On the law of imaginary website weight problems


other sites link to your website link will increase the weight for you, so that the weight distribution of external links into the more the more. But there is a little difference between the weight of high to low pass, may cause the latter to be K, a corner of the iceberg to explain is the weight overflow, website within a specified time is a normal weight value in a certain range, if the sudden increase in weight is beyond the scope of overflow, will be punished.

The weight of

site links to other sites, have no effect on their website weight. If the direction of spam links will lead to drop right, not because it is derived and the influence of the iceberg? Explain in a corner to spam links is a poor performance optimization, search engine will reduce the weight value of the site is growing, the total weight of the site is reduced, instead of the decentralization. read more

Then if a search team immediately it teaches you what

do not give the product label. As the article initially said that the pronoun immediately in some friend’s eyes is the search of the national team, so a high-end atmosphere label, will let everyone expect immediate value to rise. But in fact really do immediately? Match? "Fame" and "no good", "no brand" is the most realistic portrayal. This gap will cause great damage to the product, is the so-called no golden diamond do not embrace porcelain live that, blindly give their own high-end only based on resources, immediate strength and technology are fully strive on is a tangbidangche. The same is true for many friends in the industry, you may want in the creation of products are given clear product positioning, the precise research ideas are worth promoting, but the label set must be cautious, not only unique, more practical, blindly take all the pet is not suitable for the user to know the products first impression how important is the implantation. Otherwise unfamiliar street would not be so hard to white wash. read more

Wu Longjie thinking and execution to achieve the ultimate dragon in Shanghai

A few days ago

is not writing more than a month, recently in the busy station channel that are in contact with a large number of Internet news and information every day, feel there are too many things to write, when you want to sit down and write. But do not know where to begin, the Internet change is really fast, the search engine algorithm is the same, today and then give you something to talk about the Shanghai dragon.

think oneself to understand Shanghai Longfeng a year ago, and now many have changed the concept of. Shanghai dragon really is an infinite vision of a chance for individual webmaster, but we have to put your thoughts out, rather than casually do, as I mentioned in the 5 methods of Shanghai dragon Er money by detailed analysis, almost all of the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix er by the 5 methods to make money, but a part of Shanghai dragon Er earn more, part of Shanghai dragon Er earn less, and even part of Shanghai dragon Er did not earn the money, Wu Longjie think the real reason is that there is no money to give a method to achieve the ultimate, take the first through the large flow site earn advertising fees, which is on average earn 100wip Qiushi 100W, maybe some owners do not believe advertising alliance can make so much money to see below a love of Shanghai alliance income statement. read more

The search results on your avatar infix in the noble baby

as a publisher of the content, to do so can results clearly show the original article in noble baby search.

? The third step: the final step of

feature a love it, even more exciting is it together is no difficulty, just a few minutes.

introduce it: noble baby now you can name and picture display in search results, if the article search is your words. Click on the picture will open your noble baby profile page. What is not now want to see a living example of


fix. Wait for the next baby captured your content and noble link test. Open the ri> read more

Thinking Nunchaku skills and optimization of Shanghai Dragon Art

let’s take a look at the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon optimization development is similar to the nunchaku? From the beginning of development of Shanghai Longfeng optimization industry, a few years ago, if you want to do for a master of Shanghai dragon, just write several articles on Shanghai Longfeng technical articles, do some good websites basically, you can become a master. Then, when the Shanghai dragon form is how? Before Shanghai Longfeng work more well done, content is king, the chain for the emperor, may well prove this point. When love is in Shanghai to improve my form, many times more in the Google algorithm update is behind the formation, and love Shanghai algorithm and no unified views, until after Google pulled out of Chinese, fell in love with the sea was suddenly discovered, own path, need to understand, to love Shanghai change, more users began to love Shanghai’s search results are dissatisfied, love Shanghai needs change, his technique needs to be updated, optimization techniques can not forget about love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng single, so love Shanghai launched a series of measures in 2012, according to the contents of the quality of the update, also in June last year. The update for the chain of love in Shanghai in October last year and this series of updates, so many websites to the end. As the nunchaku techniques, to today’s development, many people technology can not be improved, many people put forward the nunchaku to standardization, and the palace of the nunchaku to martial arts, this measure, so many. read more

Non epiphany analysis of website ranking method how to go beyond the love Shanghai Encyclopedia

Kangnai, red dragonfly, I believe we are quite familiar with, you can go to the sea in search, Kangnai and red dragonfly website is ranked in the front of the encyclopedia. This enterprise website, did not do any optimization, there is no strong chain, but has been ranked in the front. But this one is very difficult to do, what I say is a way. I hope you do not. Here is their ranking screenshot.

