Trace analysis of love is the legendary Shanghai experience outside the chain of high quality

in the above we can see the love experience of Shanghai has a high weight value, many words are at the top of the list, many webmaster want to use this platform to promote the site, get the weight transfer. Love the experience of Shanghai is indeed a good platform to promote the site, but I want to say is that if you want to use love Shanghai experience to get the weight of the rankings of words, so your abacus blunder, love Shanghai experience is not the legendary high weight chain.

who want to obtain the high quality of the chain of friends in Shanghai love experience, your wishful thinking is wrong, do not think that the love experience of Shanghai high weight outside the chain of quality is high, the weight of a nofollow tag lets you love Shanghai encyclopedia chain more available for 0. The tea 贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please keep the source

All in all I want to tell

love Shanghai encyclopedia is a new platform for love Shanghai launched in 2010, which is mainly used to share life encountered in learning every bit of experience. We have to admit that love Shanghai every time the product can get its own search engine’s favor, we can see through the webmaster tools, love the experience of Shanghai Shanghai love weight value reaches 9, specific as shown below. And this is the reason why a lot of Shanghai dragon Er on Shanghai for the love experience, so love is the legendary Shanghai experience outside the chain outside the chain of high quality, which need further analysis we trace.

A computer tutorial site

we can see this piece of code above the arrow mark in our chain of ruthless hang nofollow tag, as Shanghai dragon Er we all know the label role is to inform the search engine spiders following link has nothing to do with the site, this link is unable to obtain the weight transfer.

the site, the content of the website is in line with the love experience of Shanghai needs, so the author’s own content easily in love experience of Shanghai gained a few chain, and the chain can be very good to be included, as shown below.

I just began to think that the site can get good weight transfer, but when I look at the experience of Shanghai inadvertently love the page ‘s source code, found that this is just my wishful thinking, love the experience of Shanghai and can not deliver high quality weight I want, because these are the chain is nofollow off. As shown below.

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