Give some advice to Shanghai Longfeng novice

is the target location, the next step is to do and how to make the website rich. May at site traffic is not great, then you can do is to make the content of the website. Every time quantitative site to enter the fresh things. Don’t take a day update accumulation together. To achieve quantitative timing. Namely: how much time period which was released yesterday. Today’s workload is going to do it in the time yesterday.

a day to do the content of the website, most of the time it takes to the site in the chain. How to do the chain site that may we all know. Summed up the eight words "quantitative, rather not to abuse, insist on".

every day crawling to observe the predecessors experience on A5, you do Shanghai Longfeng job = learning. Only you keep learning, things can be learned for you. However you do study and practice, the next step is to make innovation. An eternal Shanghai dragon experience may be a good assistant to you. But you can get success on behalf of. "There is no road on the ground, taking the number of people would change this sentence into" Mr. Lu Xun told us to keep innovation. Create their own Shanghai dragon road is the "benevolent".


for the novice webmaster, every day in continuous learning and summarize the previous experience, and then to implement to practice. However, in the practice process if you do the following.

2 Shanghai dragon focus on a rational

1 Shanghai dragon focus on positioning

3 Shanghai dragon on mentality

Shanghai dragon

we do stand to do is mentality. Do is stick. Only keep a good mood every day will adhere to. Not every day to take a lot of time to " site" Web site, not every day to spend a lot of time wasting website statistics. Maybe you will get their own site and similar traffic is relatively large compared to the site is always. To increase the power of the direction of your Shanghai dragon. However, in contrast to this one, you will gradually forget to do the original intention of the Shanghai dragon. Every day you can do and must do is to keep a positive mind to complete the daily work.

for the website is built at the beginning of the novice, it is very important for the positioning of the site. It can be said that all the Shanghai Phoenix are in this premise down step by step. Website localization is the original power after the website development. If a website is built location you want, then you will have the target in the future of Shanghai dragon road. Because this is your dream. You have the original power to do it. To let him become a successful outcome you want. On the contrary, if the site is not a good location, maybe you just began to full power, but as time slowly imperceptibly, you find that this website is not what I want, you will keep the beginning as the power of

4 Shanghai dragon innovation

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