Early Vermont Constitution records now online

first_imgSecretary of State Jim Condos announced today that records relating to the first hundred years of the Vermont Constitution, including proposals of amendments, are now available online at: http://vermont-archives.org/publications/publicat/pdf/Council_of_Censors…(link is external) Some examples are displayed below.Secretary Condos noted, ‘The records of the Vermont Council of Censors, 1777-1870 provide unique insights not only into the evolution of our state constitution but also on persisting issues such as the nature of representation, constitutions, and citizenship.’  The Council of Censors was a constitutional body of thirteen men, elected to one year terms every seven years. It had the authority to review the actions of state government in the preceding seven years to see if they conformed to constitutional requirements.  It also was the sole body that could propose amendments to the constitution. Proposed amendments would then be presented to a constitutional convention for ratification or rejection. The publication of the Council’s records was originally done in 1991 under then Secretary of State Jim Douglas. The Council’s journals were transcribed and annotated by Paul Gillies and Gregory Sanford.  Secretary Condos explained that, ‘Putting Gillies and Sanford’s work online reflects our enhanced opportunities for distributing information through technology.  It is part of my commitment to making public information as broadly available, for free, as we can.’ The Censors successfully proposed two-year terms of office; the creation of a state senate; and their own replacement with the current amendment process, though with a ten-year time lock as opposed to the current four years.  The Council also foreshadowed the current make-up of the House of Representatives when in 1856 it proposed replacing town-representation with a 150 member chamber based on population.  While their proposals failed at the time, their system of proportional representation was essentially adopted in 1965.  The debates surrounding even the Council’s failure are fascinating. The 1869 Council’s debates over extending the vote to women followed along the lines of 20th Century debates over the equal rights amendment. The Council’s proposal in support of women’s suffrage lost in convention 1 to 233. ‘Making records on the evolution of our state constitution widely accessible is important to our civic education, as students and as Vermonters,’ said Condos.  The online presentation is full-text searchable, easing the ability to search issues over time. Source: Secretary of State, December 15, 2011  Selections from the Records of the Council of Censors, 1770-1870 On Women’s Suffrage ‘We believe that woman, married or unmarried, was made to be the companion of man and not his mere servant; that she has the same right to control her property that he has to control his; that she has the same right to aspire to any occupation, profession, or position, the duties of which she is competent to discharge, that he has. A right is worth nothing without the power to protect it. The ballot alone can do this.’                                                                                                                                         July 28, 1869 (p. 642)On the Creation of a Senate ‘With these views, we propose, as a safeguard against hasty and improvident legislation, and to remedy, in some degree, the inequality of representation in the most numerous branch of the legislature, a Senate as a substitute for the present Council. The Senate to consist of thirty members, to be apportioned to the several counties, as near as may be, in the ratio of population–providing however, that each county shall have, at least, one Senator.’                                                                                                                              January 16, 1835 (p. 374)On the Disadvantage of Annual Sessions of the Legislature ‘Your committee are of the opinion that a careful scrutiny of the history of our State Legislature for the past twenty years will show that in most cases our public legislation has been confined to trivial matters, and that no important changes have been made in our laws as often as once in two years, nor indeed for much longer periods. Such scrutiny will also show that in many instances, such changes as have been made, have been had unadvisedly, so that no inconsiderable part of the business has been to undo and repeal what had been so hastily done the year before. In this view your committee are of opinion that we have had too much legislation; that the continual tinkering of the laws, by making amendments one year and repealing them the next, and the numerous minor modifications of our statute which our legislation has produced, have not been profitable to the State.’                                                                                                                                        July 29, 1869 (p. 645) Foreshadowing Current Use In our enquiry, “whether the public taxes have been justly laid and collected in all parts of this commonwealth,” we are of opinion, that the act passed by the legislature in October 1797, laying a tax of one cent per acre, on all lands in this state indiscriminately,” was unequal and unjust. It is a principle universally allowed, that property ought to be taxed in proportion to its real value, and annual income; and though it is impossible by any general rule to do perfect justice, yet the mode that makes the nearest approach thereto is to be preferred. The taxing the wild and uncultivated mountains per acre, equal to the lands of the highest cultivation, or covered with elegant buildings, can bear no proportionate estimate, either in value or income.                                                                                                                                  Feb 4, 1800 (p. 170)On the People’s Role in Amending the Constitution It is evident that the people at the present time take but little interest in amending their Constitution, nor have they since 1850. They have become so indifferent that it is a matter of doubt whether one in ten really knows and understands what our Constitution is, or how it is amended; and the question arises, is it best or expedient to perpetuate and continue a system so little understood, and in which so little interest is manifested? It should be brought home nearer to the people; they should have a direct influence, instead of an indirect and remote one. This is an age of improvement, and a republican government is never wiser nor better, in our State, at least, and at the present time, than the people who elect it; and such a government fails to answer its design when the people become indifferent to its workings. The people of Vermont are at the present time vastly more intelligent, better informed, better educated than formerly, and no good reason exists in the opinion of the minority for not trusting them directly in the final amendments to their Constitution.                                                                                                                            July 31, 1869 (pp. 659-660)On the Purpose of a Constitution ‘Again it is urged that the Council of Censors is a body unknown to sister states, and has arrived at that “respectable old age” in our own that entitles it to funeral honors. We are unable to see any force in this argument. The very soul of an organic law–of a constitution for a commonwealth, is permanency. The people demand some permanent law so that legislatures of partisan bias shall not trample upon the rights of minorities.’    August 3, 1869 (p. 680)last_img read more

