Does the entrepreneur believe in Feng Shui When you try your best you may believe itGrapefruit with

will apply the name of grapefruit, but also because he did not want to do the female physiology management, but hope that your application can do to help women’s overall health.

Such applications in

"but we’re essentially different from those like aunt.". We look outside as if it were a period software, but in essence it is not. In essence, we are a software for analysis. The most important thing we do is upload the data, then analyze and follow the records. The two others have not been done." Chen Fangyi says.

core: data acquisition and analysis

"this is our greatest inspiration is how to reduce the user’s information input costs." Chen Fangyi says. As a female physiological period management as the core entry point, access to women’s physiological phase of the relevant data is the most basic work, no data, all out of the question.

Chen Fangyi recently attended an inspection mission to Israel and visited many Israeli Internet Co. One of the companies impressed him.

In fact, the reason why Chen Fangyi

foreword: it’s strange that a business critic and entrepreneur talk about Feng shui. But this article is not as you imagine, how to through the conditioning of residential, office layout, Feng Shui, to achieve their own careers. But tell you from another angle that Feng Shui is not just about the kind of Feng Shui you understand…

Ma Yun says innovation and reform are forced. In my view, letters do not believe in heaven, believe it or not, Feng Shui is also forced out. If you don’t believe it, it only means that you are not working hard enough. You haven’t worked hard enough to do anything.

, first of all, entrepreneurship, Feng Shui is not "luck"

are particularly hot with women’s physiological phase. Xiamen after 85 entrepreneurs Chen Fangyi also chose to start again in the field of application, they launched the grapefruit in the growth rate has exceeded the aunt and PT pioneer.

, but for users, it’s still necessary to manually record their height, weight, and physiological data, which adds to the user’s cost. Grapefruit approach is to give some incentives to users, allowing users to have the power to take the initiative to fill in the data.

didn’t realize that being a company often tried to be incompetent until he started his own business. But when you are restless incapable of action. In addition to choose not to "give up" the road, only the "pray". In a time because the "stick" and poise, gradually from the bottom of my heart that "three feet above the gods". Gradually believe that Li Jiacheng should really believe Feng shui.

for example, you spent two yuan to buy lottery tickets, second days, a fancy 5 million, and that’s luck. There is a day into the lottery, and spent money to buy lottery tickets, lottery is not, this is the destiny. Of course, do not rule out a lot of research and investment lottery and repeated awards, which can be understood as fate.

Taiwan electricity supplier Godfather Mr. He Yingqi is one of my company’s shareholders, but also one of the most important mentors on my way to start business. He founded the Ubid and Monday companies in Taiwan, and later sold them at a high price to the famous American Internet giant. Ubid was sold to eBay for $9 million 500 thousand in 2002, while Monday was sold to Taiwan YAHOO in 2008 at NT $1 billion 800 million. After financial freedom, he became Taiwan’s top investor. He has a very famous Theory: entrepreneurship is two points, by effort, eight by destiny. It sounds like the early gravitational wave language so funny and funny. But the real record industry, and experienced many frustrations, can understand.

but whether it is to do the physiology of the management or daily health, grapefruit methods are the same, that is to reduce the cost of the user input data, and then using a large data analysis, give relevant suggestions.

yes, I’m afraid this article was accused of "Zhuangshennonggui" or "idealism". I’m afraid everyone thinks what I said about Feng Shui and destiny was what you understood as luck. Earlier, the media interviewed Mr. He Yingqi, in fact, his "Feng Shui" and "luck" interpretation is very objective.

, whose company is recovering from patient surgery, has made it very interesting to combine physical recovery with the game to restore some of the dull body movements. For example, arm fracture recovery requires constant arm movement, and the company combines the exercise with the hamster game to allow the rehabilitation person to perform related rehabilitation exercises during the game.

Chen Fangyi also admitted that they still do not good enough in this regard, he is also considering whether there is no need to manually enter user data access methods. "We are sure to do the hardware." He said. Smart hardware is probably the best way to access data right now.

eighteen when nine year old Li Jiacheng heard people say the richest businessmen very believe in Feng Shui, including Hong Kong and Taiwan and overseas Chinese are a lot of letters. But as a mainland Chinese, I don’t think so. Perhaps it is because of the brainwashing of materialism from childhood, everything that cannot be seen or touched is not believed.

with the arrival of the big data era, and personal health related mobile Internet Project suddenly became a popular entrepreneurial direction. And because young women are far more concerned about health than men, many entrepreneurs target their health in the field of entrepreneurship.

and what I call "Feng Shui" is…


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