Apple Pay started very well consumers want to use

according to the New York Times reported that according to the initial statistics for payment in major U.S. retailers platform using Apple Pay, although the service has not yet reached the degree of hot, but the consumer interest in the service is much higher than similar products after Google launched. The report says, many retailers try to add Apple Pay services to attract consumer attention, so as to improve their market competitiveness.

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however, there is also a part of retailers have not been able to experience the thrill of Apple Pay. For example, toys and baby products retailer Toys " R" Us, built-in mobile payment transactions in the past three weeks, only a slight increase. That is to say, the vast majority of consumers have yet to adapt to the new technology of payment.

New York Times earlier this week reported that health food supermarket Whole Foods of the total transaction amount of 1% is paid by Apple Pay, a transaction with iPhone users has reached 150 thousand. Similarly, the famous food brand McDonald’s (McDonald) said, Apple Pay (tap-to-pay) for the point you go half way trading volume. In addition, the transaction through the digital wallet trading drugstore chain distributor Walgreens trading volume, since Apple Pay launched at the end of October has doubled.

NetEase Francisco November 15th message, according to foreign media reports, Apple Pay looks like a good start, many retailers in the United States have adopted the application service, a research report and from these retailers, consumers have a strong interest in the probation service, this is a mobile wallet payment field had not had phenomenon.

Verizon, AT& T and T-Mobile investment, focus on function of NFC joint venture Softcard Apple said, Pay launched in the field of mobile payment further aroused the interest of consumers. Softcard CEO Michael · Abbott (Michael Abbott) said, Softcard application downloads soared, but trading volume more or from existing users. This Abbott soared thanks to apple on the use of NFC function, which means that the final Apple compatible with Pay may promote the rapid development of Softcard.

the report presented by Apple Pay digital retailers, consumers show a welcome degree of the service launched. Previously, Apple CEO Tim · Cook.

Abbott said, because of the Apple Pay and other companies are NFC into their own proprietary solutions.

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