Wentworth Provincial Park Opens May 21

first_imgWentworth Provincial Park in Cumberland County will open for thecoming park season on Friday, May 21, Speaker of the LegislativeAssembly Murray Scott announced today, May 13 on behalf ofNatural Resources Minister Richard Hurlburt. Robert Harrison ofCumberland County will operate the camping portion of the parkuntil Sep. 6. “Mr. Hurlburt and I have met with the community regarding theopening of Wentworth and are pleased to have Mr. Harrison operateit for this season,” said Mr. Scott. “We will be working with theCumberland Regional Economic Development Association and thecommunity to try and determine a long-term solution for thepark.” The park is located on Highway 4 and the phone number forreservations and information is 902-548-2999. The Department ofNatural Resources continues to operate the day-use area of thepark.last_img read more

Director of Public Prosecutions Issues Directive on PhysicianAssisted Death

first_imgNova Scotia’s Public Prosecution Service will not prosecute any physicians or members of a health-care team involved in a physician-assisted death so long as it falls within the scope of the Supreme Court of Canada’s 2015 Carter ruling on the issue, Director of Public Prosecutions Martin Herschorn said today, June 16. Mr. Herschorn issued the directive to Crown attorneys across the province. The directive remains in effect until the federal government passes its medical assistance in dying legislation. “We are in an unprecedented situation. In the absence of federal legislation, health-care professionals are concerned and this directive will provide clarity,” said Mr. Herschorn. “Crown attorneys will rely on this directive for guidance to ensure no prosecution of any health-care professional who has acted properly in a physician-assisted death.” The directive recognizes that the work of physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other regulated health-care professionals must be protected to ensure the constitutional right of patients wishing assisted death are safeguarded. The Public Prosecution Service consulted with police prior to issuing the directive. “This directive clearly outlines the procedure police agencies in Nova Scotia, including the RCMP, will follow until proper legislation is passed and it was developed with the understanding that the safety and security of Nova Scotians must remain the top priority,” said Chief Peter MacIsaac, president of the Nova Scotia Chiefs of Police Association. The Nova Scotia Public Prosecution Service was the first statutorily-based independent prosecution service in Canada. All prosecutions are the responsibility of the Director of Public Prosecutions. About 45,000 criminal code and 10,000 regulatory offence prosecutions are conducted annually by 90 Crown attorneys across the province. The Public Prosecution Service directive can be found at http://novascotia.ca/pps/publications/ca_manual/Physician-Assisted-Death.pdflast_img read more

Fin des rencontres de la Commission avec le public

first_img groupes de discussion de jeunes et de parents sondages en ligne rencontres avec des enseignants et d’autres groupes et personnes concernés ateliers publics exposés et récits Le rapport final de la commission est attendu à la fin du mois de mars. Plus de 5 000 parents, éducateurs, élèves et autres Néo-Écossais ont participé aux activités de la Commission sur l’intégration dans l’éducation en partageant leurs opinions, leurs idées et leurs histoires avec les membres de la Commission. Dans le cadre de leur recherche, les membres de la Commission se sont aussi rendus dans des écoles de chaque région où ils ont rencontré des enseignants, des administrateurs et des élèves. « Nous sommes ravis du taux de participation et très reconnaissants envers chaque personne qui a participé à la consultation, a déclaré la présidente de la Commission, Sarah Shea. En nous racontant leurs expériences, les Néo-Écossais ont décrit les succès, les défis, les frustrations et les innovations du modèle actuel de l’intégration dans l’éducation. » Quelques thèmes sont ressortis comme étant prioritaires, notamment la nécessité d’aborder le manque de financement, l’affectation des fonds, les ressources, la formation et le perfectionnement. « Nous avons rencontré beaucoup d’éducateurs dévoués, et découvert que des solutions créatives sont mises en place, mais isolément, a déclaré Adéla Njie, représentante du Syndicat des enseignants de la Nouvelle-Écosse au sein de la Commission. Pour améliorer l’intégration dans l’éducation, nous devons connaître les stratégies qui connaissent du succès et d’autres programmes qui ont fait leurs preuves pour être en mesure de répondre, le cas échéant, aux besoins des élèves partout dans la province. » Par-dessus tout, le message d’urgence était clair et net. Les participants ont pressé la Commission d’apporter des changements importants et non de simples corrections ici et là dans le modèle actuel. « Dans toutes nos consultations, les Néo-Écossais nous ont dit de ne pas tenter de résoudre cet énorme problème en apportant seulement quelques modifications, a déclaré Monica Williams, la représentante du gouvernement au sein de la Commission. Il est clair qu’il est nécessaire de reconstruire l’intégration dans l’éducation. Les parents veulent ce qu’il y a de meilleur pour leurs enfants, et les enseignants veulent travailler dans un environnement positif et favorable, axé sur le succès des élèves. » La Commission a consulté les Néo-Écossais entre le 15 décembre et le 30 janvier de différentes façons :last_img read more