5 Father’s Day gift ideas under $50

first_img 17SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Wendy Moody Wendy Moody is a Senior Editor with CUInsight.com. Wendy works with the editorial team to help edit the content including current news, press releases, jobs and events. She keeps … Web: www.cuinsight.com Details Father’s Day is a time for showing our gratitude and appreciation for those important men in our life. Many of us would give our dear ‘ol dad the world if we could. The reality is most of us are on a budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect present for pops. Below are five ideas for Father’s Day gifts under $50.For The Techie“Alexa, what’s the perfect Father’s Day gift for my tech-savvy dad?” The answer is the Amazon Echo Dot, at only $40. This voice-controlled device plays music, controls home devices, adds items to grocery lists, provides news and weather, and much more. Just don’t be surprised if on your next visit to dad’s house, he talks to “Alexa” more than he talks to you.For The TV/Movie BuffWho doesn’t have Netflix these days? Well, honestly your dad may not. So, consider purchasing him a Roku streaming stick for only $40. This small USB jump-drive sized stick goes directly into the side of the television and is incredibly user friendly. Just follow the easy steps given and your dad will be on his way to streaming his favorite movies and shows.For The Sports FanaticNo matter what sport your dad follows, there’s a gift out there for him. UncommonGoods has an awesome selection of interesting and unique sports-related presents for dads that aren’t bad for your budget. There’s tabletop games, wall art, and beer glasses just to name a few.For The Kid at HeartThere’s something about motorized vehicles that every man seems to love. Today’s version of the remote control airplane that many males grew up loving is the drone. Most of us have seen a drone at some point and heard that loud buzzing, but now they are available for purchase at just the click of a button. Check out this one on Amazon with a built in HD camera.For The OutdoorsmanIs your pops a camper, a climber, or a hiker at heart? REI offers a great selection of gifts under $50 for your outdoorsy dad. Favorites include high-quality camping (or tailgating) chairs, YETI cups, and the classic Leatherman multi-tool.last_img read more

Kriegers Flak OSS Topsides Touch Down in Baltic Sea

first_imgHeavy lift vessel Rambiz has installed the Kriegers Flak substation topsides in the Danish Baltic Sea, Energinet reports.The installation of the KFE module which will connect the Danish and the German grid.The Kriegers Flak A and the Kriegers Flak B substations will collect the power generated by Vattenfall’s 605MW Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm and deliver it to the mainland.The Kriegers Flak E module, part of the KFB substation, will also provide a link between the Danish and the German grid and enable the exchange of renewably sourced power.‘The KFBE substation was installed first and is the largest of the 2 substations. Its installation consisted of 2 separate lifts: first the KFB topside, after which the KFE module was placed on top. The smaller KFA substation was installed shortly after, whereby all 3 lifts including allowance works were completed in only 2,5 days,” Scaldis, the owner and operator of Rambiz, told Offshore WIND.The KFBE substation is part of the Combined Grid Solution project run by Energinet and the German transmission systems operator 50 Hertz.“With this installation, we have passed the most expensive risk in the project. The loss of a platform from the crane would delay the project for more than a year and have huge consequences. Therefore, it is a great relief to see all three platforms in their right place,” said Energinet’s Project Manager, Jens Chr. Hygebjerg.The platforms are expected to be powered on October 1, 2018, but before the connection can be put into commercial operation, additional work needs to be done both on land and at sea, Energinet said.The Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm is expected to become operational by 2022.Photos: Energinetlast_img read more

Iran Shoots Down Unarmed US Drone

first_imgA commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps says Iran is “completely ready for war” with the U.S.He made that comment after Iran shot down an unarmed U.S. Navy drone in what American officials say was international airspace today.Iran claims the drone was in Iranian airspace on a spying mission.This is the second time in a week Iran has targeted a U.S. drone. “This is a significant and dangerous provocation”: @ABC News’ @MarthaRaddatz has the latest as Iran shoots down a U.S. drone. https://t.co/Stnr55VKXk pic.twitter.com/nAB5Q3AfTI— ABC News (@ABC) June 20, 2019 It tried to shoot down a drone that was surveilling last week’s attack on one of two tankers in the Gulf of Oman.The U.S. blames Iran for attacking the tankers, which Iran denies.last_img read more

