreneurship projects often make a few mistakes:

1, unable to resist the temptation to choose the project looks beautiful!

this is the most entrepreneurs are most likely to make mistakes, not only that, a lot of successful entrepreneurs in the second venture or venture many times, so that the investment process, the same will make such mistakes.

entrepreneurs choose the project, Wang choice heterosexual, just as a single for many years after all, which is normal and hormonal impulses of man, can resist the temptation of charm. Heroes can’t get through, and we’re not heroes.

in the face of such temptation, entrepreneurs often issued such praise: this, too beautiful! Not only that, most people around you will be the same as you praise.

yes, she may be really beautiful, but calm down, she, is it yours? You have the ability to control her? She will marry you? Make sure she doesn’t stray?

wake up, if you can’t HOLD, just watch a Japanese love action movie, YY!

2, do not overestimate the point of their own resources!

If your

is because they have the resources, on the road of entrepreneurship, then it must be calm to evaluate your resource on your hand is controllable, if it is not controllable resources, or persuade you don’t take this too seriously resources! The controllability of the resource includes two parts, the first is to ensure that the resources are controlled in your own hands, rather than how you have a good friend how to have what kind of resources; the second is that you have the ability to realize resources!

3, lack of expertise to cover key aspects of the project!

you are good at, must cover the key link of your selected project.

if you are good at only one part of the project, in the industrial chain, other sectors will greatly diversify your experience, make you good at play, every increase of one link, will be reduced by 10% of success. Let’s say you are good at design, because this point made a very fine products, you will feel this product will be recognized, in order to obtain entrepreneurial success, but are you sure in the late stage of sustainable product design optimization to get the advantage > upgrade

Chengdu Internet plus business leaders summit this afternoon opening

It will bring new opportunities and challenges

Internet plus era for the majority of entrepreneurs, the industry has also been explored to discuss how to move forward. In January 28th, "Internet plus business leaders summit will be opened at the Jinjiang Hotel Chengdu, to explore the future development mode of commercial China.

2015 in December 3rd, the ant gold business school announced the establishment of Huaxi city newspaper Huaxi branch, providing services and support for entrepreneurs. After more than a month of intense preparations, west campus has been officially completed. The specific site at the summit for the first time announced.

informed ant gold dress business school west campus was established after the news, Liu Shengjun said the mode of operation is very optimistic about the ant payment service business school, huaxi. Ant gold business school to do is the Internet era of ecological sharing business school. The establishment of the West Branch, the goal is to entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs do a good knowledge of the connector.

on the upcoming Internet plus "EMBA class", Liu Shengjun said that this mode of business education is very good. Internet plus "EMBA class" in addition to secret ant gold clothing, a classic case of Alibaba, will also be invited to teach the experience of successful entrepreneurs. Recommended

Lotus leaf rice fast food is good, the best choice of the whole – worry free operation

fast food, has been in our lives, are very popular. Because, with the quickening pace of our lives, we gradually improve the demand for fast food. So, choose to join lotus leaf rice fast food, no doubt, is a very good business choice.

everyone sometimes near the school or near commercial street, you can see selling snacks, this is a trend that specializes in providing convenience for the citizens do not have time to eat. Lotus lotus leaf meal is such a good brand, in our market has a super good fortune business opportunities. So I want to estimate we want to understand what the practice of lotus leaf rice.

lotus in the China always is a symbol of elegant Gao Jie, lotus leaf is endowed with many beautiful meaning. But when it comes to the most talked about lotus leaf or its health care. Chinese traditional Chinese medicine is broad and profound, lotus leaf in the field of traditional Chinese medicine has a strong medicinal value, can play a role in helping to relieve edema, so many Chinese traditional snacks also use the lotus leaf. "Lotus flavor" food project is also a good use of the lotus leaf of this effect.

