Gambia Fujiao China Taiwan on a diplomatic truce when questioned

Chinese is a state of ceremonies, attaches great importance to friendly exchanges with other countries recently, Chinese Gambia Fujiao incident, has been questioned by Taiwan, the specific details of Xiaobian a look!

3 reported on 18   the foreign media reports, Chinese, announced in March 17th and the West African country of Gambia, China, Taiwan expressed regret, and questioned China, terminate on both sides of a "diplomatic truce" in the ruling party on the occasion of the time. read more

Compared with the store shop 6 bad habits of thinking

at the beginning of a very few people open shop, because the shop has just begun to implement, very few, so no one dare. Internet thinking to be able to instill penetration into the store, one of the most important and the core is to please, and meet the customer oriented, pay attention to customer interaction, and the combination of Internet technology, the store will gradually transform into a "digital store optimization".

1, just look at how people do, regardless of who I was

2, only consider their own to sell what kind of goods, regardless of who the customer is

3, only consider the price, do not consider the basket number read more

Changsha municipal leaders visited 31 Public incubator

The government has begun to pay attention to the construction of

throughout the incubation platform, with policy support, supervision and other ways to support the business platform in order to provide the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, construction land.

2016 in February 16th, the 9th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the Hunan Provincial Committee and party secretary Yi Lianhong Changsha Changsha, municipal committee, vice mayor Zhang Yingchun, municipal committee, Secretary General Xia Jianping, opened by the district Party committee secretary, party secretary Yang Yiwen, Changsha Changsha economic development Zone Management Committee Director Li Keming, Changsha County and other provinces and cities of county magistrate Zhang Qing red leaders at all levels in a row Sany chairman Liang Wengen, director and senior vice president for the next section accompanied by visiting 31 public record incubator. read more

8 new media venture idea concern

era of science and technology, the rapid development of the media industry, many new media entrepreneurial ideas emerged, won the favor of many entrepreneurs. The following eight new media business ideas bursting with popularity, the hope can bring some entrepreneurial inspiration for everyone.

1. friends APP

read more

A few words to benefit from doing business

a lot of words, sounds like a lot of people feel disapproval, but in the course of the actual operation of the business, but it really has a great help. In fact, the shop to do business, will encounter a lot of people every day, a lot of things happen, there are a few simple words have always been in my mind, I have a great deal of business, and even make me feel the benefit of life.

goods do not earn money,

just opened the shop that, due to lack of experience, the goods are always incomplete, looking at the customer did not want to buy something, disappointed to turn to other stores, I always regret how did not expect to enter this commodity. Neighbor uncle Cao sitting in front of the door to see me often, then I called the past, sincere words and earnest wishes said: "the children, you know just to do business, there are many things that you have someone to buy goods immediately to write on paper, and then to purchase, can not let people down again when the two time. Also, make some time to go around other supermarkets, there will be a few hearts. You have to keep in mind this sentence: not all goods do not make money." read more

nfant clothing store money

infant clothing store business prospects, attracting a large number of investors concern. If you want to make a profitable business, you can pay attention to the operation of the industry. If you have any questions about the profits of the industry, you can take a look at the relevant introduction, Xiaobian hope to help you know more business.

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Chongqing five small business skills

as a business people, business skills are the basic skills of their survival, take the food business, in recent years, the form of relatively hot Chongqing is small. Chongqing side of the night after the explosion of red and then the success of the franchise stores everywhere so that entrepreneurs believe that the starting point of the perfect career is a small shop. So many people want to do something, but also want to share a share of this craze, but many entrepreneurs are new, how to successfully operate a small Chongqing is a problem to be studied. read more

How about tea tea selected tea maker

with the growth of the global economy, people’s living standard has been a very good promotion, consumption concept has also been a big change, take Chinese, people for the consumption of food is not only limited to the feed level, but requires good food. For this beverage sales industry, tea demand unprecedented surge. Global tea market demand continues to rise, China’s tea market to grow at an annual rate of 20%-30%, the future of China will become one of the country’s largest tea consumption! With the improvement of people’s living standards, milk tea is not simply to quench thirst, but also to enjoy a taste of consumers, a mood, a pleasant pursuit of high quality. read more

Entrepreneurs choose the project easy mistake what

chose to start a lot of people, but the real choice of business opportunities for people who are very limited. In short, the choice of the project is the first step towards success, the rest is to adhere to, and "good good study, day day up"! However, a large part of the entrepreneurs in the choice of the project will be a problem, entrepreneurs choose entrepreneurship projects often make a few mistakes:

1, unable to resist the temptation to choose the project looks beautiful!

this is the most entrepreneurs are most likely to make mistakes, not only that, a lot of successful entrepreneurs in the second venture or venture many times, so that the investment process, the same will make such mistakes. read more

