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I love blogging. A few days ago I had a problem.

I installed a small plug-in for record access. I didn’t get it right. The location of the display was out of order, and the contents of the right column of the front page went down, and that little plugin ran to the bottom. When browsing with Firefox, it appears on the right hand side of the screen, the screen does not display, and needs to pull the note in the direction of the left and right.

isn’t really something. It can’t solve the problem once it has been reinstalled. I don’t think it will work. Want to delete this plugin, but not. What should I do,


I wonder if it’s possible to change the theme template to solve the problem. Anyway, the template is not very satisfactory now. It looks very earthy. Just change it.

also saw one or two Z-blog’s very good theme templates a few days ago, trying to change it, and the problem is really solved. Now this template is more satisfied, the home page looks very metallic, ha ha, I feel, you have opinions to retain ah.


template log display area than the original one small point, because the original log in the picture is relatively large, so the effect of the appearance, and the "no Internet Day" series of diary a few articles, with large pictures of original sunken logs, is solved this problem. Now, at least the first page is not too bad.

There’s something wrong with the

monitor. It doesn’t work. Fixing the computer said it was burning the power board and it took me eighty blocks.

by the way, the computer has upgraded a memory of 512. Apacer’s three year warranty. This 160 piece ocean.

feels the computer is running a little easier, but the speed has not improved significantly. After all, just upgrading memory is limited. If the CPU, motherboards, graphics cards, hard drives have been upgraded…… Ha ha, left the chassis does not change.

Ali ha ha by Baidu K. It’s a sad thing. So far, no reason has been found, and of course I don’t know how to change it. Maybe this domain name is invalid.

that’s too bad. My website is done around this domain name, website name, catchword, logo…… If you change it, isn’t it a waste of a lot of labor? Do this, Ali, ha ha, two months, from the preparation to the on-line operation, each month. On-line a month by K, is also a very funny thing. The maximum daily IP is over 1000, PV is over 3000, and a website is over 4000, which is a satisfactory number. Just as I was full of ambition, ambition, courage, ready to make a big fight, fearless when encountering this devastating blow — oh, I also live ah I.

said it was a little serious, but it wasn’t a big deal. Liu Huan sings well, "but just start all over again."".

can be made into a simple website at this time, although there is hardly any "self"

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