Shout webmaster need to firmly go down

personal Adsense is not easy to do standing. First, the information for the record is depressed, and later heard that the Ministry of national information should implement hierarchical management of the content of the website, that is, management is more strict and detailed. Now a large number of room rectification and website content of illegal information inspection. Come back really fast, perhaps this is because there are too many personal webmaster.

It is reported that:

for a web site is the exposure site, recently resolved to the north room a server, and the two day CCTV interview in Shanghai Telecom, this leads to enormous pressure, forced all the network disconnection, our server inventory work started immediately.

a large number of illegal information check, do not know whether to start somewhere else, at least I have implemented here, because I am here in Shanghai, held in Shanghai in World Expo. All of the information regulation is very strict. My go9go8 link platform also failed to survive, when we released information, I did not strictly filter, the purpose is only one, in order to allow you to publish more information. This will cause some people to publish links to web information contains illegal information, delete only to find, so when you do not see the link information to the go9go8 link platform users, one is the re released.

again, phoenix nest plans to start, K many stations, many stations ranking quickly dropped. Key words can not be found.

therefore, our personal webmaster should firmly go on, you have to do:

1, we should immediately check their website, to see if there are some illegal content, some news, forums, etc., there are, delete them, so as not to ask for trouble later;

two, the site should adhere to update, Baidu included quickly, but also conducive to the keywords of the site ranking;

three, don’t over collect, you can completely copy other people’s content, but you can’t over collect, you must have some original every day, even if it is one or two;

four, although the optimization can improve the site included rankings, but more to content based


five, server space instability, new sites are very unfavorable, so we have to choose a good space service providers;

six, when we do the station, but also take some time to understand the webmaster common sense, so that we can have policy, there are countermeasures. So as not to close your station, do not know why.

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