Dry cargo sharing the basis of the optimization of Shanghai Dragon a asked a few a few

and news website optimization method is the same, there is no specific special.

?Answer: ?Answer:

four, ask: what are the suggestions for the electricity supplier Shanghai dragon

two, Q: new online, can use the way of news reprint?

seven, ask: buy home link, there is no help for the website ranking

is very useful, it is recommended to do more.


optimization process, more or less will experience the site keywords ranking in search engines love Shanghai, a floating up and down. Often the webmaster in website ranking drop, will complain love Shanghai adjustment problems, we can not rule out this phenomenon (such as new year’s Day event.Cn,.Net K station, right down, ranking all) but also are in the minority. Xuzhou ewang suggested that if the website ranking drop, unless you really think your site do not have any problems, please carefully check the website or the relevant data, such as: the chain, the station, site security etc..


recently the author Daniel with some exchanges, summarizes some optimization knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng comparative basis, through the A5 platform, for everyone to share.

page article plate, is the latest article links or fixed link to

, ask: home is not to put all the links for nofollow

Eight, Q: the Answer:

Six, Q:

can nofollow out, some related information can be nofollow off, but not all, did not use the nofollow link off it.

soft hair is also said, but the chain is must adhere to, you do not, your competitors in the hair, either.

answer: best not to, or search engine start that this site is collected on site, after the site’s ranking is not good. The original is the best way to do.


site weight, also need to continue the text?

page is the most new link is of no significance, will appear on the home page, Shanghai Longfeng, improve the site included no help, so we should not be included in the page or randomly.

?Answer: Many owners have sex in Shanghai Nine, Q: a >

will certainly help, can go to lj.admin5贵族宝贝 to see, don’t love is found in Shanghai on the line, of course, is not to be found.

three, ask: website comment content on website ranking function

search engine ranking is based on the page as a unit, are all the same. How to get the ranking, how many links depends on the page, high quality is not high.

five, ask: how to get the weight of the article page ranking and

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