A5 Yue with the marketing team personal webmaster how to steal search engine traffic

B: right, some industry is making money, but not necessarily suitable for personal webmaster to do, need to keep in mind: how much to eat belly meal.

meet the above three points under the premise of the owners continue to read the following content, does not meet the basic bottom line station "dead cycle", reached the conditions of the station please Read as follows:

Ranking, Shanghai dragon When

D:TAGS label, some owners love flood to write these labels, but some.

website optimization, is the life in the circle of IT owners are most concerned about the topic, but today, how many webmaster can build a website of sleep without any anxiety "steal" search engine traffic? This proportion is probably less and less.

C: a unified description of the text, title, keywords, discription linked text describe as much as possible with the content page, to enhance the long tail.

1, on the theme of the site, regardless of how the construction site, but not at any time can forget what he did, such as binary diagnosis of a website yesterday: love Shanghai included 760 thousand, Google 1 million 440 thousand, but only about 100 IP. Where is the reason? Site type nature is not changed, but the structure of the page are not stressed a central point, the theme of dispersion:

in July, thrilling "black June" haze gradually dispersed, some website weight eased. But on the 7.13 day according to the owners of the house’s products "super monitoring statistics show that: the love of Shanghai and a big update included data, about 81% of the site changes, of which nearly 70% of the website data showed a downward trend. Personal webmaster do optimization round the clock night returned to liberation, people feel then? The great age of the Internet, or personal webmaster entrepreneurial heaven? There must be many webmaster in deep questioning after chose to leave. But don’t worry, Wyatt A5 with marketing team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝) for you to give advice and suggestions: flow "in today’s personal webmaster steal".

A: what is the standard, must choose? Some industry is making money, but may be temporary, after a period of prosperity.

C must be selected, such as the Shanghai dragon is optimized, can be very good to improve website ranking, but must be patient, the proliferation of Internet information is wrong, uneven in quality, regret it too late. A5 Yue with the marketing team to encourage owners reading "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" for white hat optimization.

B: header optimization tags, such as TITLE, keywords, description tag, part of the title, there must be a core keyword 2-3.

The unified

A:H tag, H1 tag from the H3 tag, and core keywords range must be closely related, otherwise it will lose value.

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