Discussion is difficult to do now

is very excited, the first post, for the first time in their website posting, first posted on Admin5 (not well written please criticism after all is the first time ~_~ ha ha), Admin5 time is not long, I remember the first time on the Admin5, see some experience the many predecessors master here to write very much slowly, the love of the Admin5, said it still ashamed, in February 5, 2009, made their first site with impulse, a talent website, registered a domain name, buy a space for a program, the construction of OK, I have a friend do, he helped me all arranged, very grateful to him. I’m not understand these, there are times in exchange with him, he says you must do a figure the king’s ideas, there must be more than others is not the same place, figure king? The first time I heard, who is graph king friend called? I find myself, ha ha, I was somewhat silly Leng is really on the Internet for a long time, I do design, hear the graph king I thought he was just like me to do the design. I found Admin5 in the back. It’s the website of my friend’s picture king. Slowly, I also know the Admin5 forum. That’s true. I found the information I needed and learned a lot about my predecessors. Ha ha, gossip less, get to the point.

talent network, Gu thinking, is to provide a platform to find a job for people in need and need to find talent, a website, how to do? These are necessary to think of the problem, how to make the website alive? Many people say, it is easy to build a website now, more and more fool, but promotion maintenance must have a clear direction.

started this talent website when my friend asked me a question, why do you want to do this site, his question asked silly me, I answer: to make money ah, you don’t laugh, I was so naive. Now I realize that making a web site is not that simple. Below I will my website promotion, shares with everybody. I hope we can help you a little.

1. started early, you may not have the right to make money, make money you don’t consider the problem first, you need to consider is the promotion, because every place has several large point talent website, you observe to look at their website, think about why they why so popular wang. What is there to learn from?. But not all copies, to make their own characteristics. How to promote? I am advertising design background, we all know the effect of advertising. This is also a way of promotion, choose what kind of media for their website promotion, low cost and quick effect. I listed a few of the media I know.

1) newspaper ads, local newspapers, local trails, newspapers.

2) promotional folding. (spend some money, print some propaganda leaflets on the street, and send them to students at the school gate.)

3) psoriasis advertisement (I don’t recommend it).

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