Analysis on the July 17th Shanghai K station of love

2, Shanghai dragon industry influence, love Shanghai auction business is the primary cause of sluggish sales.

the big update Shanghai love their products and 58 city and other similar such classified information and some of the strength of the comprehensive website page rank promotion, and many companies stand to be thrown into the back, in order to combat and the effect of potential customers bid promotion strategy, clearly inform customers of these Shanghai Longfeng not reliable.

Shangqiu eadoo find a few after 717 to Shanghai dragon ER suggested ideas. We refer to the reference

1, Qiaoshanzhenhu strategy to tell potential customers bid Shanghai dragon is not reliable.

with Shanghai Longfeng practitioners increased year by year, a large number of Shanghai dragon’s propaganda and success stories so many love Shanghai auction companies have started to re-examine their own propaganda strategy, Shanghai dragon with its price advantage gained more and more customers’ curiosity, trust and support. This directly affects the performance of the Sales Department of Shanghai love.

July 17, 2011, love Shanghai again, although this is not a major earthquake in Wenchuan earthquake so strong, but we also felt strongly. Many words that this ranking fell badly, what is the reason for love again Shanghai roar? Now the rapid development of Internet, the rapid development of the Internet, love Shanghai wants to further development, so adjust the site relatively large range, so we re evaluation of the old station, so the new station included faster, there is perhaps a warning to do station to the user as the center in the Shanghai dragon people do. Do not stand, buy a few links. Do a few outside the chain can get a lot of visitors.

Hailai love to the survival of the existing auction customers, in order to prevent more customers to switch to Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love must strike out at the necessary time to stabilize the morale of the troops, so that the existing customers recognize the Shanghai dragon is not stable, and to demonstrate that protecting the interests of customers with Hedwig bidding decision.

is a special day for your webmaster for 2011 July 17th, why do you say that? I think a lot of sex in Shanghai optimized website owners are aware of what happened that day? The webmaster do optimization you can also continue to adhere to? In 2011 July 17th, love Shanghai search engine changed most of the sites were K, rankings plummeted, even in love Shanghai search engine to search the fundamental content, of course is also known as the day day, Wenchuan earthquake is like the same magnitude more fierce, what is the cause of love in Shanghai to do so much work?

July 17th, Shanghai of Shanghai Longfeng love requirements may be more stringent. The crackdown is increasing. Especially the small station, we need to improve prevention, do normal station, some unnecessary black hat tactics or not for good.

3, to increase the confidence of the existing auction customers, completely destroyed the steering idea of Shanghai dragon.

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