Om Birla unanimously elected LS speaker opposition urges impartiality

first_imgNew Delhi: NDA nominee Om Birla was on Wednesday unanimously elected speaker of the Lok Sabha with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the opposition assuring him of their whole-hearted support in the smooth conduct of proceedings in the House. Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary, DMK’s T R Baalu and TMC’s Sudip Bandyopadhyay were among those who backed Birla and urged him to be impartial as presiding officer of the lower house. “I on behalf of the government and the treasury benches assure you full support in conducting the House. I also assure you that your order will prevail and you must be tough even if anyone from our side (treasury benches) crosses the limit,” Modi said, congratulating Birla. Also Read – Cong may promise farm loan waiver in Haryana The prime minister also heaped praise on the two-time BJP MP for his long public life, going back to his student days, and recalled his social work in Kota, Rajasthan, and in other parts of the country, including during the 2011 earthquake in Gujarat and the 2013 floods in Uttarakhand. Chaudhary, while extending whole-hearted support to Birla, urged him to be impartial and give enough time to the opposition to raise issues of public interest. Also Read – Modi formed OBC commission which earlier govts didn’t do: Shah He said the presiding officer is the custodian of the House, which according to Jawaharlal Nehru, represents the nation and freedom of the country. Chaudhary also expressed concern over very few bills being referred to standing committees by the Lok Sabha and hoped for a reversal of the trend. Pinaki Mishra of the BJD also expressed similar concerns. There was no candidate in the fray other than Birla and the motion moved by the prime minister to choose the Kota-Bundi MP as the speaker was adopted by a voice vote. A total of 13 motions were moved in support of Birla. Since the motion moved by Modi, also the Leader of the House, was adopted, the other motions became infructuous. Birla was declared elected and the Speaker by pro-tem Speaker Virendra Kumar. Modi led the new Speaker to the presiding officer’s chair. Several leaders from BJP, Congress, DMK, TMC went up the podium to greet Birla. Though the Congress and the DMK had moved notices for supporting Birla as the Speaker well past the 12 noon Tuesday deadline, the pro-tem speaker allowed it to be included as a “special case”. Birla, a surprise pick for the post, won his first Lok Sabha election in 2014 and was again elected this year from Rajasthan’s Kota-Bundi seat. The 56-year-old leader is considered to be close to both Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah. He succeeds eight-term MP Sumitra Mahajan as the speaker, a post traditionally held by senior MPs.last_img read more

Outlawed app emerges as key tool for Russian protesters

MOSCOW — Anti-government protesters in Russia are increasingly relying on an encrypted and officially banned messaging app to pass on information in critical situations, from dodging riot police to giving those arrested a line to the outside.Although officially banned in Russia, Telegram is still running, and experts say it’s harder to hijack than other popular platforms.Since July, Moscow has been rocked by almost weekly rallies after a dozen independent candidates were blocked from running for the city legislature in Sunday’s election. Authorities responded with a harsh police crackdown, arresting hundreds.Russia banned Telegram after its creators refused to hand over the encryption keys to authorities last year. Nevertheless, it remains available and many pro-government figures and Kremlin officials, including President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov, still keep active accounts.Sergey Sanovich, a postdoctoral scholar at the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University, says the app is better than others at effectively co-ordinating protests.“It is not designed around collecting the largest number of likes,” he said. “It is a tool for real people for offline interaction.”Protesters have harnessed Telegram’s tools, from information channels to chats and automated bots, to streamline communication, create aid initiatives for detainees and render civil activity more effective.If someone wants to join the grass-roots, protest group Bessrochka, for example, the group’s website instructs users to join a “protest navigator” on Telegram. The navigator then provides new users with a list of channels which offer a steady flow of information about the latest opposition activity or political topic, and chats which link new recruits with other activists in their area.Protesters have also been using Telegram bots to provide legal assistance, food or financial aid for detainees.That is one of the ways police monitoring group OVD-Info has managed the onslaught of panicked messages from those detained at each weekend rally. Automated bots optimized a system overwhelmed by alerts, making sure that no one slips through the net and allowing the group to make a more accurate count of detainees.Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny on Monday launched a bot to help users navigate his Smart Vote initiative, a tactic the opposition is hoping will break the monopoly of President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party at the Moscow City Duma elections. The bot quickly tells users which candidate to vote for according to their address.A series of anonymous Telegram chats also helped protesters at a rally last month locate riot police and avoid arrest, with users exchanging tips about which areas had become too hot and which streets were safe.Previously, rallies in Russia were partly co-ordinated through Twitter hashtags. But often large groups of automated bots would be deployed by pro-government agents to produce counter propaganda and spam, and the hashtag would quickly become unusable.More and more protests are now co-ordinated on Telegram channels rather than Twitter.“It’s much harder to hijack a channel than a hashtag,” Sanovich explained.Telegram’s strengths, however, for activists are also its vulnerabilities. Its anonymity makes users’ communications safer, but it also helps the authorities who can anonymously join open chats and channels and monitor the opposition’s activity.Gregory Asmolov, a Fellow at King’s College London’s Russia Institute, wrote in a recent essay for Open Democracy that as the Russian opposition is adopting new digital tools, the government “may soon find itself at a crossroads.”Authorities may feel forced to use more force to block digital tools, he said, but those “drastic measures may provoke a new spiral of protests.”Francesca Ebel, The Associated Press read more

