Dare to set you will come 3 million 250 thousand bonus it’s a game that has nothing to do with wi

it’s a game that won’t win or lose. You’ll have a better harvest. You’ll have a better future,

actually, you still have your pride.


just, you don’t know how.

every entrepreneur carries a dream of his own. Dream is strong – the courage and persistence that you hold to the ideals, the highest level of responsibility for yourself. Perhaps in the dreams of the road, will encounter many difficulties and setbacks, but never mind, fell to climb up, in order to dream of their own efforts, continue to move forward, continue to grow, you will harvest to entrepreneurial success and honor. Chase your dreams, surpass yourself! Dream youth, win the future! read more

How did an entrepreneurial team get destroyed saw it with my own eyesWangzhuan is actually a proce

most of the time the meeting, Jony will give us a passionate vision of the future, at that time, his passion, his eyes shining, like a speaker, to project their own confidence, and believe absolutely perfect.

said the boss and the boss said in the sensational, in the end everyone to feed on illusions, talk to me. A the girl asked, "B, did you work overtime yesterday? When did you get back?" I replied with a smile. "Probably."

the author is currently working for a start-up company and is part of this entrepreneurial team. From last year to this year, I have witnessed how a team is destroyed. Here I have to introduce the situation of the company, to help you better understand the things antecedents and consequences. read more

How to improve the site conversion rate

, a website must highlight the brand word.


1. selection decision of our Shanghai Longfeng direction, we should choose the keywords of this transaction, more targeted. For example, the general class of product keywords, sprinkler, sprinkler price quotation, sprinkler and how much these keywords are compared with the conversion rate, because the user before buying the most attention is the price, but also in the legal system and information system China and consumer Quan Yibao system is not perfect, consumer habits in goods more than three, so the price is our current product + Shanghai dragon is one of the most intense competition keywords. read more

Novice contact Shanghai dragon should upset words of

has a friend asked me, how long Wangzhuan and Shanghai Longfeng can survive. Shanghai Longfeng good school. My answer is: as long as there is a search engine, and Shanghai dragon Wangzhuan is not dead. As for the second question, don’t know what the reason is, some Shanghai dragon "experts" for those new Shanghai dragon friends will exaggerate the difficulty of Shanghai dragon, causing a lot of people think that Shanghai dragon very difficult. Here, I want to tell you, Shanghai dragon is not difficult, it is not difficult to refer to the entry, want to become a master, not a little thought, but it is very difficult. So people think the novice just started to contact the Shanghai dragon from the popular keywords of words, focus on improving the interest. read more

Love of Shanghai new features good user experience not difficult

this function as our common favorites, the difference is also the function of intelligent according to the frequency of access to the site to automatically add, and the user does not need to be cut yourself. From the function, greatly facilitate the user’s browsing habits, improve user viscosity. As to how the button, and the brand, and is also a ranking index on the impact of Oh, here the author is not described in detail. But for the intelligent add functionality is very worthy of our study, the webmaster can make its application to other aspects is also very good oh. read more

A friend chain chain basic details should not be underestimated

ranking, is our main purpose is to analyze your website optimization, according to the calculation complexity of the spider, so the weight of the spider a word ranking master word is higher than a competitor to the rankings, ranking on the high stand of the weight will be high, of course, because of the difficulty of each word. This is different, you need to do the comparison from the aspects of.

fifth, the rank of the website;

Then weight factor

so, looking for friends of the chain don’t care too much on a certain parameter, the main > read more

Understand the shlf1314 Adsense new rules to avoid accidentsHow can we effectively promote their Tao

that I think a lot of people will ask the guest Taobao API program so simple, do not need to do the promotion management, as long as you can, this is not good? Well, Taobao API program is indeed in the guest had, of course, is that when there is no screen Taobao API at sh419, a good guest API optimization the program, sh419 can included hundreds of thousands, even millions have, for the first batch of Taobao API passenger earned a pours, then such program spread, subtle relationships between waste and excessive repetition of sh419 for the network information and taobao, API site by sh419 screen, I believe that many the old Amoy owners are fresh. Taobao went from here to CMS and single page mode. read more

Hotel search engine Trivago submit prospectus will be listed in Na cityHow to make your GGAD account

      although this seems to account stolen by the webmaster can increase and click Show, there seems to be no harm, in fact, is a problem, if your opponent put your code on an illegal website, but without your knowledge, many malicious clicks. It is likely that shlf1314 will issue a warning or stop your account.

