Application development of micro blog in China from the perspective of Twitter Application Layout

China, micro-blog is leading the Internet industry in the future, for many application developers, Sina and micro-blog Tencent is tantamount to an ideal business platform, the winners will be won Liwan, warlords. So how will developers position their apps and stand out from thousands of apps? Maybe we can get some insight into the development of Twitter applications abroad. Here are the most popular 20 Twitter applications last year, based on data from compete’s monthly independent visitors. TechCrunch.

Twitter application monthly independent visitor (Compete)

1., Twitpic, 1236828

2., Tweetdeck, 285864

3., Digsby, 233472

4., Twitterfeed, 149812

5., Twitterholic, 147164

6., Twitturly, 88793

7., Twtpoll, 74154

8., Retweetist, 60051

9., Tweepler, 51304

10., Hellotxt, 45754

11., Twitdom, 45411

12., Tweetscan, 44463

13., Tweetburner, 41754

14., Tweetvisor, 31621

15., Twittervision, 30708

16., Twitterfall, 29592

17., Monitter, 25433

18., Twibs, 17168

19., Twistori, 16229

20., Twitbin, 14986

type 1, tool type, auxiliary application,

early Twitter platform and some applications in order to compensate for the lack of Twitter of the product itself, then the application of tool type, auxiliary type, such as desktop and mobile client, in a variety of devices on the micro-blog reader, based on the application of browser plug-ins and update multiple micro-blog is an opportunity. Such as Tweetie, Tweetde>

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