What is the

Honesty can promote business transactions

business to be able to clinch a deal, and now a lot of shopkeepers have resorted to all the best, but if some of the basic principles of doing business is not sure, I am afraid that will only make business transactions fail. In fact, the integrity of the business will be able to promote business transactions, the following let Xiaobian introduced a few cases to illustrate.

there is a surname of the mainland people to travel to Hongkong, because his eyes have myopia, he is always wearing disposable contact lenses. This time he went to Hongkong, he went to the place where he bought glasses and picked up more than and 10 cases of recessive glasses and asked for a discount. The other is a young man, a little like a new one. Zhang said to the young man, the last time I bought here is 5% off. The salesman asked Zhang to write his name to him, he can immediately check to confirm.

Zhang wrote his name to the salesman, the salesman in the computer to check up. Less than two minutes, the clerk put the file to fill out the six months ago, the customer file out, check correct, confirmed the last Zhang is to buy the 5% off. The young man immediately said that the discount is still sold to zhang.

to tell the truth, for the Hongkong salesman’s move, Zhang also feel very surprised. Because he had just had the feeling that he is half a year ago in the store to buy, but can not confirm, if they do not go to check their own shopping records, insist on price, maybe they will buy other businesses. But did not let him think that he was filled in six months ago to file the business was able to maintain such a good, which makes him a sense of accomplishment.

this story let us from beginning to end can feel the integrity of the merchant of Hongkong, but also let us feel the respect of Hongkong merchants to consumers. Good faith is that they can according to the customer to the original purchase of goods sold, no matter how long the time interval, the market price changes; respect is that they can create a file for each of the customer into the store consumption, and can follow the views of customers active transfer of files. Whether it is good faith, or respect, this is a responsible attitude to consumers. If, Hongkong businessmen refused to bargain for a variety of reasons, not actively to query the customer file, then this business will not be successful, customer churn is inevitable.

integrity management is the foundation of business. A store in order to win the favor of customers, to achieve long-term development, we must adhere to the good faith management. If businesses only seek immediate petty profits, rely on the survival of Kengpian consumers, promises to consumers, it will be gradually eliminated by the market. I have encountered a bad faith, eventually leading to the failure of the retail business.

once, I went to a shop to buy the sales of "hardware" on the water faucet, due to their own specifications are not clear.

Eat delicious Chongqing small noodles good taste authentic purpose

Chongqing cuisine must not be a few people do not know it! One of the most popular is that we all know Chongqing hot pot and Chongqing noodles. I do not know you love Chongqing noodles? It is following the Chongqing hot pot, became the ten thousand sought after Chongqing cuisine. Both men and women love to eat, all kinds of people together, for a bowl of Chongqing noodles. Chongqing faces unprecedented hot. The food which not only has the red delicious Chongqing small noodles looks bright and spicy and delicious taste, even under various consumers.

aims to select food delicious Chongqing small noodles high gluten flour, using local salt water made of fresh surface, in order to make a chewy texture. And joined dozens of spices and refined after the entrance will erupt spicy layers. The use of pure big bone soup made from the bottom, the entrance mellow, with a strong fragrance, rich nutrition, rich in protein.

food taste delicious Chongqing small taste of course good reputation

food taste delicious Chongqing noodles taste spicy, with up to eighteen kinds of condiments, fragrance overflowing, challenge your spicy senses and taste buds limit. And there are Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables series, Shaanxi flavor series, Rice noodles noodle series, take food series, cold dish series and other series, updated monthly, nearly 100 kinds of waiting for you to taste the delicacy.

joined the food taste delicious Chongqing noodles not only small investment, back to the fast, but the market wide, high sales, so you do not worry about not making money. And the operation is simple, no need to hire a professional chef, save the cost of your shop, two people can shop, three minutes can enhance your meals over Taiwan, more increase your profit space, let you make every day non-stop, enjoy the pleasure of life!

if you want to open a their noodle shop, find the popular Chongqing restaurant business is a good choice, if you want to invest in the purpose of delicious food Chongqing small noodles brand, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.