Then if a search team immediately, it teaches you what

do not give the product label. As the article initially said that the pronoun immediately in some friend’s eyes is the search of the national team, so a high-end atmosphere label, will let everyone expect immediate value to rise. But in fact really do immediately? Match? "Fame" and "no good", "no brand" is the most realistic portrayal. This gap will cause great damage to the product, is the so-called no golden diamond do not embrace porcelain live that, blindly give their own high-end only based on resources, immediate strength and technology are fully strive on is a tangbidangche. The same is true for many friends in the industry, you may want in the creation of products are given clear product positioning, the precise research ideas are worth promoting, but the label set must be cautious, not only unique, more practical, blindly take all the pet is not suitable for the user to know the products first impression how important is the implantation. Otherwise unfamiliar street would not be so hard to white wash.

marketing planning can not have the slightest deviation. The immediate failure is also to some extent, the marketing suck cause, you know, from the establishment to the merger, then to integrate the launch, immediately always use their own thinking to the promotion of products, regardless of changes in the external environment. To know that in the time period immediately launched around, so Ali cloud search, search and so on have appeared, then forward count, 360 is heady, on this basis, immediately after the launch did not consolidate a good customer base, but is doing some news media publicity, and now look really do don’t understand. Search users are concentrated in what place, immediately at that time still did not want to understand, perhaps in print advertising do not have money, but they do not know your immediate search, also talk about what you use, so in the brand, there is no Chinese search from A to Z set up, marketing is "evade the crucial point". Therefore, you start friends, we are doing products (not necessarily limited to search products) when marketing planning must take aim, not only is the attribute directly attached to the user, more important is the promotion process should focus on the core user >

now mentioned immediately, we expect more of the search team label. But even with such a "big" attribute, not immediately came to the first camp. See a post in the know yesterday, Deng Ya Ping bluntly settled was the reason can not get rid of, but it is not the only reason. As the search product, immediately immature place is too much. Blind that appeal can change all the pattern of the idea is not only "pure" is naive. Even later with immediate and comprehensive utilization of resources to the Pangu, but it is undeniable that the two failed product combination can only be more failure. After all, good genes do not have a reasonable product, immediately after it was minor and pangu. Then in the search industry immediately raging like a storm, failure to give other entrepreneurs, especially on search industry friends, what is the realistic meaning.

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