Five artifact Forum gathered popularity

is most popular, but in fact that traffic is not entirely the case. The flow is one of the popular forms of the forum, and many inherent embodiment, it is not a simple flow index can be displayed. A loyal user may bring traffic in number more than ten tourists to bring traffic, but in terms of quality, bring more than ten tourists have much value. This is really popular with the false prosperity of the difference. Then, the popularity of the importance of nature is self-evident, but should be how to gather popularity? I want to talk about today is in the "old forum", how to use the five artifact, tightly connected users, can make "new popularity".

, online activities is a good choice. Interesting online activities to attract popularity, and inject fresh blood to the site. Perhaps these are not necessarily pure quality and popularity "

in the early development of Shanghai dragon, BBS forum should be the most common mode of Shanghai dragon ER venture. Most of Shanghai dragon ER has made the forum, so most Internet entrepreneurs, are very familiar with the forum mode. If so, then surely we all understand, on the forum, popularity is how important a thing.

first, the content should be targeted. Want to have a stable high quality user group, is not too greedy. What all want, if Shanghai dragon ER will ultimately be too greedy, like the fable of the beggar begging, because too much, finally break out of clothes, all the wealth into clouds. Want to have high quality and high user loyalty, website content must be targeted. Just do something, but to do it. For example, you want to do is to lose weight, lose weight in, don’t look at the recent hot and do whitening whitening. You can even carefully, specifically to do health aerobic aerobic weight to lose weight, do the most professional, so keen on aerobic fitness to lose weight, it will become the most loyal users of the website. The so-called have sailed the seven seas hard water, except Wushan not cloud, if in the aerobic healthy diet you can do, even if other sites also do aerobic healthy diet, will not included in the site "fayan". So these users, is the site of the "loyal", the high degree of loyalty, will not betray. Such strong popularity, is definitely conducive to an invincible position heel forum.


forum to active atmosphere

In this

when the contents of the forum has done a good enough time to fail, it is not so easy, but from the forum success but there is still a distance. The second step is to expand the forum. Man is a social animal, automatically reaching the warm atmosphere of the place, only a part of the loyal customers is not enough, they are users of the website in the "elite", but "elite" is not enough to hold up a forum, also need a lot of ordinary people "". In this case, only focus on the site content is not enough, there must be something to call popularity.

content of the forum should be targeted

The traditional

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