How to promote and realize profit under the county portal website

for county-level portal sites, advertising revenue should be regarded as the main source of revenue, especially local advertising is the mainstay of county-level portal revenue. But what is the main difficulty faced by the local station? Is for local businesses are not familiar with, is insufficient, offline promotion of funds is the lack of talent in the business website, the lack of effective means to quickly open the local market, the local business search automatically advertising on your website. Now, with my personal experience, I’d like to introduce an effective example of low cost marketing.

I had a small town portal, has officially launched from about 3 months, through a series of online promotion, the rapid development in the absence of a penny invested additional promotion funds, now do Baidu keyword ranks second only to the county government website, traffic on the local site is the first. Online popularity is the local site in the first place, should be said that already have a promotion and profit based line. But how to make profits in the theorists is easy to say, hard to do the actual combat, this problem has always been my urgent need to break the first threshold now. I according to the reality of the lack of manpower, lack of funds and alone, made the following promotion plan, make a brief introduction to some low cost promotion activities, mainly introduces the line, for the webmaster friends to discuss.

first, work with local businesses to increase the offline exposure of your site. A small amount of money printed website advertising bar, posted on the merchant’s signs, and in return in the home page advertising free advertising, of course, this need to personally contact the merchant and negotiate. On this article I have done on A5 single narrative, interested friends can go to "small town portal website offline promotion practice".

two, printed a small ad posted, the low cost of A4 paper to print the post, the article also specifically described in "small town portal website offline promotion practice (two)", this not wordy.

three, GF hero posted investment, this is what I want to focus on, the specific operation process is as follows.

The first step:

requires in-depth local businesses to understand what the most high streets and back lanes, business Huobao, which businesses most easily advertising on the network. Generally speaking, karaoke nightclubs and other entertainment industry, Real Estate Company, fashion shops, the Gaestgiveriet Hotel industry businesses is relatively easy to choose to advertise on the Internet, you need to do is to collect these businesses telephone and the best mobile phone number (mobile phone number for later sending advertising messages to them), record each business address.

second step: organize the county most hope to accept your advertising list of businesses, while the use of Fetion group function, the number of businesses added to Fetion friends. The editor of mass advertising messages, such as weather, local business news reminder, holiday blessing SMS, inscribed as the site name and network.

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