CBI arrests 2 highranking officers of CGST in bribery case

first_imgNew Delhi: The CBI on Thursday arrested two senior employees of Central Goods and Service Tax (CGST) based in Patna for demanding and receiving a bribe of Rs 2.5 lakh. The arrested officers are identified as Chandan Prakash Pandey, a 2016 batch Indian Revenue Service officer and Assistant Commissioner and Mohammed Soaibuddin, Superintendent. The accused were allegedly caught red-handed while accepting the bribe from a flour mill owner, said an officer associated with the case. The officers were posted at the CGST, Patna II. According to sources, the investigative agency is in the process of carrying out searches to collection more evidence in connection with the case in Patna and Jehanabad. According to the initial investigations, the officers had allegedly demanded Rs eight lakh to hush-up proceedings related to the filing of a case against a firm owned by the complainant’s wife and sister-in-law. A deal was brokered that the first portion of the bribe of Rs 2.5 lakh would be handed over to the accused. The CBI officials nabbed the accused while accepting the bribe.last_img read more

Woman survives after runaway snowmobile crashes into home lands on her

first_imgST. JOHN’S, N.L. — A Newfoundland man says it’s a miracle his wife is alive after his runaway snowmobile crashed through the window of their home, smashing furniture and pinning her underneath.The throttle of Bruce Porter’s snowmobile stuck and he watched from beside it as the machine started up and launched over a snowbank, straight through the window of his Porterville, N.L., home on Tuesday.The runaway machine destroyed furniture and sent debris and glass flying, finally landing on top of Porter’s wife Louise.Amazingly, she suffered cuts and lacerations from broken glass but no broken bones.Relative Barry Porter says the machine may have slowed down after hitting so many objects, and it picked up a cushion before landing on her.As Louise Porter recovers in hospital, her husband says he’s thankful only material possessions were broken in the accident.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Black Sabbaths Geezer Butler Supports NYS Declaw Ban

first_imgGeezer Butler, founder and bassist of the classic heavy metal band Black Sabbath, has voiced his support for the NYS Declaw Ban.A.1297/2.5084 would make New York the first state in the nation to ban the declawing of cats.Butler issued the follow statement:“New York is one of Black Sabbath’s favorite states to perform in because New Yorkers are smart, open-minded, and compassionate. I am particularly delighted to be coming back to the Empire State after learning from my friends at The Humane Society of the United States that there is a bill before lawmakers that, if passed, would ban the practice of declawing cats.“Many know me as one of the founding members of Black Sabbath, but fewer likely know that I am what you might call a “crazy cat person.” My wife and I have many rescued cats and we have never dreamed of putting them through an elective, convenience surgery such as declawing. Can you imagine having your fingers chopped off at the last bone? That is what the equivalent is for cats who are declawed. It is dreadfully inhumane! A surge of veterinarians throughout New York support legislation to put declawing in the trash bin of history.“I urge lawmakers to remain steadfast in those characteristics I admire most about New Yorkers and support the bill to ban the declawing of cats.”last_img read more

Renewed fighting in eastern Chad sparks alarm from UN refugee agency

Although the most recent clashes have occurred away from inhabited areas and not caused any significant movements of population yet, UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) spokesperson Andrej Mahecic told reporters in Geneva that refugees and IDPs in eastern Chad fear the already unstable situation may soon worsen.The fighting has been concentrated mainly in the Farchana, Iriba, Biltine and Guereda areas, located to the north and east of the major town of Abeché, the main operational base for a dozen of refugee camps that run by UNHCR. Insecurity is also plaguing the areas near refugee camps to the south of Abeché, such as Goz Beida.Mr. Mahecic said all essential services are still running in the camps, which house an estimated 212,000 people from the war-torn Darfur region of neighbouring Sudan, but aid workers’ access has become limited because of the dangers posed by the fighting.For more than a week over 130 humanitarian workers from various organizations were blocked in the town of Hadjer Hadid, southwest of Farchana, because of heavy fighting, but they were finally relocated yesterday to Abeché.“The volatile situation has also prompted an increase in banditry,” Mr. Mahecic said. “We continue to monitor the security situation very closely.”Across eastern Chad UNHCR and its aid partners are helping more than 240,000 Darfur refugees and at least 180,000 IDPs. 4 December 2007The United Nations refugee agency today issued a warning that the surge in fighting in eastern Chad between Government forces and rebels over the past 10 days has limited its access to camps that are home to hundreds of thousands of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) and heightened tensions in the area. read more

