Experience the wisdom of the operation to slow as the main

operation to now, watercress is the most clear I have seen a product. Whether the product form or content structure, Chengdu enough bright, so that we can see its foothold at a glance, for this product, I myself is also very promising. After all, in today’s social products emerge today, watercress has been constantly attracting new users to join, and its existence still has its meaning. So, watercress this product can give you investment managers, and even grassroots webmaster how to survive philosophy,


is essential for the exchange of atmosphere by product diffraction. Many product managers look at design rather than focusing on what is known as apparent form. They value the intrinsic communication space and binding power of the product. In other words, a product can retain users is the key. Traditional social BBS has appeared in varying degrees of decline, as the same traditional social products watercress, the same throes of development will be reflected. But in this process, watercress’s ability to resist more pressure. And this is stronger behind, watercress is a line of products connected. From the initial reading, music, movies, and city group, to the bean column, radio, nine, Alfa City, reading, FM, things, and then travel on the line, a dozen App group to the mobile Internet, they brought the watercress temperament, each with independent label of the individual can find like-minded friends. We all know that the reason why watercress has attracted so many years of new users, because compared to other products, watercress more pure interest. Also more specific, the same interest, watercress can give you more opportunities to meet and communicate. And this is obviously its unique existence value.

‘s pursuit of user experience is almost harsh. A product is good and bad, largely depends on the user’s reputation, and the user’s reputation from where to say, obviously user experience to do the bottom. Like watercress itself motto, do minority popularity. Share content on douban.com, see more is certainly has the same hobby or correct the relevant opinions, rather than the so-called idiotic powder spray each other between each other, because of the interest in contact with each other, and hold different views because of interest. Not only that, the development of the content of watercress is also pure enough. Without too much commercial participation, we can really appreciate the pleasure of the product. The page also led directly to the environment in a clean manner netizens can better speech, to win attention, so you will see music, movies and books and columns of hot, and some question answering posts and humour. For watercress, for its creation of seven or eight years of content users and today’s new users, there is no difference between. Everyone in a product of sincere exchanges, not only conducive to the so-called product form, more conducive to the promotion of user experience.

sticks to the bottom line of his own product. The slow rhythm of watercress is not understood by all. Many people have expressed their opposition. Because in many people’s view, the existing business environment, the realization is the first element, after the development of this high viscosity opportunities, commercial progress in the late on >

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