The province’s two food safety centralized rectification teleconference held

12 15, the province’s two food safety centralized rectification teleconference held. Vice governor Kuang Yong attended and spoke.

the meeting pointed out that the food and drug supervision departments at all levels in the province government, we must thoroughly study and fully implement the general secretary Xi Jinping on the food safety work of a series of important speech and instructions for instructions, always adhere to the people-centered thought of the "four solid", especially the major requirements of the solid guarantee and to improve the people’s livelihood "into the food supervision practice, to ensure that the masses of all ethnic groups in the province’s safety on the tongue". From the political responsibility and mission of the height, from the perspective of public safety and improve food safety; to see and grasp the food safety supervision work from the overall situation of reform, improve food security capacity and level, to ensure that the regulation results to benefit the masses. read more

Strengthen the structural reform of the supply side to enhance the sustained growth momentum

Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report pointed out that to strengthen the structural reform of the supply side, and enhance the continued growth momentum.

this year, the provincial government insisted on the supply side reforms to promote economic restructuring and upgrading, to seize the key links, integrated management strategy, efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system.

provincial government clearly pointed out that, in our province, to promote the supply side structural reform, must seize two key aspects: one is the provincial state-owned enterprise reform, another is to promote the two rapid development of Qaidam "". read more

The provincial capital of small and micro hotels seeking to break the weak light meter

as of September 30th this year, Xining City, a total of 104 small hotels, bed can provide 6000 Zhang, alleviate the problem of the tourist season is hard to find a room of the hotel. Tourist season, Xining small and micro hotel occupancy rate reached 100%. In October, the majority of small and micro hotel occupancy rate fell in Xining, and some have even no occupancy, small and micro hotels into the operation of the winter, the operators have come up with countermeasures.

status: a lot of small and micro hotel cheap breakout read more

Xining issued 127 million yuan benefit farmers to benefit from subsidies to farmers in 270 thousand

people come to early spring. Now, it is all over Xining farmers are busy sowing season of hope, in order to fully support the spring plowing, the city of Xining in time for the 270 thousand farmers and food subsidies paid comprehensive agricultural subsidies 127 million yuan.

this year, the city of Xining to increase grain subsidies, grain subsidies will be increased from 45 yuan per mu in 2011 to $75 per mu. Which food subsidies from 15.2 yuan per mu to raise to $30.2, agricultural subsidies from $29.8 per mu increased to $44.8. In order to ensure the timely and full payment of food subsidies, Xining city finance departments at all levels according to the area of grain, grain production and the amount of goods with accounting, through the township and county layers of verification report strictly, and ensure the authenticity and accuracy of data reported. At the same time, the implementation of village public system, the village will post the public area, farmers subsidies subsidy standards, the amount of subsidy, accept supervision by the masses. Subsidies from the grass-roots financial sector through the "one card" form of direct payment to farmers, all subsidies to honor the work completed by the end of March. (author: Zhou Jianping)
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To contribute to building a prosperous civilized harmonious and beautiful new Qinghai

9 2 July, the Qinghai armed police corps Party Standing Committee convened to further study and implement the spirit of the internship arrangements for the general secretary visited Qinghai during an important speech, in order to realize the reform of military forces and the officers and men to actively boost the social and economic development of Qinghai and national unity and progress of ecological civilization construction and the full deployment, proposed the implementation of initiatives.

meeting the requirements of troop levels and the officers and soldiers to study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi visited Qinghai during an important speech, especially to the sincere greetings and deep concern Mr Xi met troops stationed in Qinghai, leading cadres above division and regimental commanders to all the officers and men of the army, into the reform, is the wind Su Ji, as the spiritual power and the actual mission, to serve the people, with the spirit of a more active political consciousness and mission consciousness firmly follow as the general secretary of the requirements of the speech. read more

Qinghai implementation of the number of filing cases increased by 20%

In December 10th, a reporter from the Qinghai Provincial Higher People’s court held a press conference was informed that since May 1st this year since the implementation of the registration system as of November 30th, the province’s three courts registered 37711, up 20.11% over the same period last year. Lowering the threshold of the court proceedings, from the source to solve the problem of the masses strongly on file difficult.

