How come the website how to original


this is a haunting many webmaster of a problem, but for the site outside the chain is also an important issue, many new Adsense are all tangled to the chain, I also like this, we do not explain the chain, we focus on the original site how to do how to do? Good point

, according to the user’s idea to write, what the user needs, then we will write what, surely someone will ask, how do I know what the user needs, since the love of Shanghai let us write original, so we love from Shanghai to write on, get a title from the love of Shanghai know what users need to help us. Can be based on the title to write the title, we can search for love from Shanghai, the integration of writing. So we can write an article, not only love Shanghai know, you ask, soso and so on some quiz platform we can all go to the needs of the user demand.

three, in general, products are a website, product industry forum, we can go to the website of industry sources need, also we can put their articles copied by our own language, of course, need to consume a little time.

who do Shanghai Longfeng knows, attention is paid to the website content, the user experience, if the content of the website will help to users, so your site is rubbish station, but also cannot say, as some do not understand the product for the content of the site owners, or more difficult for original writing.

four, can come from the point of the book, this needs some environment, such as high-definition digital camera, take down the books, the content they need through the software, converted into text, I use the PDF file directly, using text recognition software, to get down, the contents of PDF, and high quality. As for the file where, can search for love, Shanghai can be identified. The text in the PDF file. Such as: Sina, resource sharing, etc. some places will have PDF format articles oh. Or to see their own needs, the direct use of section >

to improve the website ranking, the content is a key, the key lies in the content of the website, whether it is original, can not love spiders in Shanghai is not a person, not like people to identify the original web site, but love Shanghai is also a special algorithm to the pseudo original article. And the article I one day also need a lot of time to integrate my personal opinion below me.

two, we believe that the station are competitors, we can follow the competitors do, what he wrote, we focus on his article transform preparation, hard flicker flicker, in his article, use their own language to describe, or to love Shanghai to organize, can not copy.

do not understand the content of the product, how to write? Should many webmaster do not understand the product, but the need for updating the site, must focus on the relevance of the website to write.

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