Ban calls on Sudanese and rebel forces to halt military activities in

2 February 2009Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called on the Government of Sudan and the rebel Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) to cease all military activities in South Darfur, warning of the impact on local civilians of renewed fighting between the two sides. Mr. Ban is “gravely concerned by reports of a build-up of Government and rebel forces in the area around Muhajeria in South Darfur,” according to a statement issued last night by his spokesperson.“The Secretary-General calls on the Government of Sudan and the JEM to cease all military activities in South Darfur,” the statement added.Recent clashes in the Muhajeria area has exposed about 30,000 people to previously unseen levels of violence, destroyed an aid agency’s office and forced the UN to relocate its staff.The joint African Union-UN mission in Darfur (UNAMID) reported that the security situation in the area remains relatively calm and unpredictable due to aerial bombardments and frequent movement of unidentified aircraft over the town of Muhajeria. In addition, UNAMID estimates that 5,000 people have concentrated at its base for the second time since the recent fighting began on 15 January. It was also reported that two people were injured during an explosion that occurred earlier in the day and were taken to a hospital in Muhajeria.“The Secretary-General reminds all parties of their obligations under international humanitarian law and expresses his deep concern over the suffering which these military confrontations would bring to the civilian population, including the thousands of internally displaced persons who have sought refuge in camps and villages surrounding Muhajeria,” the statement said.He reiterated that UNAMID “will continue to do its utmost to protect civilians in these difficult circumstances” and reminds the parties of their fundamental responsibility to work with the mission to ensure that civilians are protected from harm.Other parts of Darfur – where a six-year conflict between rebels and the Government and allied Janjaweed militiamen has led to an estimated 300,000 deaths and forced 2.7 million people to flee their homes – also remain tense following clashes between Government forces and other rebel movements. read more

Africa must be allowed to play rightful role in international affairs Moroccan

Addressing the Assembly’s annual general debate, Nasser Bourita cited a raft of global ills, and noted that while globalization has driven the international economy it has also increased employment instability and widened the economic gaps between and within nations. Similarly, the Internet has created unprecedented opportunities for growth and development but it has also provided a space for extremists and terrorist groups to promote their nefarious aims. “All this means our collective working mechanisms need to be reformed,” said Mr. Bourita, stressing that Morocco is convinced that a global organization that is effective and truly multilateral can help solve the problems the world is facing. Morocco is equally convinced that Africa can no longer be seen as a burden on the global community – the continent must play its role in tackling global challenges, including broader development. “Africa has not held its rightful place in the [international arena]. It should not be dealt with based only on how much assistance it receives, or how “many agenda items it takes up” at UN meetings. Indeed, Africa is imbued with immense human and natural resources. In that regard, Morocco viewed South-South cooperation as a major opportunity for forming development partnerships that could assist African countries, bolster foreign direct investment and increase African participation, with increased equal footing, in global mechanisms. Full statement available (in Arabic) here read more