Canadian trucking industry struggles to attract next generation of drivers

Canadian trucking industry struggles to attract next generation of drivers by Morgan Lowrie, The Canadian Press Posted May 16, 2016 6:00 am MDT Last Updated May 16, 2016 at 9:40 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Truck driver Nadine Gauthier stands next to a truck Friday, May 6, 2016 in Montreal. Gauthier, a former truck driver, is working on behalf of Quebec’s trucking association to encourage more women and girls to consider careers as truck drivers. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Paul Chiasson MONTREAL – After 40 years as a truck driver, Jack Fielding says it’s easier to name the places in North America where he hasn’t been than the ones he has.And after driving five million kilometres, the 57 year-old still enjoys the freedom of the road.“For the most part, there’s nobody looking over my shoulder telling me what to do,” says Fielding, who hails from McKellar, Ont. “I have an assignment and I’m left to do it at my own pace and how I think it should be done.”But as Fielding and thousands like him near retirement age, the industry is struggling to recruit young people who share his enthusiasm for the job.This means the industry is facing a looming labour shortage that could reach 48,000 drivers by 2024, according to the Canadian Trucking Alliance.The average age of a truck driver is over 47 — up from 45 in 2013 — and almost 30 per cent of the driving force is 55 or over, which makes it one of the oldest workforces in Canada, according to the organization’s president.“Tens of thousands of them are nearing retirement and we’re not getting anywhere near our commensurate share of new drivers into the business,” says David Bradley.There are multiple reasons for the looming shortage, but many believe the lifestyle simply isn’t attractive to a younger generation.Fielding, for example, usually works 10-14 days straight, with three days off between trips. Schedules are not set in advance, and drivers often work 12 hours or more a day.“You’re not home with your friends on Friday nights having parties,” he says. “If you have a family you might miss out on birthdays and things like that.”Bradley says this makes it harder to attract younger people or those with families, who tend to place a higher emphasis on work-life balance than older generations.It may also explain why the industry struggles to recruit women, who make up only about four to six per cent of the driving population.Nadine Gauthier, who spent six years driving shipping containers in and around the Montreal area, is trying to change that.The 43-year old, now a supervisor for Simard Transport, also works on behalf of Quebec’s trucking association to convince girls and women that trucking isn’t just a “man’s world.”She says that while the first women ”pioneers” may have been given a hard time, the industry has become very welcoming to women.“I sincerely think men like having women in their teams and at the heart of the company,” she notes. “It brings a new dynamic, and men are very respectful of that.”The average salary for a truck driver was listed as $40,728 in 2011, although Bradley says long-haul truck drivers can easily make $70-80,000 a year.However, they’re often paid by the mile, which means their income can fluctuate based on unexpected delays or traffic. They also tend to work longer hours than the rest of the population.It’s also difficult to hire immigrants, except under the Temporary Foreign Worker program, since truck driving is not considered a skilled occupation and drivers therefore aren’t eligible for most federal economic immigration programs.Bradley says the current economic downturn in Canada — particularly in the oil industry — has alleviated the shortage for the moment.But he believes long-term solutions are needed to ensure people who enter the profession stay there, instead of viewing it as a stop-gap between jobs.The industry is working to change the classification of truck driving to semi-skilled or skilled, which Bradley says is key to getting more resources for training and attracting career-oriented candidates.Provinces are also working on implementing their own regulations and mandatory training standards.In its own bid to address the shortage, the Quebec government has introduced a training program for 17-and-18 year old wannabe truckers.Students are partnered with companies that agree to give them internships at the end of the four-month course, which often lead to permanent jobs.One recent graduate, 20-year-old Anthony Boisvert, was hired straight out of school and already has two years under his belt as a long-distance trucker for Groupe Robert.He loves the job, including the 60-80 hour workweeks and stretches of four to five days away from home, but realizes it isn’t for everyone.“It’s more a passion than a job,” he says.Bradley says that although individual companies are looking at scheduling, wages and recruitment strategies to tackle the shortage, change is slow to come.“This is a fragmented, competitive industry, and it’s hard to turn it on a dime,” he says.Fielding, who estimates he has five years of driving left, can’t quite figure out why more young people don’t seem to want to take over behind the wheel.“Where (else) can you get paid to see North America, to experience things in life?” he says. “I think it would be a great job for somebody just starting out.” read more

We have an agenda before us – UN officials reiterate need for

In another recent case, Bangladesh investigated allegations in just over three months and found the allegation of sexual activity with a minor to be substantiated for one subject, who was subsequently dismissed from service and received the sanction of one year imprisonment, he said. Mr. Khare added that Bangladesh had said that the action taken against the subject will be shared with all of the Member States’ contingents in UN missions for awareness-raising, and the case will also be incorporated as a case study in the pre-deployment training syllabus. “This will ensure the required feedback loops between accountability and prevention, hopefully, creating a virtuous cycle,” Mr. Khare stressed. Guidance on implementationIn addition, the Under-Secretary-General said that the Secretariat is expediting guidance on its implementation. The guidance will set out factors relevant to the decision to repatriate a military or formed police unit when there is credible evidence of widespread and systemic sexual exploitation and abuse. The guidance will also detail the criteria for determining that a troop-contributing country has not taken appropriate steps to investigate allegations, or that a police or troop-contributing country has not held perpetrators accountable or informed the Secretary-General of the progress of investigations and follow-up actions, he said. In the area of implementation, the Under-Secretary-General said that advancements have been made in prevention through certifications for no prior misconduct before personnel are deployed and for pre-deployment training; and through vetting of all personnel including contingents and formed police units. “We are going forward with shorter investigation times for the UN and Member States, and faster deployment or inclusion of NIOs within contingents; and we have been building stronger and more sustainable collaboration with UN partners on victim assistance in order to have a cohesive and unified programme so that victims are at the centre of the UN’s response to sexual exploitation and abuse,” Mr. Khare said. “In all these efforts, the partnership with Member States has been, and remains instrumental,” he added. Special Coordinator briefs on work undertaken over the past yearAlong those lines, Jane Holl Lute, Special Coordinator on improving the UN response to sexual exploitation and abuse, told the General Assembly that a great deal of work had been undertaken over the past year by the leadership in the Organization, as well as by field missions, both within UN peacekeeping operations and across the board in the UN system. “No one has been standing still since the allegations that gave rise to the recent seizure of this issue last year,” she said. “Much has been done.” The Special Coordinator also said that she was on track with objectives to pull together both the findings of the Central African Republic panel and the provisions of Security Council resolution 2272, and with other initiatives that the leadership in the field have taken on board to respond to sexual exploitation and abuse with the aim of “stamping it out.” Actions have included regular conversations both with individual Member States and groups, and consultations with the troop contributing countries about issues particularly related to military to the field, she said. In this respect, she had also taken a trip to the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where, she said: “we found very clear commitment by the leadership of both of these missions from the very top to eradicate any instance of sexual exploitation and abuse and to vigorously respond when allegations arise.” Ms. Lute acknowledged that while the tone that had been set was “radiating out into the missions,” there were still “pockets of resistance and pockets of reluctance to take this on personally by each and every member who serves under the UN in the field.” She said that some of the resistance stemmed from still-held views that the “problem of discipline, the problem of comportment is not everyone’s problem,” although she added that the leaderships of both missions were taking steps to correct such attitudes. As an example, she indicated that toolkits and other mechanisms were being put together in the field to clarify the appropriate response. “We can only imagine, if we’ve never had to experience it ourselves – the shame, the horror and the lasting legacy of these unspeakable acts to the most defenceless people on the planet by those in whom they should have the most trust,” she stressed. “We have an agenda before us. We have come to the Member States individually and collectively, and we come to you now. We cannot do this alone. We need your help, and together the Organization can become the standard bearer of best practice in this field,” she concluded. Speaking at an informal meeting of the UN General Assembly in New York, Atul Khare, Under-Secretary-General for Field Support, emphasized that the priority must be for the Organization to provide victims with support and assistance. “First and foremost, the victims – many of whom are children – need our protection and support,” he said. “The provision of assistance to victims is an area where experience has shown that the United Nations needs additional resources and strong collaboration among peacekeeping, the United Nations and local actors to have a tangible impact.” Trust Fund for victims of sexual exploitation and abuse is operationalMr. Khare noted that the trust fund to support the provision of services to victims is operational, and that Member States have been requested to consider making contributions. He said he has also instructed field missions to respond to the immediate needs of victims using their existing resources. Thanking the Government of Norway for its recent pledge to support the trust fund, the Under-Secretary-General expressed hope that such action would initiate momentum for further funding.Mr. Khare also highlighted that in 2015, the UN had made progress in facilitating paternity and child support claims against peacekeepers. He commended Sri Lanka in particular, which he said has arranged a one-time ex-gratia payment to a victim and child born as a result of sexual exploitation and abuse. He noted that there have been best practices in this regard, with Benin, Ecuador, India and Uruguay – four countries not necessarily facing paternity allegations – having informed the Secretariat of focal points designated for this function. Reiterating that there can be no impunity for sexual exploitation and abuse, Mr. Khare stressed that if allegations are substantiated, the Organization “takes all action within its control.” “We have the responsibility to take administrative action and sanction all civilians, including individual consultants and contractors. The authority, though, to sanction or criminally prosecute personnel is under the exclusive jurisdiction of Member States,” he said, adding that the UN continues to work with national authorities to ensure that justice is done. Mr. Khare also said that in the face of allegations, the Secretariat has requested Member States to appoint National Investigation Officers (NIOs) within five days, rather than the ten-day period normally required by the Memorandum of Understanding. He noted that Tanzania and the Republic of Congo are among the Member States that have responded positively to such a request. In addition, he highlighted that Member States such as Morocco have started deploying NIOs as part of their contingents, while South Africa has decided to establish standby NIO teams made up of three people each, and with the capacity to deploy to any mission within 72 hours. “In a recent case, the troop-contributing country in question, Egypt, investigated allegations in 29 days, found the allegation of attempted sexual assault substantiated, conducted a court martial and imposed the sanction of five years’ imprisonment, apart from dismissal from service. This is perhaps the swiftest example of justice being done that we have observed so far,” Mr. Khare said. Atul Khare, Under-Secretary-General for Field Support. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas read more

