Free of charge very aggrieved met a slander my users

met another user who abused us today. The reason that he called us "liar" was "two points:

"Why did

1. block his account?

Why did

2. delete his space?

later, he gave us two consecutive user names, and we all found that the database did not find this person, because even if the ban is recorded. Later, he reported his name and identity card to find out, the original mistake is his own user name.

as for why his space was deleted, because of the violation of the rules of space, the first article: there is no binding www. at the beginning of the domain name.


below is the QQ dialogue:


="" / on the way to tell the truth I still regret registered, only half a year. Also can help set free domain name. The class so much, this is a disguised form of deception `

Zhou Mingfeng   10:34:05

on the way 10:48:48

Zhou Mingfeng   10:49:27

on the way 11:05:34

Zhou Mingfeng   11:05:48

on 11:05:58

Zhou Mingfeng   11:06:05

on the way, 11:06:13

Zhou Mingfeng   11:06:31

Zhou Mingfeng   11:06:54

on the way, 11:06:59

Zhou Mingfeng  >

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