Three new board this year the most tragic accident Resumption of trading plummeted 85% market capit

had to finance 5 billion, is the new three board "marketing first stock"


August 2013, Yi tried to come to the new three board. The company is a company specializing in brand marketing, from the brand to the company to provide trial volume and marketing services to pay, the company in turn to the brand to provide accurate trial service and word-of-mouth propaganda. Relying on such a business model, Yi tried to get the "marketing first stock" resounding name.

passenger launch from 2009 to now, every day from the payment to the main site to thousands of yuan, the daily expenditure of hundreds of thousands of yuan, is with the development of Taobao open platform, shared growth and development of the electronic commerce environment. At present, the Taobao program on the network, the vast majority still stay in the simple interface call stage, a large number of repeated sites, repeated content, in fact, do not mean much. The author studies the present several new commercial mode, technology Taobao guest website, for other webmaster brothers diversion reference.


while at the same time, the market value of the trial also dropped by 894 million yuan before the suspension, fell to today’s 133 million yuan.

comment: through embedded JS, realize the word Taobao customer product search, to achieve text advertising alliance. A good website is a platform that allows more users to gather together rather than accumulate content through the personal power of a webmaster, like Jane Amoy, which is a good example.

a Amoy bit

Taobao I found the Taobao

you know, was "the first three new board of marketing shares" is easy to test, in turn for market transactions in March 20, 2015, the price was as high as 76 yuan. This once because of "5 billion financing plan" shocked three new board companies, what happened,

Yi tried 2015 annual report, >

2. strives for excellence,


b how do you guarantee speed?.

in 2014, Yi tried to achieve 117 million yuan operating income, revenue for the first time billions of dollars. In 2015, the easy to follow up a victory with hot pursuit of the revenue achieved 217 million yuan, and 20 million 185 thousand and 100 yuan net profit for the first time, tens of millions.


b bolak Amoy

3. notes

a content selection

comment: Amoy bit content or the traditional big wide Taobao commodity display routines, but fortunately, Amoy bit set commodity sales data, data collection and access to data, and then analyzed the depth data mining, to show users of Taobao categories of goods rise speed index, and show the Taobao according to the category of cloud heat by category cloud, you can see Taobao online at present what goods are the most popular, the most hot, this gives another impression.

in fact, this is a user experience problem, Taobao TOP open interface >

really let easy to try to become famous new three board, is the company’s 5 billion increase.

off site there is a common problem is to do big and complete, what hope do go in, but do not get good user experience, users have to find their own interest in the commodity information, so blindly seek is but the loss of user The loss outweighs the gain..

on February 4, 2016, Yi tried to announce a huge increase of 5 billion yuan program, intends to no less than 10 yuan, not more than 12.5 yuan issued 400 million shares. You know, in the new three board successfully financing more than 5 billion of the company, only Jiuding, China branch, investment and so on a few.


, if you know how easy it was to try on the new board, you’ll have a lot of trouble about what you’re trying to do.

comment: bolak Amoy is a maternal parent-child Encyclopedia WEB2.0 site, hope that through the mother’s strength, build a parent-child Encyclopedia industry. Bao Le Amoy in e-commerce, and not to carry out direct sales network business, it has integrated the open interface taobao, for each parent entry, do taobao corresponding commodity recommendation, such goods, it is required by the user, this combination is very perfect.

you know, was "the first three new board of marketing shares" is easy to test, in turn for market transactions in March 20, 2015, the price was as high as 76 yuan. This once because of "5 billion financing plan" shocked three new board companies, what happened,

was very popular with investors at that time. In March 20, 2015, the trial was converted from agreement to market making, the day closing price of up to 76 yuan. Up to now, the company has completed the 3 round of financing, a total of 252 million yuan raised funds, 131 shareholders in record, even friends treasure, Xindu chemical such Daniel is also impressively listed.

The easy test of

plummeted by 85% in one day, and 430309.OC was the highest in the year for the new three board market maker.


a Jane Amoy

today, the suspension of more than a year of easy to test the resumption of trading, and this is unfortunately the beginning of the company. At the close, the company’s share price closed at 0.77 yuan, compared with 5.17 yuan on the day before the suspension, or as high as 85.11%. Three new board this year, "the most tragic accident."".

1. model innovation

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