Message new Adsense horse More haste less speed

when the webmaster circle more and more prosperous, more and more new Adsense to join in, we know, and a webmaster spring is coming. But behind the prosperity but is often the most direct crisis, especially for the new owners had just entered the circle, once did not understand the mentality, the right strategy and execution in place has no choice in the stand, it is often for his site failures. Every day there are countless new sites on the line, but at the same time there are countless sites become dead stops, or even directly turned off. Therefore, as a new webmaster, must be from the following aspects to prepare, in countless wars for a slim chance of survival website.

note: do anything, haste makes waste less than

every day off all. Webmaster circles are the same, a large number of new webmaster influx, the vast majority are directed at a money word, rely on website doing poineering work, or rely on doing a part-time job, or, certainly will eventually focus on money – profit above. This is understandable. However, we must pay attention to is not the beginning what all want to make money, just on the line, content is not full, do not update, visitors have been attracted, you start thinking about how to put just for the advertising, how to put more space on the site are used. Put on the advertising, by clicking, to make money by subscription. As a result, the mentality has deviated from the normal track, greet visitors in front of which is a full of advertising content is difficult to find an empty page or even chaotic site, how can such sites retain people, how do you get more and more traffic, only focus on immediate temporary interests, and not thinking about how long, the site became a long-term career, so impatient attitude can only give you a lead to rapid failure. So, this kind of state of mind for new Adsense is concerned, must pay attention to put an end to.

bear in mind: do success station, Yao Yao know horsepower

both new and old webmaster, do stand should aim is only one: to be a successful site long valuable! Of course, profit demand is normal should also, so we can say, we have to do a long-term "shake Qian Shu", but at the same time, it was shaking Qian Shu also can give your visitors bring "cool", so they need to get things, this is the successful site core business down the significance. Therefore, the new webmaster must do the station in the process of doing the following:

one, planning clear, clear positioning.

for the site’s location must be clear, know the next station is to provide users with what is, what is the theme around the center to provide services, this is also the core problem to obtain access flow. In addition, once the theme, do not easily change, avoid frequent changes, which not only makes a loss, will make the search engine on your site with special respect and even lead to fall right, and K etc..

two, keep publicity, establish brand.


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