For the first time since 1978, Wellington wins Roadrunner Classic

first_imgWellington 79 Kingman 77Wellington 23 12 18 16 (10) — 79Kingman 19 22 13 15 (8)— 77Wellington: Phelps 19, Reichenberger 14, Baker 2, Nance 31, Daugherty 4, Dunn 10. Total 22 (4) 23-32 79. Kingman: New 20, Packard 23, Garrison 11, Bradsaw 15, Bangert 3, Anderson 5. Total: 15 (11) 14-16 77.Wellington wins first Chaparral Roadrunner Classic Championship trophy since 1978. by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — It was 1978 and John Travolta was discoing his way to Saturday Night Fever fame. And the Wellington boys basketball team won the Chaparral Roadrunner Classic Tournament.It took the Crusader boys another 36 years before getting another championship trophy.Trevor Nance scores 31 points to lift Crusaders to victory.Wellington beat Kingman in a great, great game of basketball Saturday night  – winning 79-77 in overtime.The game was an exhausting fast-paced game with the Crusaders, huge underdogs going in, staving off a quick and sharp-shooting Kingman team.Wellington drew first blood. Kingman came back. The Eagles would take the lead. Wellington would come back and in the end both teams had to play four extra minutes.The Crusaders would hold on to the bitter end when Kingman failed to make a bucket at the buzzer that would send it to a second overtime. The jubilant Crusaders had pulled off a stunning two-point victory. The game was a classic.Young Crusader fans make up a sign.Trevor Nance would have a game and career high 31 points. Connor Phelps would pour in 18 points. Colin Reichenberger had 14 and Austin Dunn 10. Wellington more than doubled its point total the night before in a 38-34 victory over Chaparral. It’s been quite awhile since Wellington scored 79 points in a game.Kingman was scoring in bushels as well. Mitchell Packard had 23, Cody New scored 20, Brandon Bradshaw 15, and Tyler Garrison 11. Wellington survived 11 Kingman 3-pointers and a deadly 14-of-16 free throw shooting.Wellington had four treys and 23-of-32 at the free throw line.The Crusaders came into the game as huge underdogs, losing 77-49 in the Kingman Tournament Championship in December.But Wellington quickly established early that this was going to be a different game. The Crusaders led 11-0 after scoring on their first four possessions. The Crusaders held a double-digit lead through most of the quarter and led 17-7 at the 2:13 mark. Then Kingman made the first of its many runs. By the end of the quarter, Wellington was clinching to a 23-19 lead despite shooting upwards of 70 percent.The inside lane was a crowded place. Lots of fouls.Wellington would lose the lead at the 5:13 mark of the second quarter on a Tyler Garrison 3-pointer making it 26-24. But the Dukes would never let the game get away from them despite Kingman scoring five 3-pointers. The Eagles held a 41-35 lead at the half. It’s biggest lead of the game.The Eagles cooled off in the third quarter and Wellington would chip at the lead. Then at quarter’s end a long pass for a Payton Baker layup at the buzzer had sliced the game to one. Wellington was in business 54-53 going into the fourth.Nance would hit a five-footer and free throw to start the fourth and give the Crusaders their first lead since the second quarter. Phelps would make four straight free throws to help the Crusaders open an eight-point advantage 62-54. It would be a lead it maintained for over three minutes.But Kingman had a tremendous minute in which it scored seven consecutive points. Wellington was clutching to a one-point lead at the 2:42 mark. The Eagles eventually took the lead with 1:17 to play. Nance tied things back up at the other end and with less than a minute it was 69-all.Kingman took off 30 seconds before Wellington rebounded off a miss with 28.8 seconds to play. Wellington works the ball to the final 10 seconds when Phelps drove the lane and made what looked like a huge layup. But the official negated the points calling it a charge on the sophomore.With 9 seconds, Kingman failed to hit a game-winning shot and the game went into overtime.This is how regulation ended. A shot with the ball stuck between the rim and backboard.Dunn opened the extra frame with a 3-pointer. But Kingman responded on another with another 3. Wellington then maintained a 2 to 4 point advantage until the Eagles made their 11th trey to pull within one.Reichenberger made 1 of 2 with 25 seconds left to give Wellington a 79-77. Kingman worked the ball for final shot but missed again at the buzzer.The Crusaders are back to .500 with a 6-6 record. This game, though, should count for two wins. It was so good. Close Forgot password? Please put in your email: Send me my password! Close message Login This blog post All blog posts Subscribe to this blog post’s comments through… RSS Feed Subscribe via email Subscribe Subscribe to this blog’s comments through… RSS Feed Subscribe via email Subscribe Follow the discussion Comments (6) Logging you in… Close Login to IntenseDebate Or create an account Username or Email: Password: Forgot login? Cancel Login Close WordPress.com Username or Email: Password: Lost your password? 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At the same time I watched WSU play. his daughter text back and said listening to it on his phone. TV going, computer has your tweets going and the radio going on another tab. That was a dizzy spell volume up n down. Report Reply +1 Vote up Vote down Steve W. · 341 weeks ago Cueball I too am still dizzy from listening to the game following your tweets and watching WSU on TV, lol. Report Reply 0 Vote up Vote down Darren · 341 weeks ago Congrats Crusaders! A great accomplishment and the way you guys play makes me proud to be a Crusader. Keep up the hard work! On another note: Crusader Basketball took a hiatus from the Roadrunner Classic for many of those 36 years. They competed in the Eldorado, Dodge City, and Valley Center Tournaments during the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Report Reply 0 replies · active 341 weeks ago Post a new comment Enter text right here! 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