A few days ago in the

three, the old domain name advantage

, make a brand

shows that the weight of a site to bring the old domain. Of course, maybe. read more

How to tap the marriage website long tail keywords


love Shanghai in the drop-down box and relevant search for us to look for the long tail keywords is very useful, as follows:

we search "in love inside the Shanghai wedding photography", love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search lists many long tail word of the word, these words are certain word searches, we can choose some valuable words as our long term.

when looking for the long tail keywords, we can also analyze peer.

1, use the drop-down box and love Shanghai love Shanghai search read more

No discussion of the chain cannot do it in Shanghai Dragon

solid hardware support

Links!!! Is not outside the chain? This should explain the chain, usually said is one-way, and Links is two-way, there are people in order to keep the weight of the website, A station with B station exchange to C station, thus reducing the weight loss of the C station, so there is a saying Links is the best of the chain, don’t forget Links in the "friendship", perhaps in this brutal competition in the Internet we are taking advantage of each other, you can’t talk about what friendship, but don’t ignore the role of friendship. read more

How to deal with the site is down right after the love of Shanghai

with love Shanghai algorithm constantly updated and improved, down the right site seems to be a homely food thing, this is plagued by countless stationmaster whenever and wherever possible, once the site suffered right down to restore doom in a short time is a very difficult thing. Many websites have experienced from the almost right down to the recovery process.

if you feel site without any problems or drop right after the problem has been solved, can appeal to love Shanghai, love Shanghai as soon as possible on the site of a detection, in order to restore the site weight. read more

The solution of Taobao off site love Shanghai K station


many of the Taobao webmaster site was found off Shanghai and love K, from 618 to 809 in the year to January 6th last year, a total of three times the K station, it is really as anecdotal for Taobao? What phenomenon can be defined as K? What is K the common? To introduce the following solution for Taobao off site love Shanghai K station.

loved K station in Shanghai of the situation there are many, but generally speaking, there are about three such cases, can be defined as being in love with the sea K. read more

How do the site was K

chain of the site is also very important, so we must choose the high quality of the chain, so as to improve the website chain efficiency. < >

4 website was hacked is linked to the horse

constructionAlthough the

2robots.txt written

let the site restoration included



5 website original content is very low

1 to enhance the quality of the chain and the chain of

The quality of

website content to the original, the anchor text to the content of the continued increase in the day, according to the actual situation of the site right amount on the article number, not come when Ji’nan website promotion add 1 article every day, after the Ji’nan site optimization per day increased to 3. read more

Shanghai dragon combat summary love Shanghai optimization ultimate way

In early

introduction: Shanghai dragon brother Lu Shanghai sex optimization for 1 years 04 months, experienced three months income over a million have experienced three months all the site is Shanghai K light love tragedy. Love Shanghai algorithm changes in Gero experience and Shanghai dragon brother god people’s coping strategies. You want to bring a little confused webmaster help. I have engaged in the industry competition is relatively large, so the conventional optimization means no competition in this industry, my colleagues are all used optimization methods can rapidly improve the rankings to compete, but also a lot of fast and stable method, the following will all share to you. read more

Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis what are the negative factors affecting the website ranking

Keywords Many webmaster want to do with The

in the first Shanghai Dragon Technology with search engines are not very mature, this is a good way to improve website ranking, but for now, the webmaster friends if we want through the accumulation of keywords to improve website rankings, you are completely mistaken, this method not only can improve the site keywords ranking, but also website the decline in ranking, flow down, even by the search engine right down punishment and other treatment, this style of search engine has been very annoying, are not Qingrao, therefore, A5 website optimization consultant to stand long webmaster friends don’t try to through the URL keyword, page text keyword, keyword method the accumulation of the Title tag to improve the website, this will only be counterproductive oh read more

2012 Chinese search engine market analysis

through the above on the major search engines use the 2012 rate analysis, Shanghai love is still strong, 360 search, Sogou Google search for second, and second, "boss" is found, a stream of. Throughout the year, in addition to the 360 search has been rest slightly stride forward singing militant songs, love, Shanghai.

2012 China search engine is not Everything is going smoothly. with competition, but more and more fierce, led to the "3B war" event with vigour and vitality, and ultimately to government intervention and gradually subsided, but the search engine between the war is far from over, 2012 is just the beginning. At present there are many domestic mainstream search engines, including Google, love Shanghai, Sogou, soso, 360 search, immediately, search, Youdao, YAHOO, Bing, there are ten search engines (see "on the ten major search engines, including domestic") to love Shanghai as the "leading", Google, Sogou "dragon" YAHOO, Bing, etc. for a "tail", 360 is "Nilin" search, catch up from behind, just a few months, they staged a counter attack. In 2012, the search engine market is also called "a scene of bustling activity". Below we according to the CNZZ statistics of 2012 share China users and the use of search engines to search engine market analysis 2012 China. read more