      when you look at advanced reports, you can see the display of custom channels and the presentation of URL channels, and see if there is a huge gap between them. > read more

Knight how can personal websites make moneyMa Huateng Tencent did not consider doing mobile phones

, chairman and CEO of Tencent holdings board Ma Huateng arrived in Wuhan last night, will witness today’s Tencent investment in China 1 billion yuan project foundation. In an exclusive interview with this reporter, the first Han said: "in the rapid development of mobile Internet, the global Internet companies feel the pressure of the moment, look at the growth of Wuhan" mobile Internet "industry, has become a new growth point of the Tencent."

non creative areas also have innovative products read more

Pu Pu show Entrepreneurship why should put the social security to male securityBeijing double map

old entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs came to ask Pu Lan show thinking, in the new security zone can be handled for the payment of social security,

is the social security ah, the most reliable, of course, can do a residence permit, the New District residence permit is also required

The "double

hit the headlines at the same time, also to join the Alibaba innovation center, Zhongguancun double Industry Federation and local government bodies, science and Technology Business Incubation Association and strategic partners, launched the double map and survey data from all over the world, helping around the system combing industrial resources, promote local management of inter regional exchanges and cooperation, and to provide relevant practitioners and scientific brand exhibition on the basis of decision making service. read more

Zhang Yiming set up 200 million content investment fund invest 300 early start up teamNine rich in

TechWeb March 10th news reports, in today’s headlines creation space conference started, today’s headlines CEO Zhang Yiming said, today’s headlines will set up a total size of the content of investment funds, investment in the early stage of the new media business projects, the goal is to invest 300 entrepreneurial teams.

in June 17th, sponsored by nine Fujin service group "fire" 2016 Sino US science and technology financial entrepreneurship competition ShenZhen Railway Station game has just ended, which emerged many outstanding science and technology finance projects, such as networking platform for big data service points, such as second-hand valuables and pledge to provide financing services to the people of treasure loan, and committed to creating student interactive live video community study mumbo-jumbo and so on, it also changed my position as an Internet innovation center of Shenzhen weakened the impression. But, in my opinion, this nine rich US science and technology financial entrepreneurship contest held in Shenzhen, is not only able to find some of the best technology and financial business projects, but also for Shenzhen to bring some new fire as the transformation and development of entrepreneurial innovation center. read more

Wangzhuan novice how to get more revenue in Wangzhuan platformLiu Erchuang why is the SF publishing

is not about making money, it’s about making money. But as it entered the Wangzhuan industry, this industry identity, identity Wangzhuan can make money is the most important. It’s also a water divide.

SF earned the most profitable time is open 1 weeks ago clothing, because people have a sense of vanity, in order to meet the leader’s psychological service, is willing to invest in you are willing to spend money, investment, service people naturally earn, the reason is very simple, SF before taking propaganda not what good method, is nothing more than the release of SF station, SF station advertising is not released April hanging, and count the hours hanging, as we buy advertising in general is 1 months, but published in the SF station to buy it is 1 days or 12 hours, I hope you understand this. SF release station advertising is N, a station on the advertising of thousands of very normal, we are interested can look at advertising package for 7 hours in more than 100 dollars, at the beginning, then to second days, you can think of a SF release station how many days of profit in read more

Trojan break trading network men steal credit card password fraud 220 thousandPick out low priced a

      this is to make the difference, DHC has popularized in many domestic advertising alliance, began to earn money, now no matter where do not earn what money make sure you haven’t measured, promotion of the man is not a fool, he doesn’t earn much money, certainly not give high price promotion.


February 20, 2008, doing business in Zhengzhou, Mr. Wang received a phone call to inform the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank East Branch staff when he remain perplexed despite much thought, my credit card on how the money was stolen 80 thousand yuan read more

Double Eleven how beautiful is the data again Grassroots entrepreneurs are also busyA novice Taobao

2., second will be diligent, for a novice, there are a few early promotion methods must be done predecessors passed down oh

I am a novice Amoy, just site two, the harvest of 7 orders, although not the legendary earning million legend, but it’s still a small harvest, I believe that only has always insisted to do it, I will become a legend! Oh, in fact, do Taobao buy a guest is very simple. A space and domain name, and then find a program to upload it. But if you want to make money, you need to learn something. It’s easy to build a station, the key is how to promote, let the website get more customers. After two months of trial and error, share with you: read more

When everyone knows it’s Taobao Reign of terror BAT three new board three new board staking whi

is the online services, offline experience and modern logistics three business depth integration.

