Mr Spitzer website optimization Shanghai Longfeng semantic analysis can not be ignored

Although the emergence of a large number of

is used by latent semantic analysis of search engine (Latent Semantic Indexing LSI) algorithm to find these spam pages, LSI algorithm is a kind of old information retrieval algorithm, proposed in 1988 by S.T. Dumais et al., mainly used for natural language understanding, through the statistical method of document semantic analysis, explore synonyms, related phrases and so on. Use false original tools of the students will have deep feelings, only for pseudo original synonyms or similar words, even if you can do the sentence sentence, but inside the search engine database already contains a lot of content of similar articles, or there is no way to get the attention of the search engine, the weight of the website value don’t go.

and some of the main keywords, but the lack of support for other words, ranking is often not good.

remember a few years ago, the search engine ranking is a phenomenon, a keyword search, on the front page and sometimes does not contain the keyword search, which is likely to play a role in latent semantic indexing. For example: the word "English training", when the search engine found around the keywords appear many such as: New Oriental English training, Li Yang Crazy English and other words, search engines.

what is the semantic analysis of

analysis of artificial intelligence (also called semantic semantic indexing) is a technique for Web text summary analysis. By reading the text on the page, the key content extraction of the core, and the content of extended reading, the central content and thought of web page, and the semantic analysis machine is not available from the perceptual to do. For example: ice, when we see the word "ice" think is cool, feel cold; but the search engine is no way to know the "ice" is "cool", it needs to appear in the "ice" in this context keywords keywords to judge, and then through a certain amount the data analysis shows that the ice with "cool" is related to the.

search engine is a machine that is in accordance with the compiled program to go. One of the basic search engine ranking, is associated with page keywords. As a Shanghai dragon Er, we must be on the search engine ranking algorithm has a certain understanding, can we truly do not talk about optimization, for Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon.


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