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, we PR people like founders who are motivated, ambitious, sometimes crazy, sometimes eccentric, but most of the time very smart. Working with CEO, a different creative enterprise, you can learn more about human nature. At the same time, you will see that some of the founder’s personality characteristics are not only a disaster for the PR department, but also for the company as a whole. The following are our eleventh years of practice, summed up the "founder of the most necessary correction of the 10 personality characteristics", and the other is our favorite type of founder.


executives are as demanding as they are. They know what they want, and they know what they want right now. Therefore, as the PR staff, ready to "daoshan, under fire". Be careful of those who can’t wait to hear your advice, or even throw away your advice and your CEO.

1., thank God you’re here! But who are you here,

this seems to be an advantage, but it is not. The most consistent PR project should be a close partnership between the PR team and the customer who wants to do more for each other. If a founder leaves us in the past and then disappears, then his PR project will inevitably end in failure.

2. world overweening

What has

there are good ways, everyone to tieba.sh419/f, kw=5944& t=4, sh419 stick, the good way to introduce!!


, I was cheated by the website yesterday,

began to pay, customer service is very serious, ask a sentence 2, and answer the application is not good, you can refund. When you pay the money, the garbage service begins. You ask him 20 sentences, he answers at most, and the FTP upload speed is only 5K. Ask customer service, customer service said that the night passed quickly the afternoon, not easily passed, the results can not open the site.

cheated users cross his

can’t make a liar furious,

, our favorite founder, is still a child. We can always meet people who are most likely to show up when discussing a news report. Tens of millions of founders feel that the flash of the media should be on their own. But please note: just because you want to land on the "Wall Street journal", does not mean that you should.

, you’re an early start, CEO, and you’re financing millions. You are in charge of dozens of employees, many of whom depend on the job to support the family. Since CEO’s position is so important, do you spend your time in writing about media PR? First of all, you’re a CEO, not an editor, so you’re not as professional as we are. Next, do it quickly

editor’s note: the author is Kevin Wolf, founder of TGPR California Menlo Park. In this article, he shared with us the personality of the founder of PR people. The following is a first person narrative.


is exposing his scam now, and they are starting to use free space to attract users. To tell you the truth, their free space is good and the speed is ok. On the home page can see VIP30 yuan, 1G space IIS1000 CPU15% traffic is not limited, many people consider free space is also good. The fee space must be better that’s what I think

!How did

no words, hope you don’t be fooled, don’t believe it, he VIP have a trial function, you can try first,


4., this is a few highlights of the PR project. Let me know when it comes out,

3., but people want to go to the Wall Street journal,

feels that the sun rises and sets in front of him because he is open to flowers and even wants to be on earth because of himself. We have seen some of the founder, said that with certainty, the reporter an interview with his story, they will have the opportunity for promotion.

The founder of

5. well, is this punctuation wrong?

I was using his free registered account to upload illegal information * * * * * * illegal information website etc. now is the Olympic Games during this very strict investigation we hope that concerted efforts to make his server found several stations.. Then seal him!

been building?… Ask customer service, customer service will not speak..


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