How do the bidding data fluctuation analysis

general data show a selection of keywords, creative quality, bid ranking, matching problem, other problems. Analysis of the data show higher, that account optimization in place, creative appearance quality is high, keywords selected users search needs, a reasonable bid or higher, set reasonable; show the analysis data drop, account check, creative keywords quality is low, optimize the quality, extension word method, offer lower quality a high degree of stability, slightly raise the bid for the position, stable show opportunity, and constantly improve the display times, matching set can change the stability after continuous adjustment.

The influence factors of

consulting data yesterday was 50, today is 5, the data is volatile, the first step is to view the site can open web server, speed check, check whether the normal URL access, in many cases I click on some key words into the site has expired or network domain name server problems causing the site can not normally access miss, paying customers bought not normally enter or consultation, and setting a consultation tool is, setting unreasonable terms, almost all the mechanical format answer, ask "how to XX disease". Answer: "you this price concessions, XX, XXX" will leave almost give an irrelevant answer consultation, the establishment and evaluation of the consulting team must be reasonable, personnel management and training in place. In order to improve the fluctuation of consulting data. < >

data show fluctuations;

three, consulting data fluctuation problem analysis

bidding promotion data must be for a bidding personnel, data analysis can be seen in the accounts of many problems or provide a reference for the optimization of a bidding personnel, if not analysis the bidding data will be bidding, can only be said to be understanding of competitive price, no entry, the old Lu SEM combat network we count on price fluctuation data analysis and how to solve:

, show the data fluctuation analysis



2, click on the data fluctuation;

this case is generally not stable and attract qualifying creative large degree of influence, when ranking stable, without clicking on case look attractive when creative, change the perspective of their own creativity, or colleagues to see if it will click to enter, the quality of instability, will affect the account data, click a sudden surge of data, not happy early, because the data is likely to be e and immediately, see background data IP or a keyword clicks, avoid E.

3, consulting data fluctuation;

two, click on the data fluctuation problem analysis

the old Lu analysis,


4, visit data fluctuation;

general wave data will be

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