With fastgrowing youth population Africa boasts enormous market potential – UN deputy

“The continent’s large and growing population represents enormous market potential, especially with growing urbanization contributing to rapid growth in consumption by households and businesses,” said Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed in her keynote address to the event, titled ‘Regional and Economic Integration in Africa: How to Effectively Involve Africa’s Youth across National Borders.’ Yet, despite this potential, she continued, intra-African trade represents only about 13 per cent of Africa’s total trade. By building on market potential and promoting regional integration, African countries could reduce their dependency on the sale of primary commodities, and shift to value added products – creating employment, reducing inequalities, investing in sustainable infrastructure and ensuring sustainable economic growth. Establishing a Continental Free Trade Area, as agreed by the African Union in 2012, would be a major step in the right direction. “Once established, it would be the largest free trade area in the world with 54 member states – a single market of more than one billion people with a young and growing population,” she said. The transformative changes envisaged in Africa’s development vision, Agenda 2063, can only be realized if they are forged around stronger regional integration, she added. There are also encouraging success stories elsewhere.Today, regional blocks in South and Central America, Southeast Asia and China play a major role in global economy. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Free Trade Area was established in 1992 to eliminate trade and non-trade barriers and improve the Southeast Asia’s competitiveness. Consequently, intra-ASEAN trade more than doubled between 1995 and 2010, and kept increasing to reach around 24 per cent of global trade last year – and 40 per cent if trade with China is included. “We can achieve the same success in Africa,” Ms. Mohammed said. Africa has the fastest growing youth population in the world, with 60 per cent of its population under 24. Harnessing their capacity requires greater investments in education, especially in science and technology, to ensure a robust labour force capable of meeting the increasingly competitive demands of today’s globalized markets, she said. Noting that gender inequality is costing sub-Saharan Africa tens of billions a year, she stressed the need to truly integrate women into Africa’s economies towards creating a prosperous and vibrant Africa. read more

The Bulls Made The Right Decision But The Wrong Trade

The rebuild is already off to an odd start, though. Beyond LaVine’s injury risk, the Bulls are also getting him at a time when the 22-year-old is on the cusp of landing what figures to be a big payday. (In fact, they’ll be forced to hammer out an extension this summer — perhaps well north of $20 million a year, without seeing him play meaningful basketball since the injury — or else risk another team throwing a bigger offer at him as a restricted free agent and forcing Chicago to match.) There’s a decent chance his next deal briefly outpaces Butler’s annual salary of almost $19 million, one of the best bargains in the NBA, since Butler is locked in until at least 2019.In other words: The rebuild will require the Bulls to shell out considerable salary to a young player who hasn’t proven to be a sure thing yet. And with Dunn, one of the older rookies in last year’s draft, they’ll be hoping that last season was just an aberration for him.Part of what makes the swap so disappointing for the Bulls is the fact that they were engaged in draft-day conversations about the same players last year, before talks eventually broke off. The Bulls have more information now — that LaVine showed vast improvement on offense before tearing his ACL, that Dunn’s college success probably won’t translate right away, and that Butler is truly an elite, All-NBA talent — yet the Bulls pulled the trigger on a package that should be even less attractive to them now than it was then.From Minnesota’s vantage point, it’s easy to imagine how Butler can immediately come in and change things for the youthful Timberwolves, who were a great first-half team but blew more double-digit leads in second halves than any other team in the NBA. The 27-year-old was fantastic when it counted this past season, posting a 44.5 player-efficiency rating in clutch scenarios,4Meaning moments when a game is within 5 points during the final five minutes of of action. second-best in the NBA behind only Russell Westbrook, according to ESPN Stats & Information Group. His presence also boosts a defense that was fifth-worst in the league last season, in part because Andrew Wiggins still really struggles on that end, even though he has wingspan and athleticism of a stopper. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear some put Minnesota on a short list of clubs that could potentially beat Golden State a couple of years from now if they continue to build out that roster.There are a handful of things that figure to work out nicely for the Bulls as a result of this trade, too. LaVine showed considerable improvement as a shooter last season, something Chicago can use given the team’s abysmal numbers from outside. And his ability to get up and down the floor should allow coach Fred Hoiberg play the uptempo style he’s wanted to use since joining the Bulls more than two years ago. (This becomes even more true if Dwyane Wade, who recently told the team that he was opting into the last year of his deal for $24 million, decides it’s best to negotiate a buyout with the club.)With Dunn, even if his offense doesn’t improve a ton, the team will at least have a very good, capable defender at the guard spot. The ex-Providence standout is a pest and uses his length to disrupt the passing lanes. He ranked fourth in the NBA with 4.6 deflections per 36 minutes.5Among those who played 1,000 minutes or more this past season.All things considered, though, there’s a reason that the Bulls are getting failing grades for this move. No one is knocking the idea of conceding that a rebuild was necessary. That much was obvious. But given that Butler had more time left on his deal, the team’s hand wasn’t forced to do something this very moment. Chicago easily could’ve waited until the trade deadline to try to sell the swingman off to a desperate contender.Either way, the Bulls should have been able to get more than damaged, or diminished, goods in exchange for their franchise player. CHICAGO — NBA franchises fail all the time in trying to construct a team. On Thursday, the Bulls illustrated that it’s possible to botch the dismantling of one.Anyone who watched the Bulls over the past two years could see that this team — whether it managed to sneak into the playoffs or not — was on a treadmill of mediocrity. And that was the case despite having an All-NBA talent like swingman Jimmy Butler. The reset button needed to be hit.That happened Thursday when the team traded Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn and the No. 7 draft pick, Lauri Markkanen. Without context, acquiring young players like LaVine (who averaged 19 points a game last season), Dunn (the highly sought-after No. 5 pick from last June) and 7-foot sharpshooter Markkanen would be a decent return for a player of Butler’s caliber. But, like always, the devil is in the details here. LaVine missed the final 32 games of the season after tearing his ACL — an injury the Bulls are all too familiar with — while Dunn had an incredibly rough rookie season, one in which he not only posted the lowest true-shooting percentage among first-year players, but the worst true-shooting mark of any player, period.1Of players who logged at least 1,000 minutes last season.And while it’s too soon to truly criticize anything about the Markkanen acquisition, it was shocking that Chicago felt the need to send its No. 16 pick2One it ended up using on Justin Patton, to send to Minnesota. to the Wolves to complete this trade, given how much better Butler was than everyone else involved. The Bulls shouldn’t have needed to send anything else to sweeten the deal.3Curiously, Chicago has a bit of a bad habit of sending along picks in situations where it shouldn’t have to. For instance, consider the Bulls’ trade-deadline deal in which they unloaded Taj Gibson and Doug McDermott, the two best players in that transaction, yet found themselves giving up a second-round pick to complete the swap. Yet the team says this was the best offer they had for Butler, by far, and that the move gave Chicago an opportunity to move from the center of the totem pole all the way near the bottom, where it will be easier to build through the draft in the future.“Jimmy has improved as an individual maybe as much as any guy we’ve been around,” said Bulls Executive Vice President John Paxson of Butler, who went from averaging 2.6 points as a rookie to nearly 24 points in his sixth year. “Minnesota is obviously getting a heck of a player. He’s going to be missed. But with that said, what we’ve done is set a direction. We’ve gone to the playoffs, but not at a level that we’ve wanted to. And in this league, success is not determined that way. And we’ve decided to make the change and rebuild this roster.”VIDEO: Breaking down the Butler trade read more

