For the love of Shanghai new algorithm webmaster should actively face


ah, said Shanghai Longfeng webmaster may be dead now can not find a good method to promote the site, not to seek a breakthrough in the technology above the Shanghai dragon. This statement seems to be from the beginning of June last year by more and more owners say it. Why is this speech? It is because love last June Shanghai began to update a algorithm of the year’s biggest, this algorithm upgrade caused a large number of Web site is k or drop right, the most striking of these is the medical industry.

is a engaged in four years of personal webmaster and an ordinary Internet users, for the love of Shanghai agree with this approach. It can purify the Internet environment, to the vast number of Internet users in a trusted security environment.

three: reduce the site rate, site visits, the loading speed is a big problem in the webmaster should consider. In order to maintain the stability of web space.


two: related website theme and content, if the content of your site is not, believe it to have been doing.

: webmaster usually should spend more time to find where the needs of users, and strive to do a good job, the user will often browse web content above

In fact,

algorithm, also more frequent exchanges between the webmaster. The web site was afraid of his own love blow to Shanghai, due to the violation of certain rules and be K or drop right. A new algorithm for "pomegranate algorithm" some owners said, this is the love of Shanghai in order to recover and get out of the bidding. Some people say, this is because the Shanghai dragon road has come to an end. Whether the Shanghai dragon is dead this problem? Originally through love Shanghai algorithm summed up some experience for everyone to share.

some senior webmaster may already know that website optimization is no longer in unilateral efforts can be obtained. The result is that both sides need more interaction to produce Shanghai Longfeng effect. Many webmaster do optimization very carefully, but often failed to achieve the desired results. Our focus is on the user experience, how to improve the user experience of

Shanghai dragon is dead? Many webmaster of this problem is more attention, on the Internet there are many webmasters have given different answers.

Along with the recent launch of the new

in this algorithm, we need to face more webmaster. As long as the user to create a love website can get the search engine’s favor and recognition. From the user experience of the implementation of Shanghai Longfeng work. Including the website usability, practical content, reasonable structure and so on.


short, I believe that Shanghai dragon will not die, as long as there is the Internet search engine, search engines do not disappear as long as Shanghai Longfeng will continue until the last possible search engines no longer called search engine may not call Shanghai after Shanghai dragon dragon. "

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