American Family gets a taste of Morocco without leaving its living

first_imgCasablanca- Traveling is one of the most efficient ways to experience and understand cultural differences and similarities, but a trip overseas can raise financial and logistic concerns especially for big families. An American family decided to overcome these challenges and immerse in Moroccan culture without having to leave the living room.Jennifer Cooper and her husband Dave want their children to learn about and understand foreign cultures. The family is aware of the pivotal role of traveling in exploring the world’s cultural diversity. Mrs Cooper said, “There’s no better education than the experiences you have while traveling. The immersive experience helps us connect what we read in books with the real world. We meet people, experience new sights, smells, sounds and gain an appreciation not just for how others live, but how we live as well.” Jennifer wishesshecould travel more as a family, “but it’s super expensive, the plane rides are long and the amount of scheduling it requires can be too much to handle.”, she added.Hence the idea of taking a trip to another country without ever leaving the living room came to her mind.The family adventure started with lessons in Geography, involving the kids in locating Morocco on the map. Later, they brought changes into their house to depict Morocco’s interior design. Coopers prepared and tasted Couscous, which is one of Morocco’s famous dishes, Harira soup, as well as meatballs known as Kofta and other local  meals. The family infused its living room with traditional Moroccan style, sitting on mats in a charm that breaths the atmosphere of Marrakech with rugs and lamps.During the 4 minute YouTube video, the kids showed great joy while helping their mother to decorate the room as to mirror the setting of  Morocco’s traditional life style. They liked the taste of some meals. Jennifer taught her children to avoid judging the taste of food as that may hurt feelings of others who are culturally different.  “if you don’t like it , don’t  eat it,” she said. “Food is something that connects us all. We all need to eat, right?  Food makes this adventure memorable and encourages the kids to think beyond pizza, hot dogs and cheesy macaroni”, Jennifer noted.She said that she loved the adventure because it requires kids and parents to use their imaginations. “It doesn’t require parents to be an expert in a country or culture. Instead, it’s something kids and parents can learn about together”, Mrs. Cooper went on to explain.Jennifer Cooper is a blogger who lives in Baltimore with her husband Dave – photographer – and their two children. Passionate about family life, she created “Adventures in Learning” through the PBS website, “a family-produced blog and video series that encourages parents to spend meaningful time with their children while sneaking in some learning.” © Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributedlast_img

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