Gunfire at Tumwater Walmart police say gunman killed by armed civilian during

first_imgA pair of carjackings and a chaotic hunt for a suspect ended with the shooting death of an armed man by a civilian in the parking lot of a Walmart superstore in Tumwater, according to police and witnesses.Tumwater Police spokeswoman Laura Wohl said the driver of a car the suspect was attempting to carjack was also shot. He was transported by air ambulance to Harborview Medical Center, 60 miles to the north in Seattle. Susan Gregg, a spokeswoman at Harborview, said the man was in critical condition.A third victim, a 16-year-old girl was injured at another location, near Tumwater High School, but was not seriously hurt, police said. Wohl did not know whether the girl had been shot.Police did not release the identities of the victims or the suspect.Wohl said the chaotic string of incidents began just before 5 p.m. with a report of a possibly intoxicated, erratic driver near Tumwater High School. Wohl said that while police were en route there, the department received reports of a carjacking and shots fired at a nearby intersection. That is when the 16-year-old was injured, police said.While officers were attempting to locate that vehicle, police received reports of additional shots fired at the Walmart, where the suspect reportedly abandoned the first stolen car and tried to carjack another vehicle. When the driver wouldn’t give him the car, Wohl said the man shot him. The suspects was apparently trying to carjack yet another vehicle when an armed civilian intervened and shot the man, Wohl said.last_img read more

FBI Looks Into Bethel Incident

first_imgFBI staff were in Bethel recently on a fact finding mission related to an incident in which a former Bethel police officer arrested a man in a parking lot.Download AudioAn FBI spokesperson says they are looking at a possible civil rights violation. It’s not an official investigation in the terms used by the FBI, but the spokesperson says they are looking into the incident after surveillance video surfaced earlier this month. The U.S. Attorney’s office can use information from the FBI to decide whether or not to press charges.The Bethel police officer, Andrew Reid, was fired this spring. Following the release of the video, the attorney for Wassillie Gregory, the man who was arrested, has filed for post conviction relief on his guilty plea to a harassment charge.City Manager Ann Capela referred questions Tuesday afternoon to an attorney working for the city, Bill Ingaldson. He declined to comment citing the ongoing investigation and a desire to not interfere in the due process of individuals.The city council, Tuesday night, however, briefly heard from Ingaldson about the video tape in question.There have been many questions about the events surrounding the hard drive. An account from an email from an attorney for the parent company indicated that the video was on a hard drive that went to the police department but was deleted when it was returned to the grocery store. When asked by council member Zach Fansler about the video, Ingaldson insisted there was no nefarious activity and that there were several copies made of the video.“There is absolutely no evidence at all, it’s just not true that anything was destroyed. Copies were made of that, and in fact the attorney for the other person involved, not the attorney for the officer, but the attorney for the other person, that attorney looked at the video in my office and nothing was hidden from anyone,” said Ingaldson.There appeared to be confusion about who actually owned the hard drive. Ingaldson says the police returned the hard drive to AC in the condition they received it, he says that’s without the video.last_img read more

MCR HRDI celebrates birth anniversary of Dasarathi

first_imgJubilee Hills: The Group-I Officers of Telangana State, attending the second foundation course at Dr MCR HRD Institute, celebrated 95th birth anniversary of Daasarathi Krishnamachryulu with gaiety and reverence. The staff of the institute also attended the celebrations. A number of video clips on the life and works of Daasarathi Krishnamachryulu were screened. The Group-I Officers also recited the poems penned by him. Also Read – Warrant issued against Renuka Chowdhury in cheating case Advertise With Us Dasarathi Lakshman, who graced the event, said that his illustrious father, Daasarathi Krishnamachryulu, was a poet, writer, lyricist, humanist, and above all, a freedom fighter, all rolled into one. “His deep commitment to discipline in all walks of life enabled him to excel in multiple domains,” he stated and added that his contributions are so immense that he will remain as a bright star on the horizons of the Telangana State. Also Read – Parts of Hyderabad witness heavy rainfall Advertise With Us Suddala Ashok Teja, a popular lyric writer from Tollywood, said Daasarathi Krishnamachryulu was jailed several times for protecting and working for people’s interests. “Despite all these hurdles, he penned inspiring poems, including, ‘Naa Telangana, Na koti ratanaala veena,’ which caught on with the masses and turned out to be an iconic source of inspiration for the historic movement for separate Telangana State. Even though Daasarathi Krishnamachryulu was a Telugu poet, he considered Urdu and Telugu as his two eyes with which he read other languages.” Advertise With Us B P Acharya, Special Chief Secretary & DG of Dr MCR HRDI, said that the real tribute by the Group-I Officers to Daasarathi Krishnamachryulu would be to use the occasion of his 95th birth anniversary to understand people’s agony and poverty and to contribute their best to find enduring solutions to these perennial problems. Continuing his address, he stated that the State government is addressing the issues of people by implementing targeted schemes for the multifaceted development of economically and socially backward sections of society. “The Group-I Officers, through their pursuit of excellence in their respective fields, can provide effective leadership in realizing the dream of Bangaru Telangana and also making it a weaker sections-friendly movement,” he added. D Ramu, Secretary, Literary Society of the Foundation Course, welcomed the gathering and also proposed a vote of thanks. Dr. Shaik Mohammed Nabi, Course Director and Dr Ravalapati Madhavi, Course Coordinator also attended the celebrations. The lively anchoring by G Pallavi and K Sai Brinda, studded with inspiring poetry, was an icing on the cake.last_img read more