Strengthening the comprehensive reform of county hospitals in Xining

in order to accelerate the comprehensive reform of county-level hospitals in our city. In October 26th, the municipal government organized a comprehensive reform of the county hospital will promote the three county government leaders and the city development and reform, finance, health, human resources, the main leadership office departments and three county 4 pilot county hospital responsible person to attend the meeting. The meeting was presided over by the deputy mayor of the city government and the important instructions.
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Build a platform for cooperation in the west bank financing business very happy

the morning of October 19th, the west area to promote the "help businesses, steady growth, structural adjustment, to ease the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises, held in Qinghai financial supermarket financing of small and micro enterprises Fair, banks and enterprises to build cooperation platform.

at present, the bank is the financing of small and micro enterprises as the main channel, and the capital needs of enterprises is the banking market, banks also need in cooperation with enterprises in achieving their own development, strengthen the cooperation of banks and enterprises, is not only the need of economic development, but also the need of development. The same day, dozens of small and micro enterprises and the presence of more than a dozen banks to negotiate, some enterprises and banks reached a preliminary financing intention between the enterprise financing problems encountered in consultation with the person in charge of the bank. (author: Yang Jian)
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Cases of fake and shoddy food cases

The food and drug regulatory system actively coordinating local industry and commerce authorities, from the early September began to crack down on undocumented sales, no legitimate source of food business, counterfeiting and infringement of the "five no" food as the main content of the agricultural and pastoral areas of food market four hit four specification "special rectification action in the province, has achieved results. At present, the circulation of food inspection 10503 households, 15 households and businesses operating without license, fake food case 102, seized 1175.5 kilograms of fake food. The focus of the action, to carry out a special inspection of agricultural and pastoral food market. Local food safety supervision departments to actively carry out undocumented cleanup work, to crack down on the illegal sale of non legitimate sources of food. For not complying with the provisions to implement the purchase inspection and inspection records system, cable card tickets or tickets not all 59 households ordered rectification of 12 households from non formal channels to purchase food or food raw materials for food production and management investigation. Over drinks, wine, dairy products, children’s food, bean products, salted and smoked products, spices, edible oil as the focus, strengthen the no manufacturer, no production date, shelf life, no food production license, no food labels such as "five no" food supervision. Non food substances and the abuse of additives for inspection items that may be illegal to add pathogenic microorganism, and heavy metals in food circulation, and carry out supervision and inspection.   read more

n the boundless potential of the modern commerce service center

The development trend of

, like riding a boat behind. A group of amazing digital evidence of economic development of city district activities:

1-9 months, the total GDP of 10 billion 970 million yuan, an increase of 13.7%; the per capita cash income of farmers reached $7899.3, an increase of 16.2%, the per capita disposable income of urban residents reached $14274.9, an increase of 13.5%.

completed 1-10 months, total retail sales of social consumer goods 8 billion 260 million yuan, an increase of 14.7%; investment in fixed assets 2 billion 530 million yuan, an increase of 35.8%; public budget revenue 390 million yuan, an increase of 30%; for provincial special funds 630 million yuan, up 103.2%. read more

Please obey the traffic rules Xining electronic police tracking video

A lot of

in the streets "committed a thing" the driver may have experienced the intersection of electronic police. July 15th reporter came to Xining city traffic police detachment learned that the electronic police is now even more powerful, you can track the illegal vehicles.

July 15th 11, the reporter came to the Xining city traffic police detachment of the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau of the integrated command center on the ground floor, see a wall on the screen is full of big and small, showing the streets of the road situation of the 11. The police live demonstration of the new electronic police power, the electronic police control by the controller placed in the command center, the visibility is very high, the electronic police tracking scene of cars on the road, until the vehicle turning to disappear from the screen. Previously, the electronic police for illegal vehicles, are shooting 4 photos as evidence, but now the electronic police, you can track the video, more intuitive than before." Police said the operation of electronic police. read more

From August 1st onwards class A and class B driver’s license has been changed to one year trial

August 3rd, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment issued a notice, from August 1st onwards, class A and class B driver’s license has been changed to one year trial.