2, seek industrial linkage, the new three board investment floating surplus over 6 billion 400 million yuan

today in the forum to see a post, the title is "everyone knows that Taobao customers, Taobao customers will not exist", see this title can not help but we are worried, because you really want to have that day off Taobao does not exist, webmasters may be a no source of income, even the unemployment, Taobao customers feed a large number of people, many people put off when Taobao full-time job, like every day to work as hard, 15 monthly wages on time. It’s hard for us to imagine what kind of work the webmaster will do if Taobao doesn’t really exist today. sh419, shlf1314 advertising alliance to make money? No traffic, it is difficult to do! The local industry website? There is no economic base, more difficult to do full-time! SEO? Technology is not mature, very difficult! What Taobao will be how to develop? Let us boldly guess. read more

Our promotion related terminologyGolden Wangzhuan Taobao off date made you point experience

first, want to make big money, must be willing to invest

second, Taobao first guest Wangzhuan thorough understanding of Taobao

is the so-called small property out of money, a lot of friends to do is to use Taobao off some free space, free domain name, this is done to save a lot of cost, but here the golden Wangzhuan to tell you, if you want to earn more money to spend some money please you must register a domain name, buy a stable space, space and cost of the domain name now do more than hundreds of yuan, and even a several hundred yuan investment necessary to save the people may not make what Wangzhuan, investment saving is the biggest waste. Look at the Taobao billboard ranking off a week, basically each of the above Taobao customers have their own site. read more

The real estate business projects sad O2O project announced the closure of a homeEntrepreneurs must


Abstract: like cooking, you have to do well and eat well. If you make a basket of vegetables and don’t do any processing, it’s not a business model. You can call it a business opportunity at most. A business model can package business opportunities, turn it into an operating system, turn it into a business process, and tell you what it can produce.

business model can not only make the enterprise resources get the best development, not only can make the enterprise value of the best development, it can make the capital read your business, also can make the capital into your business, which will enlarge your business opportunities. read more

A problem that should be paid attention to in the construction of network profit model Brand joining

market information is changing rapidly, franchisees should combine their existing resource channels, carefully analyze the prospects of the industry. If the most rapid development of the domestic industry is undoubtedly the Internet industry, all industries have basically been unable to separate from the development of the Internet, product sales are gradually transformed from physical store sales into online procurement. And the Internet development time is not long, the development of e-commerce space is very large, naturally as the franchisee to join the first choice. But e-commerce is divided into C2C, B2C, and O2O models. C2C model of e-commerce platform has been oligopoly and unable to join, and B2C model is proved to have limited prospects in the sunset, and the O2O pattern is recently started constantly by the media speculation as to join the site raise a Babel of criticism of nature, preferred. Other industries are also the same can be proven, especially in the catering industry to join a wide range of brands, brands join the threshold is also one of many franchisees in the lower. Need to choose a brand features, prospects for the development of the industry stores. read more

shlf1314 AdSense new feature ads open in new windowThe initial sale of enterprises the acquisition p

, in order to give you a better web experience, we’ve recently released an enhancement. This feature allows users to click on the AdSense ad in the new window, while the user does not have to use the browser’s return function to return to your site, while also avoiding the user accidentally leaving your website. We believe that a better user experience will bring more advertising to advertisers, and bring you greater benefits.

2. opens takeover dialogue

the best time to sell a business should be when you choose the most. The choice is not necessarily the acquisition of invitation, can also be sent to the list of the terms of the investment of venture capital institutions, when venture capital invest in you, you have done a good job, if this time choose to sell the business, you will also usher in a number of potential buyers. If your business is very good and your earnings are stable, you feel you can proudly refuse an offer from someone else, and that’s a good selling point. Usually, if you find yourself in such a situation, that is to say your business is very attractive to your customers. In short, if you’ve been thinking of selling the company from the start, then when you feel your job is up to a certain height, it’s the best time to sell your business. read more

shlf1314 AdSense telegraphic transfer backstage demoChen ou do you believe that am a marketing gen

Hello, for your next AdSense payment, we would like to invite you to transfer your income directly to the bank account by way of EFT. Using a telegraphic transfer, you don’t have to wait for the check to be sent or cashed. When your money is posted on the AdSense account, about 10 days later, the money will be deposited in your bank account.
1 – selected as your payment by telegraphic transfer. You can proceed from the payment details section of my account page: just press edit Edit, and then select the wire button. Enter your bank account information on the instructions on the page. read more