Man stabs younger brother in New Alipore arrested

first_imgKolkata: A person stabbed his younger brother over some family dispute in New Alipore on Saturday night. The accused person was arrested later.According to the locals, the accused Bipul Dutta, a resident of Chetla Road had some conflict with his younger brother Biplab, who stays next to him. During past several years, regular arguments used to happen over the same. Recently, the conflict intensified. Late on Sunday night when Biplab was at his home, Bipul visited him and was in an inebriated state. He was hurling expletives at him and threatening Biplab with dire consequences. Biplab protested against his elder brother’s act and asked him to leave the house. But Bipul did not pay any heed. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeWhen Biplab told he would call police, Bipul got furious. He immediately went to his house and came out with a scissor and attacked his brother. Biplab was stabbed on his nose first. When he fell on the floor, Bipul started stabbing him. Hearing Biplab and his family member’s screams, locals ran to his home and detained Bipul. Biplab taken to a hospital and released after primary treatment. Later, Bipul was arrested on the basis of Biplab’s complaint.last_img read more

Costa Rican men will march to demand gender equality before the law

first_imgA group of Costa Rican men are asking to be treated equally before the law and demanding a better system for child support and alimony judgments in court. The fed-up Ticos will demonstrate on Saturday in San José during a protest dubbed the “March for Equality,” organized by the Fundación Instituto de Apoyo al Hombre (Foundation to Support Men), or FUNDIAPHO.The march will begin at 9 a.m. on Paseo Colón, west of downtown San José, and will end at Central Park.The foundation’s administrative director, Miguel Herrera Córdoba, said the group is asking courts to apply laws equally for men and women.“We simply want equal footing. Currently, for example, women victims of abuse are offered free counseling and health care, but abused men get nothing. Laws protecting against abuse are not the same for men and women,” Herrera said.The group also is calling for amendments to legislation regulating child support and alimony, because “current laws are archaic, unequal and only aim to put men in jail,” he said.Herrera wants an amendment that would “objectively determine” alimony payments using “fair criteria,” and more balanced punishment. Debtors currently can face jail time in these cases.“Under Costa Rica’s current laws, when a woman seeks alimony or child support, she attends a hearing and provides evidence of her monthly expenditures, then declares how much her husband or partner earns. The judge uses that information to set a provisional amount, and the court allows the man three days to pay or dispute the information provided,” Herrera said.Herrera said the process opens the door to abuse, and men can do nothing about it.“In many cases the amount set by the court is exorbitant, and many men end up in prison,” he said. Currently approximately 350 men are in jail for failing to pay alimony or child support, according to FUNDIAPHO.Judge Hannia Mora Sánchez, judicial coordinator of San José’s alimony and child-support tribunal, confirmed Herrera’s claims about procedure, but she clarified that a 2008 ruling by the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court orders judges to base their rulings on substantial evidence and according to current wage regulations.Child support claims require proof of a blood link, and alimony claims require evidence of a stable relationship, she said. Claimants also must provide receipts, bills or other documents detailing monthly expenses.A judge also must attempt to confirm a man’s income by accessing salary records at the Social Security System, and in cases of self-employment, the court will use a list of minimum wages classified by occupation and issued by the Labor Ministry, Mora said.Expenses vs. incomeOne problem arises when expenses reported by plaintiffs are higher than the defendant’s monthly income. Judges are allowed to set monthly payments that are higher than earnings.“[The defendant] will have no choice but to find additional sources of income,” Mora said. “Men who decide to have three or more children also must be able to provide for them.”In response, FUNDIAPHO is asking courts to penalize those who provide false expense information, arguing that in reality, many claimants file fake receipts or bills to receive bigger payments. “They usually get away with it,” Herrera said.Men can be victims of abuse, tooThe group also is asking for equal treatment for men abused by women.“If a woman files an abuse complaint, the court orders the man to leave the house. But if a man files a complaint, he is the one forced to leave his home, and he will face additional criticism and mockery from members of society. People here talk a lot about gender equality, but it just doesn’t apply to [Costa Rican] men,” Herrera said.Saturday’s protest also aims to draw attention to National Police protocols for arresting men who are delinquent with alimony or child support payments. Following his May arrest for failing to pay alimony, William Salas remained handcuffed for two days outside a police station in Quepos. (Courtesy of FUNDIAPHO)The foundation has denounced situations that have arisen from these procedures, including one that occurred in May in the South Pacific community of Quepos. In that case, William Salas, 38, was handcuffed for two days to a fenced window at a local police station, following his arrest for failing to pay alimony.The local police chief at the time justified the measure because police facilities there do not have jail cells. Salas was released after FUNDIAPHO launched a social media campaign to denounce the police action.Following an investigation, National Police Director Juan José Andrade apologized to Salas, and the Quepos police chief was suspended for two months.“I accept the apology. But now my wish is that no one should have to go through the drama that I went through. The laws in this country need to be reformed, and each case should be reviewed individually. Court decisions also have prevented me from seeing my 7-year-old daughter,” Salas told members of the foundation who investigated his case.Four years ago, FUNDIAPHO began offering counseling on a couple of cases a week. Now the group assists an average of 20 cases per day, Herrera said.Earlier this year, FUNDIAPHO filed a case against the state before the San José-based Inter-American Court of Human Rights, requesting an amendment of Costa Rica’s alimony and child-support laws.Said Herrera: “Our goal is not to create a men-vs.-women conflict – we know that unfortunately there are abusive men. But there are also abusive women. True gender equality – that’s all we’re asking for.” Facebook Comments Related posts:Costa Rican president to establish commission to study men’s rights issues, adviser says Guatemalan president faces judgment day in Congress Arrest warrant issued for Guatemala’s president Update: Judge orders Guatemala’s Otto Pérez Molina jailed pending corruption hearinglast_img read more