for the convenience of the driver, certification work will be free. If you have any questions about the driver, you can call 0971-8016889 to consult the staff.  
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Airport bus route

day before, Xining airport passenger bus route optimization. Reporters learned that the original passenger bus route to the airport expressway to the Xiakou high-speed, via Roca Bay, Qinghai National University, Bayi Road, 71 Road, airport ticket office 51 intersection, Xining Hotel, central square, optimization: the airport expressway to Kunlun road via high-speed, Qinghai Hotel, central square, Xining Hotel, Wuyi crossing, 71 crossing, end point station for Bayi Road Xining Airport City terminal. After the route adjustment, the vehicle travel time is shortened about one hour. read more

Ma Weixi Ning Haidong research

Recently, the provincial people’s Congress deputy director Ma Wei led the research group of Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County and township, North Tibetan Shuo bridge in the town, small mountain community, Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County and North Township, Luo Jia Wan Village research work and construction of county and Township People’s congresses. By listening to reports, field visits, access to documents, discussion and exchange, solicit opinions and suggestions of rural cadres and grassroots deputies. read more

2013 China Qinghai nternational Halal food and supplies exhibition opening 30

The Chinese International Trade Promotion Committee, Qinghai Provincial People’s government, the Shaanxi Provincial People’s government, the Gansu Provincial People’s government, the people’s Government of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region co sponsored the "2013 China (Qinghai) International Halal food and products exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: clean food exhibition)" in April 30th in Xining City, south of new Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition center. The exhibition will be held for 4 days, with "green, leapfrog, cooperation, win-win" as the theme. read more

send 350 thousand bottles of mineral water in Lanzhou City

April 11th, Lanzhou tap benzene exceeded, the major supermarkets in the city of public panic buying mineral water scene. In order to ensure the supply of mineral water supermarket, Lanzhou City Business Bureau of emergency to the surrounding area "help", the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the first time to focus on water, in just 18 hours, to Lanzhou and 14715 mineral water, a total of 353160 bottles. It is understood that, in the Lanzhou area tap water benzene exceed the standard, the Bureau of Commerce of city emergency deployment, from the beginning of April 11th 14, quickly to the city wide supermarket were surveyed, and learned that the city’s major supermarket mineral water supply substantial inventory. Due to the large volume of water, time, only from the city’s two large mineral water distribution of transportation enterprise inventory, actively coordinate the two companies and the Dongchuan Industrial Park in conjunction with the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the mobilization of human overnight from Dongchuan Kangshifu mineral water manufacturer transporting 5100 mineral water; and from the city of Wahaha the dealer transported 9615 mineral water, a total of 14715 pieces (353160 bottles). After the mobilization of mineral water, the staff began to carry out the water supply without stop. 12 am, with a total of 353160 bottles of mineral water to send water tankers to the direction of the Lanzhou highway 10. It is reported that, as of April 12th at 8 am, the city has arrived in, the Department of mineral water has been the major supermarkets in Lanzhou, for the people of Lanzhou sent a sweet, but also presented a gift to the people of Xining.   read more

National moral model story tour Lai Xining

In July 18th, the Central Propaganda Department, the central civilization office, China Federation, China Association organized tells the story of the moral China carry forward spirit — 2014 national moral models story sinks grassroots tour activities in Xining. Minister of the Propaganda Department of the provincial Party committee, Gio de Maja, deputy secretary of the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial civilization office director Wang Xiangming, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial civilization office, full-time deputy director of municipal Party committee and congratulate the Minister of propaganda department, Municipal Federation of trade unions chairman Wang Haihong and other leaders attended the event and watched the wonderful performance of artists. read more

Stable prices to improve people’s livelihood in Xining the first batch of 15 stores operating parit

