Several ways of realization of community

we all know that the fan economy has arrived, and many friends have gathered a lot of fans who like their columns through short videos, and they have also started building communities to manage them. But is it simply the end of the community? Today, light rain to share some of the social realization of the relevant content, and tell you how to use our community in the hands of cash realized profits.

I, community economy,


explains how to make use of the community to help you make money, let’s share with you what social economy is. Understanding the community economy can help us better use our community and help us make profits. Light rain from three aspects to explain what is community economy.

1, what is the community and the classification?

speaking community would be most people the impression is WeChat community, actually rain before the introduction of basic knowledge of community in the article with you briefly mentioned, community is the same hobbies together with groups, this feature can be said to be the community. For example, online fellow QQ group, some forums, some post bar, which gathered the same hobby friends, these are online communities. In fact, there are many online communities, such as fitness club, a group which is gathered together in fitness enthusiasts, there are a lot like skating club. These are also the community category, just in a different form, one is an online online.

has many attributes, such as intellectual communities, interest loving communities, and some recreational communities. Today, the sharing of light rain is mainly for the realization of knowledge communities.

2, what is community economy?

community economy refers to the Internet era. A group of users with common interests, cognition and values interact, communicate, collaborate and infect each other, and produce certain value. With interaction, there will be social, social groups will have a market, they build confidence in the feelings, thus forming consumption.

3, how does the community economy work?

drizzle summed up two points: first, to gather fans and cultivate potential users; secondly, to provide value and shape social brands.

(1) trains potential users

want to be a community economy, first you need to have your own fan users, tap potential fans, and turn them into your loyal users. We take millet, for example, millet millet users will be early into the community, like QQ group, forums, these users is actually the predecessor of rice noodles. From the community to understand their needs, optimize the product, so that users have a sense of participation, and then marketing rice noodles, the rapid rise.

so you want to focus on your fans, first of all, pay enough attention to your users, interact with them, and collect their opinions for those who are willing to try your product

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