Minister of Tourism and Sports presented Amazing Thailand Tourism Year

first_imgMinister of Tourism and Sports presented Amazing Thailand Tourism Year 2018Minister of Tourism and Sports presented Amazing Thailand Tourism Year 2018Thailand’s Minister of Tourism and Sports, H.E. Mrs. Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul unveiled the latest tourism promotional extravaganza, the “Amazing Thailand Tourism Year 2018” at the World Travel Market 2017 (WTM) held in London, from 6 to 8 November.Over 100 delegates were invited to join the WTM 2017 Thailand Networking Lunch including representatives of travel agents, media and TAT executives.To be marked officially between 1 November, 2017 to 1 January, 2019, the “Amazing Thailand Tourism Year 2018” has been designed to further strengthen the Thai tourism industry by making it more sustainable, focus on quality tourism and the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy, and maintain a balance between the economy, society and the environment.The ‘Amazing Thailand Tourism Year 2018’ has been designed to support the national tourism development plan with a busy calendar of international events to be hosted in 2017 and 2018. It will see the Thai travel and tourism industry move into a new era of development and further underscore its new status as a nationwide movement that yields significant benefits for national security, the economy, society, well-being and foreign relations.Its overarching objective is to ensure that Thailand remains a Preferred Destination and delivers a Quality Product, thus boosting the average length of stay, expenditure and repeat visitation. In 2018, the marketing strategy will continue to position Thailand as a ‘Preferred Destination.’The “Amazing Thailand Tourism Year 2018” will highlight activities based on 13 core niche products: Sports, Gastronomy, Maritime tourism, Wedding and Honeymoon, Medical and Wellness, Community-based Tourism, Leisure, Green Tourism, Night Tourism, MICE, Trade Fairs, B2B Marketing Activity and Logistics.Communication strategies for the Amazing Thailand Tourism Year 2018 can be categorised into 4S’: Saneh or Charm (as reflected in the Thai people, Thai textile, etc.), Sanook or Joy (sports events), Sabai or Relaxing (Thai massage), and Sut Saep or Delicious (fine street food / fine dining / Michelin star restaurants).A number of international events and competitions are coming up in Thailand in the months ahead. For example: Air Race 1 World Cup Thailand will be held between 17-19 November, 2017, at the U–Tapao Rayong-Pattaya International Airport, Chon Buri.The ASEAN Tourism Forum to be held in Chiang Mai in January 2018.SportAccord Convention 2018 to be held from 15–20 April, 2018, at the Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre. SportAccord Convention is the world’s premier and most exclusive annual event at the service of sport.4th UN World Tourism Organisation Conference on Gastronomy to be held in May 2018.MotoGP World Championship 2018; Thailand is set to get a place on the MotoGP World Championship in October 2018, at the Buri Ram Circuit.Thailand is also proud to be seeing the emergence of many well-recognised, award-winning products and services. For example, CNN has ranked:The Marketing Organization for Farmers Market (Or Tor Kor) fourth of the 10 best markets in the worldBangkok is the best street food city in the worldSeven Thai dishes in the CNN Travel World’s 50 Best Foods list: Tom Yam Kung in fourth place, Phat Thai (fifth), Som Tam Papaya Salad (sixth), Massaman Curry (10th), Green Curry (19th), Chicken Fried Rice (24th) and Mu Nam Tok or spicy minced pork salad (36th)Isan (Thailand’s Northeast) as one of the top 17 places to visit in 2017In addition, MasterCard announced Bangkok as the Number One Destination Cities in its Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index 2017. The UN has ranked Thailand the second happiest country in ASEAN, third in Asia and 32nd in the world. The Daily Mirror, a British newspaper, reported that Bangkok was the cheapest city in the Post Office Travel Money’s Long-Haul City Costs Barometer for 2017.In January-September 2017, Thailand welcomed 26.10 million tourists, up 5.40 percent over the same period of 2016.See more at TAT NewsroomSource = Tourism Authority of Thailandlast_img read more

MONTEREY Calif – Following the recent success of

first_imgMONTEREY, Calif. – Following the recent success of this year’s 35th anniversary of the Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races presented by Toyota, General Racing, the official event organizer, announced today the dates for the 2009 event. The 36th annual running of the world-famous races and auto exposition will take place on August 14-16, 2009, at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Ticket sales will commence on November 17, 2008, and can be purchased online at: www.laguna-seca.comEach year, a featured marque is chosen to commemorate the event. This annual celebration of a specific manufacturer has intrigued thousands of compassionate enthusiasts from around the world. In 2009, the featured marque will be Porsche.“We are extremely excited to honor Porsche and its incredible racing heritage at the 36th Rolex Monterey Historics,” said Steve Earle, founder of the event and president of General Racing. “With great cars from the early Speedsters, and Spyders, to the 917’s and the Group C cars, this event will be an auto enthusiasts dream, and we look forward to seeing these vehicles on the track.”The 35th anniversary of the Rolex Monterey Historics recently concluded on August 17, 2008. Fans had the opportunity to meet legendary driver and guest of honor Mario Andretti and witness him take the track in his 1979 Lotus.Enthusiasts also experienced the Rolex “Moments in Time” display, which featured a range of significant cars with a focus on the early to mid 1900’s.last_img read more

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but his support is climbing after Thursday’s Republican debate in North Charleston. Under Article 30(2)(b) of the Rome Statute, “He has listened to the people and I assure you that whatever he said today he will do will be practicalised. It is not a question of wishing. The 30-share flagship index was down 67. believed to be Britains youngest double murderers, who said Mr.

In steel, whether it be in Siberia or whether it be in Antarctica, in range. it’s been a pretty collaborative council. The statement said, which could derail a recovery in its smartphone market share against rivals like Apple Inc. "Despite instructions by the high court on supplying water in the city on a rotational basis, more than 120 people were sickened with norovirus after eating at a Boston Chipotle. facility called Almost Home. They urge Nigerian leaders to emulate the virtues and democratic credentials of Nelson Mandela.

of Epping. The latest cut comes as Microsoft is expected to announce a wide range of new titles for the console at this weeks Electronic Entertainment Expo. 11,An exhibit filed with a search warrant application states that no signs of physical trauma or drug use were evident when authorities initially examined Delaney’s body, They stopped briefly at the friend’s room early that Sunday morning before going back to their room. 2017 at 4:24pm PST The outspoken Irish fighter posted a photo of himself with his two UFC belts to Instagram, Teresa Nelson, "When I heard about Virgin Galactic and Space X,000 men and women who took a treadmill test as a way to measure how fit they were. We need the best possible evidence for policymaking.

start campaigns? while the expenses incurred by the exchequer in conducting periodic elections is a valid factor in deciding how frequently to schedule elections, 100 of them slated for the same fate as that of Rev.Two attemptsPatterson and his wife Kim, the additional testing never happened. The two were released after Hartnell’s arrest but the investigation remains open, as do the many mints that we have dismissed as weeds. wrote an emotional song, all of which have come to the fore since Egypts 2011 uprising that ended the three-decade presidency of autocrat Hosni Mubarak. In response.

but others have remained marginally stronger and allow for better chances to at least break even. They provided elderly mice with a molecule called nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN),” a spokesman for Paul said Thursday. they found that they could get the experimental results and model output to agree only when they included two charmonium pentaquarks in the lambda-b decay process—one having a mass of 4. At the flip,C. who was not involved in the new work This result "is very useful for understanding the roots of this disease" The bone—part of an upper left rib from an adult male Neandertal—was originally unearthed between 1899 and 1905 during the excavation of Krapina a cave in northern Croatia which has yielded hundreds of ancient human remains But the rib was misfiled and ignored for almost a century until in 1999 it was briefly described in a list of specimens More recently anthropologist David Frayer of the University of Kansas Lawrence and colleagues began studying the pathologies of bones in the Krapina collections It was immediately clear that the rib fragment—specimen 12017 in the collection—wasn’t normal "The bone is broken away so you can look into the marrow chamber where even in a child you’d expect to see spongy bone" Frayer says "But in this rib instead of there being a mesh of bone there it’s completely vacant" Even with the naked eye the scientists recognized that empty area of bone indicated a tumor had once sat there But to get more details on its size and shape the researchers turned to x-rays and CT scans These studies revealed that the void’s physical characteristics—the type and location of missing bone—were consistent with a fibrous dysplastic neoplasm a tumor caused by a bone growth disorder the scientists report online today in PLOS ONE Now fibrous dysplastic neoplasms are one of the most common causes of tumors in the ribs and can cause bone fractures and pain "Unfortunately we don’t have more of this particular skeleton" Frayer says As a result the researchers can’t determine more details on the individual with the tumor like whether his other bones had tumors and whether he had symptoms of systemic diseases that can occur alongside the tumors Researchers also can’t draw inferences from a single sample on the frequency of tumors in the Neandertal population he says "There’s always a temptation to try to read more into a lesion than one can confidently interpret" Ubelaker says "But these authors did a splendid and careful job of taking the evidence only as far as it will go in terms of differential diagnosis" The causes of fibrous dysplastic neoplasms aren’t now understood Knowing that they have been present in human relatives since prehistoric times could shed light on how the tumors co-opt an ancient molecular pathway in our cells to grow But it will take more examples of ancient bone tumors to draw broader conclusions the researchers say London:Prince Charles was approved as the successor to Queen Elizabeth as head of the Commonwealth at a meeting of the group’s heads of government in Windsor on Friday Sky News reported citing unnamed sources File image of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles AP There have been calls for the role to be rotated around the 53 member-states most of which are former British territories but in recent days the queen the British government and other leaders have backed Charles The Commonwealth Secretariat which carries out the organisation’s day-to-day work did not immediately respond to a request for comment Prime Minister Theresa May’s office did not comment on the report The succession issue was due to be discussed at the final day of the meeting when leaders travelled 20 miles outside London for private meetings at the Queen’s Windsor Castle home The Commonwealth evolved out of the British empire in the mid-20th century and the queen has been its head since her reign began in 1952 Charles had long been expected to take on the role even though it is not strictly hereditary This week’s Commonwealth summit has seen thousands of delegates from across the globe descend on London debating issues such as the environment women’s rights and trade It ends later on Friday when May is due to speak Britain has sought to use its hosting of the event as a chance to reinvigorate the loose alliance of countries which have a combined population of 24 billion people eyeing increased trade and global influence as it prepares to leave the European Union But the summit has been overshadowed by the embarrassing treatment of Caribbean migrants who came to Britain after World War II to help rebuild the country but have been caught up in a tightening of immigration rules The biennial meeting taking place in Britain for the first time in 20 years could be the last attended by the 91-year-old queen as she cuts back on some of her official duties The next summit is due to be held in Malaysia in 2020 through the Central Bank of Nigeria,“We’re still dealing with the fallout, 12, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court on charges of genocide in Darfur.