Blast fragmentation measurements in open pits

first_imgDavid Varcoe, Principal Mining Engineer of AMC Consultants notes a recent project in which AMC was involved that required, amongst other activities, a review of options to measure blast fragmentation in an operating open pit mining environment. “Blast fragmentation measurement is usually depicted,” he explains, “as a particle size distribution (PSD) curve relationship of percentage of rock passing verses rock size.”“Quantifying blast fragmentation is useful for measuring blasting performance to determine if the blast has effectively broken the rock mass to enable it to be loaded and that the ore oversize does not exceed the crusher open size. Improved fragmentation and consistent fragmentation across a blast profile will generally support higher extraction rates and therefore lower loading costs. Drill and blast costs may be reduced if it is determined that the fragmentation result is finer than required.“Blasting is an effective way to break large rocks into smaller rocks much like the role of a primary crusher but it can be cost prohibitive at producing very fine rock particles. Often on an operating mine the installed crushing and grinding capacity is fixed either by its design or by the available power. However, blasting capacity may present upside to the overall capacity of rock breakage and comminution leading to an increase in a mines ore throughput. In some projects reducing the ore top size specification allows an adjustment to the primary crusher setting resulting in an overall crushed product with more fines. This in turn provided a superior feed to the grinding circuit enabling higher t/h to be achieved. “Successful blasting to optimize the overall project economics is part of the study of mine to mill optimization. Mine-to-Mill® optimization as coined by JKTech considers the fragmentation and the impact of the particle size distribution on the drill, blast and processing costs and process plant performance. AMC has been involved with a number of projects which also broaden the scope to consider other important factors such as; ore loss and dilution, the mining schedule, bench height optimization and mining operating costs.“To evaluate the effect of design changes in the blasting practice it is necessary to validate the consequences when the design changes are applied in practice. Modern techniques to measure blast fragmentation have been developed by several vendors using either optical imaging or laser scanning and proprietary algorithms to determine the particle size distribution. “The techniques may be used on an ad hoc basis at the face where a portable camera is used or in production settings where the camera is fitted to the shovel arm or excavator boom to provide continuous monitoring. Positional records allow matching of fragmentation results to different zones in the blast.“Vendors offering solutions to portable measurements include Metso, Motionmetrics, Innovative Machine Vision and Split Engineering. Various levels of scaling and allowance for the repose angle of the rill or face are required to achieve reliable PSD analysis. There is development in using laser scanning to capture fragmentation data which is considered to provide more accurate measurements and is less susceptible to reading errors caused by from dust and excess fines. Motionmetrics, Orica FRAGTrackTM and Split Engineering all offer shovel /excavator mounted options.”“In addition, measurement may be taken at the primary crusher to capture the sizing as material is tipped in to the hopper in real time. Vendors offering fixed at crusher installation solutions include MetsoPro and Split Engineering.”The picture shows screen of Metso Visio Truck output.“The location of the measuring point enables different information to be gathered with the portable method more suited to detailed blast analysis matching blast performance to blast design. The more automatic methods provide consolidated fragmentation data per blast but may lose the geo-spacing information of the rocks source. “Further rock fragmentation measurement located on the crusher discharge conveyor offers advantages and presents different but important data. Firstly, installation on a fixed conveyor is simpler and more reliable than applications in the pit or at the crusher, secondly the crushed ore PSD is a more critical measurement particularly to AG and SAG mill circuits but also to secondary crushing circuits. “In many operations the bottle neck is not the primary crusher but further downstream with the throughput being directly related to the PSD measured after the primary crusher. For a complete mine to mill optimization measurements of fragmentation may be required at multiple locations to understand and optimize the overall process.”Varcoe qualifies that his comments are “not intended to promote any products or vendors and AMC notes that each of these vendors offers specific solutions generally available as part of a greater mine to mill process optimization offering. The vendors are appropriately thanked for their contributions.”last_img read more

Army tanker truck wrecks spills fuel near Harding Lake

first_imgFort Wainwright personnel retrieved the wrecked Army tanker Monday afternoon. Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation advised motorists to watch for ongoing cleanup work at the site near milepost 318 of the Richardson Highway. (ADOT&PF photo)A state Department of Environmental Conservation report issued Tuesday evening says an Army tanker truck that crashed Sunday near Harding Lake leaked 800 gallons of fuel within about 50 feet of a slough that leads into the Tanana River.Listen nowThe tanker’s 2,600-gallon tank was carrying 1,150 gallons of JP-8 when the rig slid off the Richardson Highway near milepost 318 at about 2:30 p.m. Sunday. DEC spill program manager Tom DeRuyter says JP-8 is a kerosene-based fuel that the Army uses for both aircraft and vehicles.“That’s a product that’s very similar to diesel fuel,” DeRuyter said. “It’s what the Army runs in all of their vehicles.”DeRuyter says Army contractor personnel from Fort Wainwright were working to clean up the spill through Tuesday, with help from DEC and Alaska State Troopers. The wrecked tanker was pulled back to Wainwright Monday afternoon.A U.S. Army Alaska spokesperson says the tanker was headed back to post from a field training exercise when the accident occurred.The DEC report raises concern that the leaked fuel could contaminate the Tanana River. A situation report issued by DEC says fuel that leaked from the tanker has contaminated snow and soil. The report says that could flow into the slough and then the Tanana, possibly harming salmon in the river.Personnel with DEC and an Army contractor are working on a plan to remove contaminated snow and soil, the report said.An investigation into the crash continues.last_img read more

