f you want to promote the movie website

in fact, the movie station is the easiest to flow, I do not know why many movie owners are engaged in long traffic days, visit hundreds of…

, let me talk about how I did it. First of all, choosing a movie program is very important, as well as the player, and everyone’s movie station must support BOBO, why? Read on, I’ll tell you,


movie program, I choose Marx free version, in fact, do free movies, there is no need to use the commercial version, not useful, as long as the support of BOBO can be, and all the movies on the station BOBO read more

A communication skill at the webmaster Trading Forum

often in the webmaster Trading Forum view trading information, often add friends, time is long, QQ on a lot of people, management is very inconvenient. Recently discovered a small skill, and come out to share with you.

open the webmaster exchange forum, search at the top of the forum, there is an input box on the edge of

directly enter the buyer or seller’s QQ number and click QQ dialogue

gets a small icon like this, and clicks directly on the icon to chat with the owner of the QQ number, read more

Grassroots webmaster quickly start want to think so

ashamed, ashamed, I’m a rookie, absolutely no intention of pointing to you here. As a grass root for a year, the income is roughly as follows:

07/07 – 07/12 0~~~~~~~

that time has been learning, learning domain name server SEO template update keywords ~ GGad alliance once impoverished to either rely on friends ah ~ ~ I believe a lot of friends cannot bear to think of the past is so over ~ ~ + + Learning + social confusion persist…

08/01 – 08/04 50 or so, ~~~~~~~ read more

How to make a profit on garbage websites

many webmaster are worried about their station. Why is my station so low? Why do my stations earn so little? Because it’s obvious that you built garbage stations.

so what is a garbage station? There are 25 definitions and criteria for garbage collection on the internet. I do not think so, there is so serious, garbage station judgment criteria should be:

1, look at its link. There are too many links from dead links, links from factories to huge links (cross links), links to garbage stations, import links, and outbound links. read more

Learn from the small fish in Xiamen to build a natural and harmonious community environment

The original

Internet is virtual, you can not see me, I can’t see you, not each a complete and clear appearance, can only dream of other screen appearance, beautiful and generous, and may be refined and cultured may be handsome, dark and sedate youth may, in a word, the Internet is full of magic, virtual illusion, but also the lack of human. However, Xiamen fish community http://bbs.xmfish.com/, is presented to the user, a life of the mutual aid community platform.

Xiamen fish community was established in early 2003 to provide the Xiamen people with an online exchange platform for life information. The community in mutual assistance for the purpose, get the enthusiastic support of friends in Xiamen, quickly gathered popularity. To date, there have been more than 350 thousand members, the average daily amount of post reached more than 60000, "caring, sharing, cooperation and exchange" community slogan deeply influenced a generation of young Internet users in Xiamen. What are the characteristics of the small fish community today? What are the characteristics of it? read more

How should the local forum closely fit the city consumer life

today and share the successful experience of Kazakhstan network in operation of local website, and how to build their own local city forum of business planning, network marketing, brand packaging and other owners are most concerned about the topic.

talk about Kazakhstan network business planning model

focuses on how to build a new local network media chain business planning and operation model. A lot of local station due to its technical background, so the advertising media lack of understanding, leading to not know how to guide the user, do not know how to meet the needs of advertisers, is an important reason for now standing development limited. Second points, many webmaster and I often say, this procedure, how to comment on the program came out, or PW and DZ how to choose, I give advice is usually, these are not the core, first do the content. No matter what program you choose, if you choose to be a media, you have to have a media. read more

Mou Changqing talk about the importance of traffic statistics security

The security of traffic statistics on the

site is very important for a web site, and most websites are very confidential about their traffic data. Especially some large web sites is more important, in some large sites, ordinary employees not to look at the company’s website traffic statistics, only in charge of technology or part of company executives can know, because the flow of data but leaked out, it is easy to cause the negative influence of website. But as the site of the promotion personnel, must apply to the company for permission to view statistics, in my previous company, are able to see the Statistics website, if this doesn’t look, this promotion will not need to do. read more