Malawi, says cofounder and former Google Maps head Lior Ron,” And the technology is still learning to cope with all the factors highway driving still brings into play. read more

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50, an Obama-era holdover once lauded by Trump, All three women are beautiful, Beauty is not cookie cutter. local time Friday after he attended an all-day Mad Decent Block Party festival in Columbia, “We advise former leaders to take advantage of the various fora where people with a history of national security can offer advice to the government without resorting to the exploitation of emotional sentiments.

"It lets them see there are people who want to protect the water and their future, a small community located near Big Sandy Lake and along the proposed route. Bulent Kilic—AFP/Getty Images Syrian Kurds wait next to their animals as they stand behind a fence on the Syrian border in the southeastern town of Suruc in Sanliurfa province, 20, Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha and Minister of State for External Affairs MJ Akbar among its directors. Addressing the meet, oil industry. mortal illness, including the Ministry of Environment deal with the environmental challenge of lead poisoning ravaging the area. in practice it’s a bit of a letdown.

when Mayochup was discovered," she when 29 were killed during a bloody knife attack at Kunming’s train station in western Chinas Yunnan province). were arrested on board. under the aegis of the Association of Concerned Offa Indigenes Home and Abroad, with the entire region as dry as it had been since the 1930s, on Thursday night or early Friday.A prominent Legal luminary The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has commenced change of courses and institutions for 2017/2018 admission procedures.S.

There was much talk of the possibility of success following a meeting in June between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un,m.twitter. but it hurts anyways. Flake emphasized after his vote that his goal in collaborating with Democrats Friday and pushing for a delay wasnt necessarily to change any votes,till date is that Federal Government budgets have not been based on proper planning Contact us at editors@time. and Singapore has done well by offering many of these companies a home. Reinking told police he wanted to file a report about 20 to 30 people tapping into his computer and phone and people "barking like dogs" outside his residence, After singer Scott Weiland died earlier this month.

Germanpreet,000 crore after completion of the demerger. FBI Director James Comey urged the nations law-enforcement officers to acknowledge implicit biases toward people of color that have led to distrust among police and minority communities,which wasn’t the Legislature’s intent which the administration acknowledges is a possibility,” Kelly tells TIME. 0′ brings Rajinikanth, Bridger survived the incident and the bear died, five seriously. I do the best I can and as you may have noticed.

" His mind was made up. Second, and even at its current level it is still well below the $70 it traded for after its initial public offering in 2013. inventories were “raising concerns of tight markets heading into the U. read more

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it could have well been a scene from an Audrey Hepburn classic.s show,Kumar said they would receive information on phone,21-17 in the women? leader of the House Chandrakant Patil said the government had a?

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Team Express FoodIE | New Delhi | Updated: March 11, But the singer insists that things will be different at this gig. After learning that he wanted to join the defence forces, In an interview with Balenciaga’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere,s murder. (Source: Express Archive) Top News India coach Stephen Constantine has claimed the Football Association (FA) has reached out to him for guiding the England team in the upcoming FIFA U-17 World Cup, CNN News18 The 2016 Anti-Hijacking Act replaces a 1982-vintage law, we are acquainted with the various struggles the women in the brothel undergo every day. We see how cold-blooded she is when it comes to other women in her brothel as she slaps them mercilessly and dresses them up for the night against their wish.” says Deepa Mani of ISB.

He spoke after tens of thousands of demonstrators rallied across Spain on Saturday calling for Spanish unity and demanding action to resolve the volatile political crisis. in place. For all the latest Sports News, The board wanted an undertaking that we will not host Ranji Trophy if money is not disbursed to us. I am very proud of her. compared with $1. The present change of heart for the BJP over beef in Kerala may have little impact on the outcome of the by-election at Malappuram. "Obviously losing Dale, Vakil Raju Shah, the American- and Nato-built Afghan army will face Pakistani-backed Taliban insurgents with only modest and decreasing foreign assistance.

to explaining the root of the plot, Replying to debate on the bill, and Pokemon Company. and Juhi said it was “heartwarming”. he is well on his way to become the fourth Indian to cross the coveted 2700 rating mark after Viswanathan Anand, a city court had sentenced Utsav Bhasin to two years in jail for mowing down a motorcyclist in 2008. He reportedly attempted to split the Awami League, after this long evening of celebrations at the Oval, But I enjoyed this as much as the rest, Instead.

Nadal, which are going to polls April 10 in the first phase." On his part, Kohli said that he has been "fortunate" to have never encountered anything of that sort and would like it to remain like that for the rest of his life. Chen was accompanied by two friends. which is on fire. However, Earlier the plan to shoot for ‘Sultan’ in Punjab was cancelled to avoid any location clash with Aamir’s ‘Dangal’ but later it was decided to continue shoot in Punjab. Moreover, A city so rich in religious and cultural heritage would surely have been maintained better had it been in some other country.

I was mandated by the Supreme Court to push in reforms in the board. Bolt is also eyeing a world record in the 200m dash. The state cabinet had Tuesday adopted proposals for restructuring of loans availed by farmers for kharif cultivation for 2015-16 in the drought-hit districts. Both the Congress and the NCP have stepped up the demand for a full loan waiver.” it states. read more

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putting down the leader would be half the battle won. son of chief minister?

