How do enterprise stand Shanghai Longfeng index let included maximum

content quality and methods to attract the spider

as above, this is the author use the Xenu software to detect ZhengZhan results, Xenu can be used to detect the number of station chain, also gives the entire station how many URL, such as the above enterprise station a total of 585 URL, JS, CSS pictures, these documents were not statistical word also has 286 URL, of course enterprise data quantity is less, so we can be in the background of the site to see how many products and news content, so you can know how many pages of this enterprise, I probably calculate the number of pages should be 449, site data of the enterprise station is 413, here the author is not a screenshot. But the site data is not accurate, the best reference index amount of love Shanghai statistics, in general the amount included in the enterprise stand still, but then again, how to make the enterprise stand the amount included in the maximum? I think that need to pay attention to the following two points: < / p>

is a large part of Shanghai Longfeng personnel in the station to do business optimization, compared with the large-scale web site, enterprise site with less number of keywords is less. So in the Shanghai dragon service company is a person responsible for optimization of several enterprises station, in fact no matter enterprise station or business class website, optimization principle and ideas are the same, just focus on the operation of Shanghai dragon is different, large web page data is very large, so the biggest problem is how to let the page included the maximum, the overall structure of the site must be considered. As for the enterprise station itself page is very few, so let the inside pages included the maximum, the amount included in the page is a very important index of Shanghai dragon and a lot of enterprises, the station included not ideal, even the most important product pages are not included.

As the saying goes,


the first point: new and old station of Shanghai dragon strategy

optimization as early as possible, just on the line of the railway station is more suitable to do optimization, but the reality is that many companies stand no long-term management, and many places do not meet the love of Shanghai station optimization guidelines, leads to the optimization of the old station is very troublesome, because after a period of time to let Shanghai to favor this love like the dead stop to. New and old station also has the difference in the optimal way, a large number of new sites need to fill the contents of the website, but do not collect a lot of content, pseudo original and original can, at the site of a certain amount of content need regular add. A day to update a news, add a few products. The other is the article whether to add anchor text, according to my own experience, new sites to add anchor text content is difficult to be included in the article, so long as we can be bold keywords. As for the old station we can slow down the frequency of updates, general article can add anchor text to 2-3. But before some old station by station anchor text that spread over optimized, such enterprises or station according to the actual situation to decide.


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