Refute on search engine has been to death

is included in the search engine to the site, the user may not be through the search engine to enter. If you want to buy books, users will choose directly into dangdang贵族宝贝 or Jingdong, if you want to eat, users will choose to comment, fantong. Industry giants, to allow the user to become just a like hao123 navigation page. Hao123 is a manual editing.

objection: this point was untenable. Excuse me every day through the search engine Taobao search how many people know? Although there are many vertical websites, but what is the people’s search habits? I will remember the domain name? It will pass into the favorites? May be directly through the search engine to enter more, after all this is very convenient. The search engine is an entrance to continue to refine the search, when many online websites, users pay more attention to the brand website. Not to say that all the industry giants will let users love, in fact these websites and search engines like, everyone will have a different choice. Therefore, people will still choose brands to enter through the search > read more

Site optimization must meet stability degree

web page optimization including site color optimization, design optimization, function optimization, section optimization, affiliated optimization, these optimizations can be summarized for page optimization, on page optimization in the webmaster to do color with the voice of the user, to meet the needs of users, column design to meet the search engine "

want to do the two core elements to set up many correct optimization technique, the author from the Internet to study the establishment of the website learned a lot of experience, the website created by the development process will be smooth, the author in this process is mainly depend on the "key word site optimization, website optimization, web page link optimization these three optimization techniques, the author detailed explanation about the operation of these three methods. read more

Shanghai dragon how ER and rival website optimization

1. source chain: the strange name is to see in what place is outside the chain of competitors, whether blog or forum, or love Shanghai products, as long as the rival site have a link >

whether novice or veteran Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, will encounter the bottleneck of the development, want to learn on the site in the analysis, including: internal optimization analysis, keyword analysis, chain analysis, rank analysis, flow analysis. Shanghai dragon is a reanalysis of fighting.

I think, Shanghai Longfeng optimization are similar, is the site optimization personnel and editing in the website optimization details of the operation, as long as we can achieve top priority, but want to get ranked in the fastest time, will pay more than other sites, do more optimization, so how to make sure their intensity and workload whether we can win the read more

Shanghai dragon in the abnormal development of Chinese

for the enterprise, Shanghai dragon just to make a good website ranking in the search engine, to increase the visibility of the enterprise, converted into commercial interests — Shanghai dragon just to build brand

lot of Shanghai dragon Er are only most without Shanghai dragon training before, never touched the Shanghai dragon, simply learning from the Internet some basic routines, the method used directly on shenglayingzhuai website, a ranking by live time and love Shanghai test. A few days later he fell down. My side like Shanghai dragon ER and many, can be said to be the majority. Once a peer buddies asked me why he did Shanghai dragon er for almost eight years, can be said to be the oldest, now pay to 2000 or 1800? Hearing this, I asked him, what do you do in Shanghai dragon, he said, usually the boss to the task, I will send the chain copy online, a few articles, do the keywords. When I asked him what is the user experience, the relationship between Shanghai and the Shanghai dragon love algorithm, he did not know. I put a deep impression on the study of Shanghai dragon training content sent to him at the time, let him see how much he can understand. For this is not, not to learn the people, I can only say that he is not suitable for Shanghai dragon. Master too deep to share their experiences, novices suffer from not touching the essence of Shanghai dragon makes Shanghai a vicious spiral, dragon industry in the development of deformity. Not only has his rationality, the Internet is to pay attention to the time and efficiency of the training institutions of learning can let those who do not really understand the Shanghai Longfeng people detours, saving most of the time. read more

The feasibility of theory of personal webmaster to build 100 site resources


we can develop their own procedures, can also use the CMS or blog program. I also run 20 to a site, is my own development program, the program interface is different, the station is to generate static. Then, these sites all call a database content. Is a site space, only need to install the static page size, so 100M is enough. The public database, can spend a few hundred to 1000 to buy a large. If you are using dedecms or zblog such procedures, personal suggest that you use zblog, because it is not a database (the access database), there are many different site templates can be formed around 100. A program to solve, is standing group of software or group of software selection. read more

Share love Shanghai but not clouds suddenly disappeared

: March 1, 2012 11 o’clock to grab.

second: love even if Shanghai share results do not appear in the search results, but the love of Shanghai share button, you can browse the website easier to share content on your website to renren贵族宝贝 happy net, QQ, Sina, micro-blog and other SNS site space spread, bringing more traffic to your website. You can also share button through the love of Shanghai, the pages on your site will be more likely to be found by search engines love Shanghai, and thus have the opportunity to love from Shanghai to search more traffic. Again through the love of Shanghai share button, you can get free to share detailed statistical analysis. You will understand what users on the site to share what SNS, what is the daily number of share, help you better tracking and analysis, to encourage users to share, bring more traffic to the site. read more