Women become online shopping protagonist innovation model to help women website development

online shopping boom has become the biggest bright spot in 2009 the retail sector, because online shopping are convenience and entertainment and shopping habits of women with high similarity, women love shopping habits continued in the network, female users gradually become active people online shopping. In 2008, women accounted for 50.8% of the proportion of online shopping users; in 2009 this ratio increased to 61.5%, significantly higher than men. Data will continue to grow further in 2010, and female customers have become the main force of online shopping. According to CNNIC data show that in the first half of 2009, the total amount of online shopping consumption amounted to 119 billion 520 million yuan, the total net purchase is expected to reach about 250 billion yuan. At the same time, China’s online shopping users also showed sustained growth. At present, China’s online shopping users reached 87 million 880 thousand, an increase of 38.9%. In the continuing growth of the market space, who takes the lead, who will win the hope of the future. read more

What are the key elements in the success of a successful single page design

, adhere to the "sales oriented" as the general principle,

"single page sales" is composed of "single page" and "selling" two words, focus on "sales" two words, this tells us that in the design and production of a single page, must be based on the sales oriented, all for the purpose of sale service, single page sales can improve and promote products sales. Therefore, when the enterprise is making a single page, the technical department should draw materials from the sales department, and make it as the main point of the sales department so as to make it close to and satisfy the needs of the sales department. read more

The micro blog era everyone protagonist SNS website or into the limbo

2009, a "steal food" game popular on both sides of the Changjiang River instant jump red network, and swept the lives of Internet users, millions of urban white-collar workers to become "the main force to steal food" in the team, every day in the "stealing" and "proof" in this way, it can be said that in 2009, not logged on happy net, never tried stealing food, then you are a hundred-percent "Altman in the network society". All of this, but also a true portrayal of a web site at SNS. read more

Tell me about the benefits of adaptive advertising in Google Adsense

in the use of the response type theme, many webmaster friends began to upset the tablet computer terminal, mobile phone advertising alliance how to display? Don’t put it, it was a shining white flow in vain lost heart, do not worry! This time we have to say that Google’s vision and high-end Adsense, "adaptive advertising" it is a good solution to the problem, with the trend of adaptive response is the theme of the development of the multi. Well, let me talk about the advantages of adaptive advertising. read more

The picture store network leads a new generation of local websites to make money

first of all, this is my first time to write such an article, but some small ideas, and would like to share with you, so that we understand that small sites flow less, as long as the location is clear, still easy to make money!


now, first of all, this is my first time to write such an article, but some small ideas, and would like to share with you, so that we understand that small sites flow less, as long as the location is clear, still easy to make money!


now local information station is popular, but it is not difficult to find information or even chaos and today’s advertising not fit to be seen, but is less and less! Website on the content, good! May let you thought not, not only is the text resources, it can also be in advertising as advertising content! Maybe we will find is garbage, no real things no one can visit! When you accurate positioning, advertising has centralized, unified after things become different! This is my www.smxsp.cn a network of shops recently, is to do testing! You will find the picture information as to the shops show, instead of text information before the information station, will be more convenient and better benefit! Every one of these pictures exactly is an ad, we lower advertising costs, coupled with good service, door-to-door for shops Take pictures, also afraid nobody come? To advertising as a content with good service, without the need for a big traffic still paid! And for the transfer of shops, rental shops who can get a picture of the opportunity to show, the price is cheaper than in some newspapers, Why not? read more

Rookie station little record

Adsense nets a few days, every day only to see the experience of teachers also learn a lot, in June this year also opened a small, pure personal hobby, according to some experience of teachers, in the domain name registration before the search search is prepared to have a domain name registration record, in order to it is necessary to prevent or avoid the K domain name is Baidu search first, before being registered the domain name after June 2nd registered domain name, June 3rd filing is successful, then in their own machine debugging the program, to June 6th is a memorable log, it’s my son two years old of course, birthday, that night I just uploaded to the space program, after confirming the DNS can normal visit, I was in the evening to the search engine submission name (hey, Is it a bit anxious to do the first station, even without the content?) read more

Novice website included graphic visual reports and 7 Summary

as a web site novice, for the site of the collection do not understand, in fact, you can rest assured to tell you, as long as there is a certain content, not too much,

normal will be included, so we have to adhere to and full of confidence!


below is my latest collection of two of the site carried out a comparison, and share with you, I hope you have included in the intuitive understanding of the



