s it really that hard to improve traffic

masters pass by,


webmasters to add my QQ, the first sentence said almost all learn such words to me, but few ask me to do the methods and Strategies of stations, mostly in the station asked me now IP much, how income and so on some problems I can not be of no great importance, no talk of the people if you have these, time to chat on the management website, want to own site not to flow to.

actually, for personal webmaster, site really is not difficult, but the promotion website does have a certain degree of difficulty, want to do personal station, there is no practical and innovative content is very difficult to do it, the network has several stations of the original ah! Most of the stations are copy to copy the. So, I suggest you do SEO promotion is better, a good ranking, every day from the search engine to tens of thousands of IP is good, but after all the search results page is only 10, it is not possible to you stand on the first page, which depend on the efforts of everyone.

for a new station, I suggest you do so:

first, diligently update your website content, let spider like your website. If your station original content is more, then, the content of the website little does not matter, if it is copy or collection, it must be more, because the spider is a greedy guy.

second, site changes should not be too large, otherwise they will be dropped or K. A new set of website content column early in the site, and the title of the page and so on, custom, do not think that there is little of two minds, is not good, there have some defects, and often change, so it is not good, you often face, how can let the spider trust you?

third, do more outside the chain, increase their privileges. Many webmaster is a wonder, it is difficult to find new Links, don’t worry about this, this is a suspicious mind, there is no need to worry about, ready to link a lot, you will not use! You can go to some BBS to post or reply, post with your new address in it! Individuality signature ID do on your links can also be multiple posts, the best is original, this can speed up your site is included in the speed, but also can improve your site permissions.

fourth, use the keyword that you want as the website name to exchange friendship link. For example, you want to do a "beauty" the keywords ranking, so if you just as the name of your site and other sites to exchange Links with "beauty", adhere to two or three months, that others in the search of the keywords, you can row on the name


fifth, persistence is victory, no pie in the sky. Opportunities are always there for those who are prepared. As long as you keep up the good preparation for the ranking, you will always have the chance to row in.

, for example, a month ago, I made a website, website name: color >

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