Lotus leaf rice fast food is good the best choice of the whole worry free operation

fast food, has been in our lives, are very popular. Because, with the quickening pace of our lives, we gradually improve the demand for fast food. So, choose to join lotus leaf rice fast food, no doubt, is a very good business choice.

everyone sometimes near the school or near commercial street, you can see selling snacks, this is a trend that specializes in providing convenience for the citizens do not have time to eat. Lotus lotus leaf meal is such a good brand, in our market has a super good fortune business opportunities. So I want to estimate we want to understand what the practice of lotus leaf rice. read more

Honesty can promote business transactions

business to be able to clinch a deal, and now a lot of shopkeepers have resorted to all the best, but if some of the basic principles of doing business is not sure, I am afraid that will only make business transactions fail. In fact, the integrity of the business will be able to promote business transactions, the following let Xiaobian introduced a few cases to illustrate.

there is a surname of the mainland people to travel to Hongkong, because his eyes have myopia, he is always wearing disposable contact lenses. This time he went to Hongkong, he went to the place where he bought glasses and picked up more than and 10 cases of recessive glasses and asked for a discount. The other is a young man, a little like a new one. Zhang said to the young man, the last time I bought here is 5% off. The salesman asked Zhang to write his name to him, he can immediately check to confirm. read more

Eat delicious Chongqing small noodles good taste authentic purpose

Chongqing cuisine must not be a few people do not know it! One of the most popular is that we all know Chongqing hot pot and Chongqing noodles. I do not know you love Chongqing noodles? It is following the Chongqing hot pot, became the ten thousand sought after Chongqing cuisine. Both men and women love to eat, all kinds of people together, for a bowl of Chongqing noodles. Chongqing faces unprecedented hot. The food which not only has the red delicious Chongqing small noodles looks bright and spicy and delicious taste, even under various consumers. read more

How to get to the shop business more customers

the business of a shop is good or not, which is directly related to the store’s customers. So, if you want to make the business of the shop can be more prosperous, you need to continue to attract more customers. However, this has troubled many operators. After all, the store to attract customers but need to take certain business strategy. So, how can we shop to attract more customers? And all managers view.

shop to showmanship, don’t have a wine alley deep fear of psychological, to be good at promoting themselves, let others know what you are selling good stuff, at the same time, to make a good impression on the customers into the store, at least the condition is to store all tidy, let people feel you here, although not too luxurious but very refreshing, at the same time, to see a face smile, and to make money. read more

Business placed roadside stalls easy success

now many investors do not want to work for others, but at the same time they do not have enough money to start a business, so they chose a low-cost roadside stalls. In short, disgusted with the nine to five work, do not want to work for someone else, then go to business! Cost is not much, so you can start a small business small restaurant, and then start from the roadside stalls. Is it really that simple? Roadside booth entrepreneurship is not so easy to succeed.

is currently a lot of food and beverage are starting from the roadside stalls. Roadside stalls do not rent, no property, and even do not need tables and stools, can be regarded as the food and beverage industry does not need the threshold. But today, we are the hero of the eleven, 90 after the young man, with his experience to tell you, even if it is also a roadside pit pit. read more

Aibei nternational Children’s English join the rich good opportunities

Aibei International Children’s English? Quality of the project, the first step to successful entrepreneurship. Join our international children’s English education project, to enter the market, no doubt, is a very wise choice, also very business choice. So, join our international children English program, are you ready?

Aibei International Children’s English?

good learning atmosphere, let the children relaxed happy confident, daring to say it in English, our international children’s English learner centered, humanized design. The student stand-alone elf, let students practice at home, even if their performance is poor, no one knows, not afraid of losing face, eliminate the sense of not opening the shy child, no longer have the pressure to practice, in a relaxed state, can speak out, each pronunciation is completed, elf give voice to encourage and cheer, such as "Yes". Let the children relaxed and happy, of confidence in learning, breaking the dumb english". read more

Join the popular ZhengXin chicken cup 2017 good project

easy to carry food, always better than stagnant delicious. Popular ZhengXin chicken cup? The ultimate delicious, well received by consumers trust choice. If you to join the popular ZhengXin chicken Cup project, is also very exciting. So why hesitate? Come and join us!

a cup of food, a stay away trip to thousands of delicious delicacy, a cup, this is a new extreme delicacy, popular ZhengXin chicken cup! ZhengXin chicken cup is the national popularity for high-quality delicacy, selection of quality chicken, green vegetables and healthy collocation, is a combination of high protein and vitamin rich, perfect the nutrition and health, is the best delicious consumers can not resist. What brand is good to join the chicken cup? ZhengXin chicken cup is popular pioneer, is also the most popular brand, is the most popular business opportunities. read more