How to create effective Wikipedia entry


2, the content must be readable


1, using the

The students surpass the teacher.

to edit the existing entries, the content should be supplementary to the original entries, such as modifying outdated content, add new content, and compared with the original content more professional, more readable, do not add some relevant content to fish in troubled water.

is a way for us to enhance the brand awareness and corporate image, but also our Shanghai dragon personnel do external links to assist a means of search engine marketing. How to create a valid Wikipedia entry?

According to the

we want to create entries to find the appropriate classification, and then gives the reference catalogue template editing.

editor.We create a

see the right and an editor suggest that it is against us when editing, will automatically give different text prompts, and friendly advice, such as a directory or title is too long a directory only a two directory, it will automatically give us a prompt, convenient we better understanding system and platform rules, thus more reasonable selection of editing operations or submission time, the edited version can be better through the audit.

encyclopedia there is two kinds, one is to create a new entry, the other is to edit an existing entry. The entry is really effective after he can create or edit display on the network, also is to make entry through the management of the audit, but it is not so easy, so how do we do?

for the original entry, cannot contain nonsense words, and entry language to have a certain expertise and readability, because Wikipedia website content is from the reality of the encyclopedia, which included the content must be authoritative. Try to make some knowledge of the contents of general information, company name, name, product name is better, the Wikipedia entry is focused on value, do not fabrications, this is certainly not approved.

3, an

picture, can add pictures, generally by. You can also add entries, which is within the chain, is added in the content.

If no entry in the

entry more professional, more easily through the audit, then how to create? Wikipedia provides us with editing this assistant is a powerful auxiliary function, in creating the entry page to enter, you can see a directory template in the right column of the figure:

if there are obvious errors in the entry, such as spelling, punctuation, modify it is very easy to be passed. If the layout problems, such as those throughout the same font, not falling disorderly entry segment layout, re edited by the well. And pass rate must be one hundred percent.


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