8 common sense of anti virus

1, ready to start floppy disk, and write write protection.

check any computer problems, or detoxification, it is best in the absence of virus interference in the environment, in order to fully measure the real cause, or a thorough solution to the invasion of the virus. Therefore, after installing the system, you should make a startup disk in time for a rainy day.

2, important data must be backed up.

is the most important procedure, the damage that can be re COPY, or even buy a, but their own type of information, may be three years of accounting information, may be painted three months the pictures, one day, hard broken or damaged because of the virus, will make people want to cry no tears, so for the important data backup often is absolutely necessary.

3, try to avoid using the floppy disk, /zip disk, /mo and other removable storage medium on the machine without antivirus software.

people generally think that do not use other people’s disk, you can antivirus, but do not casually use other people’s computer is also very important, otherwise it is possible to bring a lot of viruses home.

4, using the new software, check first with anti drug program, can reduce the chance of poisoning.

active screening can filter most viruses.

5, prepare a software that has anti-virus, antivirus, detoxification and important functions. It will help stop the virus.

6, if the hard disk data has been damaged, do not have to hurry to FORMAT, because the virus is not possible in a short period of time, all the hard disk data destruction, it can be used to post disaster reconstruction program to analyze, detoxification, reconstruction of damaged state.

rebuilding the hard disk is possible, and the chances of rescue are quite high.

7, don’t download software on the internet.

One of the major routes of transmission of the

virus is Internet. Lurking in the network of various downloadable programs, if you free to download, open at random, for the manufacture of viruses, it is really better. Therefore, do not covet free software, if you really need, please download antivirus software, check thoroughly.

8, do not easily open attachments to e-mail.

in recent years, many viruses causing mass destruction have been transmitted by e-mail. Do not think that only open acquaintances to send attachments must insurance, and some viruses will automatically check the victim’s computer address book, and sent to all of them automatically send poison files. The most appropriate way is to save the attachment first, do not open, check thoroughly with the anti-virus software first.

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