How can the grassroots webmaster accumulate network connections

in today’s society, if not very good human resources is difficult to succeed, so in reality, the Internet also follow this rule, if there is no good connections, it is difficult to succeed, but many people say that I have never met each other just to help a virtual character a symbol on the network, how to obtain the good faith of others? But we still believe that faith can pass, like love never stop


so how can get their own contacts circle? We can actually put some methods in reality transplanted to the Internet! Because although the Internet is virtual, but also based on reality of the


one: first of all, to communicate with others

In fact, many

webmaster do belong to Indoorsman, love at home, through the network to communicate with others, but many exchanges are passive, in each big forum which has been diving, never to express their views, not with or against the views of others, all things, this is it is difficult to accumulate their own resources on the Internet! To use all available on the Internet platform, to learn how to communicate with others on the Internet initiative, although there is no face-to-face opportunity, which will allow us to calmly exchange, and never feel what embarrassed, so take the initiative to communicate with others is the first step to cultivate contacts!

two: be proactive in helping others,

on the Internet will also have a lot of friends need help, and most Internet users are hoping to get help from the Internet, if you take the initiative to help others on the Internet, so people will naturally very grateful to you, although never seek, but human nature is when the Tu Yongquan, just like the meteor butterfly sword of the old man is usually very eager to help others, when they were killed, there are always different people gave up his life to help the old man, it is because in front of that there was a beat! Second so to develop their own contacts is to know the initiative to help


three: treat others sincerely

want to know in addition to take the initiative to help others and an important point is to treat people with sincerity, don’t think someone else will help others return, if someone does not pay you, you could even slander others, so with the utilitarian nature to help others is often not good, there is no way to cultivate their own contacts only do, treat people with sincerity, can maintain a good heart in a long time, after all exchanges between friends is not able to look only at the moment, the proof of the pudding Time reveals a man’s heart., only to treat people with sincerity to be able to let others treat you sincerely!

prepared the three steps above, can be effectively respected in their circle of contacts inside, when you really need help, as long as you say, others will spare no effort to help you, when you want to do.

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