628 love Shanghai black K station thinking storm

oriented search site, as a user oriented website. Such as forums or other users interact with the web site. But this type >

1. types of information website, has not much prospect, because the information station is on the large number of articles, but these articles, as ordinary webmaster, can not be entirely original.

4. station groups, the contents of the highly repetitive website, K seems to be reasonable, a year ago, I did a lot of websites, there are "stations" too, but these are all different types and different themes, from common sense, a lot of people do stand, is a normal what, no reason K station. Instead, some of the bigger, more repeat station group, after 628 this whole, instead of ranking more before……

but in any case, station is K hard, needless to say, "back to the night before the liberation of the lingering. Innocence did not use, you can hate love Shanghai, you can call love Shanghai, you can despise love Shanghai, but no one can change the world, only to adapt to the world, to love the attitude of Shanghai should also be the same, if you need it, it can adapt to it. We should think about this, after the 628 incident, the website how to do

2. and related links, links to other sites if is love Shanghai punishment, then the "kill jiuzu" thing, love Shanghai is made, the essence of love lies in the Shanghai algorithm is not perfect.

1. website and on-line time, my website was less than a year, but a lot of keywords ranking on the home page, perhaps love Shanghai understand this way is not unusual way.

June 28th, a black day, many websites are in love with altitude hair, included only home page or a website isn’t what is better I was so hurt. According to Shanghai’s official explanation of love, is that the main content of bad quality, but the site of the people you know is how to get the content of the website. So this explanation from my personal point of view, the weak, not enough to become a compelling reason.


3. content, such as the love of Shanghai official said, but the problem, algorithm and love Shanghai does not recognize who is really the original station, original content, not collected or reproduced (station does not leave a link), the love that is the original Shanghai station, Shanghai is the only such love blind. Kill the original. Shanghai dragon real search engine optimization, is the pursuit of win-win website and search engine, Shanghai dragon is a way of communication between websites and search engines, but such a whole, we have to use non original means.

According to

observation data or personal online, Xiao Yunhua believes that some love Shanghai update algorithm, a large number of websites are as follows in order to reason about K, note that this is only my own summary or observe the love of Shanghai 628K station is part of the reason, only as a reference:

2. and

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