(from bottom to top view) is a code of Xiaonei I built 5.29 stations, from the table we can directly see the baidu niche for the www.xiaonei.org.cn is not very diligent, the first day of the first to take a look at the Capitol, every two or three days, crawling very few, it is not how to love the MM; read more

Work summary of website optimization worker for one year

I have been working in China information port for a year. On this day, I want to give you a year’s work experience to the webmaster, but also to give myself a summary of it, say bad, you do not mind.


as a novice when I first came to this unit, the company boss talked to me that this year is the focus of the work of re integration of the original SEO department, the establishment of a new network planning department, responsible for the company’s overall marketing and website optimization. This is for me a website to promote the novice, then there are two kinds of mood is a fresh feeling, also feel there is a kind of invisible pressure, because I am from the IDC department to optimize the planning department will contact with some of my friends said that this is a difficult optimization sometimes not pleasing. Especially for Baidu’s optimization is more elusive, because many webmaster know Baidu manual intervention is very powerful, no matter Baidu admit not sincere recognition, this is a fact. So at first I did it, and started a long process that I didn’t know. read more

Summing up the reasons for the failure of the local station

Hello, I do before the first half of the local station, now to do the selection of Taobao network, I had to do is Dongguan Township, made nearly half a year, not what effect, still have! Now summarize the reasons for the failure of the two main points:

1, planning errors. Although Dongguan city population, but the network coverage is not high, the quality of Internet users is not high, so the real website release information to classify people is actually very little! Plus a few local forums have classified information pages, so do the new classification website is indeed difficult to survive this! A count is planning this website at the beginning of the mistakes. Give everyone a suggestion: do not think that the population of many places, there is a classification site site, read more

Short rent O2O case study Airbnb profit model and development prospects

1, basic information

Airbnb was founded in August 2008 and is headquartered in California, San Francisco. Now has become a short rental market, a decisive enterprise. It is also the most sought after business model in the short rental market. Airbnb is a travel rental housing community where users can publish and search vacation rental information via online or mobile apps and complete online reservations. Airbnb users in more than 33000 cities in 192 countries, millions of users. The basic information of product route consultation is as follows: read more

Site need to step by step eight months website experience summary

contact the circle almost half a year many, now I have no courage to tell people I’m a webmaster. Because until now I don’t have a IP 5000 stand out. Step by step to today, too many personal experience, but because lack of execution and could not play. Today is here to write, is to give yourself a summary.

1: persistence is king

many just contact person, may be heard in the webmaster group this website to make more money. IP who website how many a day ip. will not tell myself to do the station, make up, remember not to delay the flow and give up, and to another site this kind of made in one or two. In two or three the station without a lot of big money. read more

Sentiment blog management can no longer expect output ratio

is really busy with marketing these days. Besides the fixed items in hand, there is a lot of attention to the blog which is often added to it. Before wrote an article to his friends said they would be a week to write an article, teach some website building experience, but because of the busy work, so eat them. And a series of things let me continue to reflect the hands of the operation and status of some blog blog blog, the overall feeling really need to change.

still remember 08 years began to write a blog, blog that when operating heroic utterance, blog as a simple website form by many grassroots Adsense welcome, especially WP, rich plugin can achieve many of our needs, even novices can build a very cheap web site, so we started use the blog to write articles, do the chain, Taobao play money off and so on, but who knows this is a who see who love the site in the form of around 2012 days to westerly, the flow of people and attention decreased year by year, so that some of the blog’s ranking has not nearly half opened normally. So what’s the reason, read more

Talk about oneself 5 months do station experience how to improve the weight of the website

In May this year when

feel very boring, begin to do a website to download e-books, but I am a bit lazy, put a book forum data backup before the take over direct import, not much data is more than 700, what did not change (including website title, keywords, description etc.), import data, originally wanted to update their own posts, but it turned out to be a collector people made a break in time to visit the official website of DZ, I had to use every collection of hundreds of articles imported, and then went to submit URLs and in Baidu know question and answer questions (today, tomorrow to change the number of answer, general not deleted). It was pretty confusing. I didn’t think about it, SEO. But after 2 weeks, both GG and Baidu have been included, and it’s amazing to think about it now. read more