Comparison and selection of Shanghai sub directory and Longfeng optimization domain

sub domain will make the channel home page ranking is relatively easy to do, use the directory will make the channel content page ranking is relatively easy to do. There was a site of a channel using a sub domain in the form of sub domain page ranking is very good, but the content page ranking is very poor. Later, the site of the sub domain into the domain name of the directory, the home channel ranking from the first dropped to love Shanghai search for the second / three pages, but the overall content page ranking has greatly improved, browsing turned 2-3 times. Use the form of the directory, this directory can take home as a web site’s home page to do the optimization and link building, is also more awesome.

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in the directory directory; ". There are two major relations, one is the weight of sub domain is larger than the main domain name directory; one is the main domain name page weight is greater than the sub domain inside page. Therefore suggested that if you open a new channel just a few key words competition channel home page ranking, page ranking is not important, then use the sub domain in the form of sub domain also need to be equipped with some of the inside pages, it is best not to just a single page; if you open new content channels to get good rankings, get more long tail browsing, you can use the top-level domain directory form.

station in Shanghai Longfeng effect angle, without considering the link into the weight under the condition of general weight relationship between various pages with a web site:

such as the current real estate website and B2B website, mostly to real estate and enterprise use sub domain name, although not what these sub domains, but rely on the sub domain of congenital weight only competitive real estate name or the company name is still relatively easy. Now think about it, why cheating methods extensive domain name analysis would have been very rampant? Why various search engines are strongly against the pan DNS cheating website? That is because extensive domain name analysis too effective, primary domain of the weight is high, the ability to snatch subdomain single keyword will be very strong. On the contrary, almost never heard of "subdirectory page cheat", which also verify the sub domain directory high weight theory.

website domain name is like the emperor, the emperor of the sub domain is the domain name of the brothers, a directory is the crown prince to respect uncle uncle, so to look at is cattle, sub domain home than the domain name Directory > strong

with an example of inappropriate to compare directories and sub domain name:

The domain name

> home page > sub domain; domain name directory > subdomain directory > domain name page > sub domain page.

in the process of website construction and website at the beginning of the operation, adding new content rich will face using the directory or sub domain selection. Shanghai Longfeng common suggestion is that if you want to open the channel content is not abundant enough, use the form of the directory, if the new channel is rich in content, you can use the sub domain.

The use of

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