Web site operations cost traffic profitability and conversion

1, cost brief:

in site operation, universal cost such as the server or host space and bandwidth costs, computer tools such as costs, labor costs, for a business website, other expenses and the normal operation of the company, such as office expenses, staff salary and other

2, flow analysis:

traffic is the basis of a web site operation, traffic is not universal, no traffic is absolutely impossible. If a website uses traffic as a terminal product, such as selling traffic and selling advertising, then the site traffic sales minus the site operating costs are equal to the site’s profit.

many websites are currently eating this bowl of rice

but in this mode, the value of unit traffic is very low, and in this mode, increasing traffic means increasing costs. From this we can simply reasoning, in the case of no increase in cost, improve the quality of traffic, can increase the profitability of the site, because the quality of traffic is equal to the value of traffic. High quality flow, the better, high quality flow from positioning and professional.

The quality of

traffic, advertising prices will be very different, there are advertisers with some time ago, high in advertising, because he trust the flow quality, high value of the flow is equal to the target user groups of high value, some web site is a type of e-commerce, to profitability, through the website directly provide products so the site or service, profit is high and the value flow is proportional to the flow rate, if the conversion rate is too small, so obviously there is a need to improve the problem, to find out the problem, improve and solve it, constantly improve the conversion rate of customers, this is an important job in the operation of your web site the flow, enhance the conversion rate, many sites will be from winter to spring.

even if they do not have their own products or services, just click advertising to profit all types of websites, traffic to profitability conversion rate is also very important.

, on the Google Adsense website, there are a lot of website click rate is less than 0.1%, while some website hits 1% or even higher, so at first glance the difference is not big, but if you click on the website this month fee is $100, but hit 1% sites this month’s income is $1000. Traffic conversion rates, regardless of any site, are directly related to profitability. Traffic conversion rate is too low, there is a huge waste of resources.


Google Adsense hit rate once in about 0.1%, or even lower, for the study of Google Adsense optimization, we made several adjustments, and also reference the foreign price a few hundred dollars Google money, but the final results of TNTBBS verification completely overturned said the book, now still in the webmaster spreads, let advertising like ads, and all text >

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