How to use classified information network chain

, 1 people online posts more easily, generally do not delete. The second-hand goods transactions in mobile phone trading is the most popular, the large flow of people, regularly send a second-hand mobile phone transfer postings, hang your website address on the line, the only regret is that people online can not display hyperlinks, only text links, but it also has a very good. If there is a call to ask, is said to have turned out. People can not repeat posting online, customer is the second-hand goods or training, recruitment can be just an account in 90 days can only send four more than the city, do not go out, you can try.

2, ganji贵族宝贝 posts are relatively simple, but do not understand the rules, it is easy to be deleted. It can also repeat posting, but second-hand goods can not be repeated posts, training, recruiting class can, and can take a hyperlink. A training information can repeat the thirty City, the city is red logo can be made, the other is easy to be deleted. Figure:


贵族宝贝 Shanghai lenovo贵族宝贝/538.html Chinese Lenovo dragon dragon, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source.

Ganji has a characteristic, is a city can open four stores (four stores is not the same industry) and can bring website links, the personal feeling can be a good use of it, every day you can punch, improve store ranking.

Outside the chain of high quality

3, 58 city audit is more strict, the rate is not very high, not a post issued a number of city.

This article from the Shanghai

how to send in the online classification of information chain, will not be deleted? I sent for a period of time in the people network, Ganji, 58 city, summarizes some little experience to share with you. These sites have a common characteristic, must be true (want to play fake registered mobile phone can not ah).

now issued at the forum and blog is not doing very well, classified information website as the bright younger generation has attracted more and more attention of the webmaster. Classification of information website weight is high, included is very quick in the above posts, the effect is very good. But in these posts are not casual, just to meet their requirements, otherwise the hair will be deleted immediately, so it is not up to us to effect.

of course, there are a lot of network information classification can also send, we can discuss.

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