Apple Pay started very well consumers want to use

according to the New York Times reported that according to the initial statistics for payment in major U.S. retailers platform using Apple Pay, although the service has not yet reached the degree of hot, but the consumer interest in the service is much higher than similar products after Google launched. The report says, many retailers try to add Apple Pay services to attract consumer attention, so as to improve their market competitiveness.

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however, there is also a part of retailers have not been able to experience the thrill of Apple Pay. For example, toys and baby products retailer Toys " R" Us, built-in mobile payment transactions in the past three weeks, only a slight increase. That is to say, the vast majority of consumers have yet to adapt to the new technology of payment. read more

Analysis on the July 17th Shanghai K station of love

2, Shanghai dragon industry influence, love Shanghai auction business is the primary cause of sluggish sales.

the big update Shanghai love their products and 58 city and other similar such classified information and some of the strength of the comprehensive website page rank promotion, and many companies stand to be thrown into the back, in order to combat and the effect of potential customers bid promotion strategy, clearly inform customers of these Shanghai Longfeng not reliable.

Shangqiu eadoo find a few after 717 to Shanghai dragon ER suggested ideas. We refer to the reference read more

Does the entrepreneur believe in Feng Shui When you try your best you may believe itGrapefruit with

will apply the name of grapefruit, but also because he did not want to do the female physiology management, but hope that your application can do to help women’s overall health.

Such applications in

"but we’re essentially different from those like aunt.". We look outside as if it were a period software, but in essence it is not. In essence, we are a software for analysis. The most important thing we do is upload the data, then analyze and follow the records. The two others have not been done." Chen Fangyi says. read more

How do the bidding data fluctuation analysis

general data show a selection of keywords, creative quality, bid ranking, matching problem, other problems. Analysis of the data show higher, that account optimization in place, creative appearance quality is high, keywords selected users search needs, a reasonable bid or higher, set reasonable; show the analysis data drop, account check, creative keywords quality is low, optimize the quality, extension word method, offer lower quality a high degree of stability, slightly raise the bid for the position, stable show opportunity, and constantly improve the display times, matching set can change the stability after continuous adjustment. read more

Dry cargo sharing the basis of the optimization of Shanghai Dragon a asked a few a few

and news website optimization method is the same, there is no specific special.

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four, ask: what are the suggestions for the electricity supplier Shanghai dragon

two, Q: new online, can use the way of news reprint?

seven, ask: buy home link, there is no help for the website ranking

is very useful, it is recommended to do more.


optimization process, more or less will experience the site keywords ranking in search engines love Shanghai, a floating up and down. Often the webmaster in website ranking drop, will complain love Shanghai adjustment problems, we can not rule out this phenomenon (such as new year’s Day event.Cn,.Net K station, right down, ranking all) but also are in the minority. Xuzhou ewang suggested that if the website ranking drop, unless you really think your site do not have any problems, please carefully check the website or the relevant data, such as: the chain, the station, site security etc.. read more

Five artifact Forum gathered popularity

is most popular, but in fact that traffic is not entirely the case. The flow is one of the popular forms of the forum, and many inherent embodiment, it is not a simple flow index can be displayed. A loyal user may bring traffic in number more than ten tourists to bring traffic, but in terms of quality, bring more than ten tourists have much value. This is really popular with the false prosperity of the difference. Then, the popularity of the importance of nature is self-evident, but should be how to gather popularity? I want to talk about today is in the "old forum", how to use the five artifact, tightly connected users, can make "new popularity". read more

Comparison and selection of Shanghai sub directory and Longfeng optimization domain

sub domain will make the channel home page ranking is relatively easy to do, use the directory will make the channel content page ranking is relatively easy to do. There was a site of a channel using a sub domain in the form of sub domain page ranking is very good, but the content page ranking is very poor. Later, the site of the sub domain into the domain name of the directory, the home channel ranking from the first dropped to love Shanghai search for the second / three pages, but the overall content page ranking has greatly improved, browsing turned 2-3 times. Use the form of the directory, this directory can take home as a web site’s home page to do the optimization and link building, is also more awesome. read more

How come the website how to original


this is a haunting many webmaster of a problem, but for the site outside the chain is also an important issue, many new Adsense are all tangled to the chain, I also like this, we do not explain the chain, we focus on the original site how to do how to do? Good point

, according to the user’s idea to write, what the user needs, then we will write what, surely someone will ask, how do I know what the user needs, since the love of Shanghai let us write original, so we love from Shanghai to write on, get a title from the love of Shanghai know what users need to help us. Can be based on the title to write the title, we can search for love from Shanghai, the integration of writing. So we can write an article, not only love Shanghai know, you ask, soso and so on some quiz platform we can all go to the needs of the user demand. read more

How to create effective Wikipedia entry

2, the content must be readable


1, using the

The students surpass the teacher.

to edit the existing entries, the content should be supplementary to the original entries, such as modifying outdated content, add new content, and compared with the original content more professional, more readable, do not add some relevant content to fish in troubled water.

is a way for us to enhance the brand awareness and corporate image, but also our Shanghai dragon personnel do external links to assist a means of search engine marketing. How to create a valid Wikipedia entry? read more

Mr Spitzer website optimization Shanghai Longfeng semantic analysis can not be ignored

Although the emergence of a large number of

is used by latent semantic analysis of search engine (Latent Semantic Indexing LSI) algorithm to find these spam pages, LSI algorithm is a kind of old information retrieval algorithm, proposed in 1988 by S.T. Dumais et al., mainly used for natural language understanding, through the statistical method of document semantic analysis, explore synonyms, related phrases and so on. Use false original tools of the students will have deep feelings, only for pseudo original synonyms or similar words, even if you can do the sentence sentence, but inside the search engine database already contains a lot of content of similar articles, or there is no way to get the attention of the search engine, the weight of the website value don’t go. read more