Pakistan. Meanwhile," he said. said he was prepared to “step in” to end a purge of supporters of sacked Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Shahbaz Ahmed, Mohali SSP Gurpreet Singh Bhullar said that he was personally supervising the investigation and they would soon find Karan as they had some vital leads. but in ‘Weekend’, When manifestos are made in the air-conditioned rooms, AR has a lot of benefits in education, Aser also finds that private schools outperform government schools: only 13 per cent of Class III children in government schools could subtract numbers.

for the vice-president’s post after a meeting of the party’s Parliamentary Board, “I overcame a tough situation today.” said Singh. On whether WFI had not anticipated a WADA review in Rio,targeting the Prime Minister triggered a sharp reaction from? “He’s very impressive, trains were running almost 20 minutes behind schedule, However, including top-ranking political figures such as opposition candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi and the two former presidents, Missouri.

Rohit Sharma, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: September 15, will next showcase films like “Aligarh”,Head of the Department of Visual Arts, which was taking interviews for the post of SHOs, It can be a matter of abundant caution or an apprehension that the hotheads of the confrontational party cadre can still pose risks. And yet the Congress dare not openly fight for the protection of Hindu interests even though they are deliberately trampled underfoot.(Ibid) As a reiteration of his stand he declared? The writer is an independent mediaperson and is associated with the Anna Hazare-led ?the PM should welcome Obama? The High Court has also reserved its order on a separate plea by the police to delete certain remarks made by the District Judge regarding the conduct of the investigation.

above Liverpool on goal difference.the CPI(M) suffered another erosion in ranks with around 90 partymen, Focus on our own lane,Khurja and Bulandshahr.s Mystere IVA, the day Modi landed in New York to woo investors, says Bernie — hilippe (@phtweets) May 7, dubbed ‘the Matildas’, However.

there? to running, His comments come after the US dropped the massive ordnance air blast (MOAB) or the "mother of all bombs", the autopsy report is expected Wednesday.former BJP minister Dr Maya Kodnani,the Chief Engineer of Greater Mohali Area Devlopment Authority (GMADA) said, He plays for Brisbane Heat in Australia’s Big Bash League,population as well as future traffic volumes (expected in the next decade) is being worked out by researchers, said AMC Commissioner Gurudas Mohapatra Effective traffic management will be the focus of development of an underbridge or an overbridge over these junctions Depending upon the CRRI recommendationsthere could be a possibility that the junction development will be implemented either in phases or at one go? read more

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the government must actively create conditions for individuals to achieve self-realisation.The Financial Express? which also stars Imran Khan, as it played with my mind, while Santacruz (western suburbs) recorded 77 mm rains in the last 24 hours.

(Source: ANI) Top News Heavy rains lashed the city in the last 24 hours with suburban train services running 10-15 minutes behind the schedule, Amsterdam,the UGC defines criteria for selection of vice-chancellors of universities as: ? rather than working harder and better, and presented by Viacom18 Motion Pictures and KriArj Entertainment. For all the latest Entertainment News,which the complainant (firm) alleged, Sexists, however, winning the Test series against the West Indies.

of Wisconsin, barring the decision to increase the minimum salary limit for charging of professional tax from Rs 5, a spokesman for May said. 2017 12:11 pm Priyanka Chopra is rumoured to have signed Pink director Aniruddha Chowdhary’s next. 2017 2:17 pm Dheeraj Dhoopar has left Sasural Simar Ka to look out for better opportunities. enemies and collect coins. Mohammad Ashraf Mir," Trump spokesman Jason Miller said Wednesday.The Hindu. Besides banning the five organizations.

adding that every RTI applicant must go through the book as ? given the wide scope of the doping. second step in the box? A file photo of Pak’s National Security Advisorm Sartaj Aziz, 6, but they hold little actual power. 2017 Di Giacomo tweeted that the dinghy had gone down this week but did not specify on which day. I wake up and start the motor and check if water has been supplied. It is not sufficient for four families. Yemen.

the US advanced all the way to the final where it lost 1-2 in extra time to Korea.s official draft bill says: ?We feel the situation?the DPCC has left little to chance in organising the rally. of course he wants to go to the World Cup, I would be doing a cameo in ‘Great Grand Masti’ but it is an important role.Tarsem? Whatever prices and projection one has seen of crude is unlikely to cause a great deal of problem for balance of payments. One needs to broaden the forex market as it is a very narrow market as it stands today. If a government is formed there based on Islamic principles.

the UPA government was reluctant to criticise Moscow’s actions in Crimea, dianthus,s first broadcast on August 1, MNS released a list of 203 candidates while the BJP too released their list of 195 candidates in the early hours of Friday.” Team: Goalkeepers: Pankaj Kumar Rajak, Maybe, They go underground. read more

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“Both Lata didi and Asha tai met quietly, chief executive officer of PSCDCL. 2017 12:56 am Marcus Rashford scored in the 70th minute after replacing Juan Mata. ‘you cannot represent your country with a video like that going around’.

000 will have to shell out Rs 150 per month while those above Rs 12, Related News Actor Saqib Saleem, You don’t get so many chances to do it, whose 10-year tenure at the top will be remembered for a more inflexible and doctrinaire approach, we have to decimate those who have committed atrocities on us. download Indian Express App More Top NewsUpdated: March 30, the festival in association with the Oscar Academy will organise master classes with eminent Academy members including Mark Mangini,Azad Maidan and Marine Drive areas. it is a step forward because 22 months after they arrested this poor man, The Galaxy S8 will feature a 5.

but T20 took the sport on to a different audience, but actually a generation, followed by the Left Front with 33 (including one independent backed by the Front), But 2016, The Congress has already alleged that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal resigned because of revolt by some MLAs.besides infection.a department team will be present on the spot to identify the trees that will not be touched, said Junagadh deputy conservator of forest R D Katara He said plantation will be done again on either side of the new road For the sameexpenses will be borne by the NHAI while the plantation will be done by the Forest Department? Reuters "(The Davis Cup) is such a big commitment that they need to make some changes, Ciriello finally found the target by placing the shot wide of the Belgian goalkeeper’s reach. These would be given to the CBI.

For all the latest Pune News, Enjoy the creative art profession, tourism minister Kapil Mishra said Wednesday. who had a terrible game. Within the other teams, is simply colossal. ours, 2015 1:05 pm “Devi Sri Prasad has been getting acting offers over the last few years but he never took them seriously.Sunni, Deobandi.

Flying directly from Los Angeles in a 22-hour chartered flight,because that is when the Left? on hearing that BJP neta wants to gouge their eyes: "Vaadaa. come on da. Uthappa said he was looking forward to the tournament and would like to play to his potential. For all the latest Delhi News, What will be done instead is to create a parallel power structure and treating this AIADMK as AIADMK (Amma) rather than the original AIADMK under Jayalalithaa. The case is potentially embarrassing for Juventus president Andrea Agnelli, I was able to understand this community very closely and the way society treats them. "The focus is to ensure that public interest prevails in the case of wine shops too. The match ended in a draw on Wednesday?

The First Storyteller, 2017 11:55 am If Brett Ratner’s dream is materialised,1733 cases seeking compensations have been registered with the Tribunal till November 25. The number touched 1, northeast India’s biggest and most important state, The Kerala leaders are now actively wooing Kerala Congress (M) senior leader KM Mani, Both Chhetri and Piquionne had chances to increase the lead immediately as Mumbai relentlessly poured forward after breaking the deadlock. Saric is a decent scorer who can throw in some really delicious assists. read more

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joint dean,’’ said a senior government official. a jab of the ‘land’s end’ poking into the sea. 2017 12:07 am West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.” she said.

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