"the first batch of 15 stores operating in Xining,, nofollow. The picture shows the textile department store supermarket sales of agricultural and sideline products. Li Xiaogang perturbation stabilize prices, improve people’s livelihood. Xining City, the first batch of 15 parity parity of agricultural and sideline products stores (hereinafter referred to as parity stores) to start operations. August 4th, the reporter set up in some of the supermarket parity of agricultural and sideline products store to see fresh vegetables, the price is much cheaper than the farmers market, many people competing to buy cheap vegetables. Where is the first batch of 15 stores stores parity set in Hualian Supermarket, Hui Hakka supermarket, Huarun vanguard supermarket, green supermarket, Qinghai summer department stores (i.e. textile department store supermarket) etc.. Parity shops have an important role in stabilizing prices, but also an important measure to improve the public happiness index. 50 discount stores in our city this year to start building a plan will be laid in the following locations: set the parity of agricultural and sideline products sales area in the supermarkets, chain supermarkets and other outlets in the community; the establishment of agricultural and sideline products parity shop in consumer groups concentrated in the community; large and medium-sized agricultural and sideline products approved to establish direct market parity zone; the establishment of direct sales stores in the production of agricultural and sideline products leading enterprises, farmers’ professional cooperatives; encourage and support individuals and enterprises in various forms for agricultural and sideline products stores. Parity prices real benefits in accordance with the requirements of the municipal government, parity vegetable sales price is lower than the average price of similar local market (above 15%) to the local price department announced the monitoring data shall prevail. The price of grain, oil, meat, poultry, eggs and other necessities of life is lower than the average price of the same local market 5%. So, the first batch of agricultural parity in the city of vegetables? In August 4th, the reporter saw at the supermarket Green South Gate Street store, a length of about three or four meters of the "Xining city of agricultural and sideline products stores" signs eye-catching, the shelf variety of vegetables. Specify a row of large yellow price: 2.4 yuan per jin of cucumber, celery 2.4 yuan per Jin, Jianjiao 2.8 yuan per Jin, so cheap price to make many people eager to buy. On the same day in the streets of vegetable stalls, the reporter saw the three vegetable prices are 4 yuan per jin of cucumber, celery 3.5 yuan per Jin, 6 yuan per Jin pepper. During the interview, the public have the government’s steady price, benefit people’s livelihood initiatives welcomed. At the same time, we hope that the parity of agricultural and sideline products can continue to store vegetables and affordable. (author: Xiao Yan) read more

Xining Local Taxation Bureau three measures to strengthen tax inspection information feedback

Xining Local Tax Inspection Bureau attaches great importance to the inspection of information communication, sharing, to take three measures to promote the work of tax inspection information feedback, to refine, depth development.

first, the establishment of tax inspection information feedback and feedback mechanism. Check the handling of information timely and collection, tax assessment department and other relevant departments, the relevant departments will eventually result to the inspection, to form a good mechanism to promote two-way interaction, effectively improve the quality of tax inspection. Two, speed up the frequency of tax audit information feedback. In the inspection found to have feedback information, instant feedback, speed up information flow speed, improve feedback frequency and work efficiency, avoid the poor flow of information, timely and not lose the desired effect of information feedback. Three, the establishment of multi angle information feedback mechanism. To realize the information feedback mechanism, such as the household information feedback, the industry information feedback, the tax information feedback and so on, to form a rich, multi-level, multi angle three-dimensional information network, which is convenient for the actual operation of the tax collection department.
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Xining Municipal Economic Commission to implement the spirit of the seven Party Congress

the morning of October 18th, the Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC) held a serious study, learning to convey the spirit of the Thirteenth National Congress, and according to the actual implementation of the Thirteenth Party Congress spirit of a comprehensive deployment.

meeting the requirements, should learn the spirit of the Party Congress as an important content, the current and future a period of careful arrangements, meticulous organization, take effective measures, the use of various forms, concentrated time, concentrate and organize cadres and workers to seriously study, quickly set off to learn the spirit of the thirteenth National Congress of the upsurge in the Committee on. Conscientiously implement the party spirit, combined with the actual to do seven tasks: strengthening the coordination of services, ensure the completion of the annual industrial growth target, strengthen the monitoring and analysis of key areas, key industries, key enterprises and key product operation, further improve the analysis of economic operation monitoring timeliness and effectiveness; regularly carry out the analysis of industrial economic operation the programme of work, efforts to reverse the decline in industrial growth; constantly improve the monitoring and analysis of economic operation mechanism; good for enterprise coordination service, realize the steady improvement in the industrial economic growth as soon as possible; and actively take effective measures to increase investment; strengthen the supervision of state-owned assets, increasing the value of state-owned assets; to further improve the work of Party building, party the construction and mass organizations. read more