Warangal Smart solutions for Smart City

first_imgWarangal: The two-day ‘Smart City Warangal Hackathon’ organised by SR Engineering College at Ananthsagar under Hasanparthy mandal concluded on Thursday. The Smart City Warangal Hackathon concept is aimed at improving the quality of life in a city using information and communication technology.Multidisciplinary student-faculty teams participated in the event where they have worked on nine different areas from apps to infrastructure related to making Warangal a smart city. The areas include Green Smart City – where students create solutions that leverage urban hidden spaces for water management; Array of things platform for monitoring of Environmental Pollution – where students use latest sensor technology with exciting infrastructure and enable people to monitor the urban landscape and weather to pollution; Participatory Urbanism to solve smart city problems – creating a smart solution to encourage citizen participation and recognise them responsible citizen; Urban Catalyst – sharing multipurpose space and effectiveness of engaging citizens; and Smart City Tourism – education and shared memories using apps. Also Read – Hyderabad: Wall collapse in Kukatpally damages four cars Advertise With Us Prof Sridhar Condoor of Saint Louis University who inaugurated the Hackathon, said: “Students are encouraged to work on the real time problems and give smart solutions using IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, and Machine Learning. This Hackathon will help students apply their technical skills to real problems, realizing their ideas in a timely fashion, and becoming globally competent.”last_img read more

SIT arrests IAS officer BM Vijayshankar for taking Rs 15 cr bribe

first_imgDeputy Commissioner of Bengaluru (Urban) BM Vijay ShankarTwitterThe Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing the multi-crore IMA ponzi scam arrested the Deputy Commissioner of Bengaluru (Urban), BM Vijayshankar, on Monday (July 8) on charges of taking a bribe of Rs 1.5 crore from the firm.Vijayshankar, an IAS officer, allegedly took the bribe from the scam kingpin Mohammed Mansoor Khan for preparing a favourable report on the fraudulent company. The IAS officer submitted the report to the Karnataka government. He had also approved a clearance certificate submitted by the North division ACP for revenue, LC Nagaraj, after he conducted a probe based on the Reserve Bank of India’s queries.  ACP Nagaraj was arrested on Friday for taking a bribe of Rs 4.5 crore from Khan for issuing a no-objection certificate (NOC) to the IMA group, allowing the firm to raise a loan. He had concealed the facts on IMA’s dealing and approved the NOC.According to the reports, the deputy commissioner accepted the bribe in April 2019 through a village accountant, identified as Manjunath. He was taken from his office on Monday for interrogation by the SIT team led by superintendent of police S Girish. Vijayshankar was questioned till evening and arrested thereafter for his involvement in the IMA scam.DC Vijayshankar has been arrested under Karnataka Protection of Interests of Depositors in Financial Establishments (KPID) Act, 2004. He is the third government official to be arrested in connection with the multi-crore fraud after ACP Nagaraj and BDA executive engineer PD Kumar Nayak.Nayak was also accused of taking Rs 4 crore bribe from Khan. The SIT sleuths also raided his JP Nagar residence and recovered documents pertaining to disproportionate assets and seized Rs 2 lakh.last_img read more

PM Hasina says all ACC officials not innocent

first_imgPM HasinaPrime minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday said the public perception is not fully false that many Anti-Corruption Commission staff are involved in corruption.”All (ACC staff) are not innocent. No one can guarantee that all are 100 per cent honest,” the prime minister told parliament in reply to a supplementary question of ruling Awami League MP retired major Rafiqul Islam (Chandpur-5).”The ACC will have to be careful from now on about those (ACC staff) who will work [investigate] so that they can’t get involved in such activities that create such public perception,” Sheikh Hasina said.In his question, Rafiqul Islam demanded speaker Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury expunge the words-many staff of ACC are involved in corruption-from the question of Jatiya Party MP Rowshan Ara Mannan (Reserved Seat-47) that was raised before the prime minister.However, the prime minister opposed his demand saying there is nothing wrong with Rowshan Ara Mannan’s question.Hasina said, “The MP (Rowshan Ara Mannan in her question) mentioned there’s a public perception, but didn’t say they’re certainly involved in corruption. So, there is no need to expunge those words because it is not totally false.”In reply to Rowshan Ara’s question, the PM said her government has a special plan to gradually reduce to a zero level through strengthening the ACC, raising public awareness and using modern information technology.”The government is determined to uplift socio-economic condition and establish a good governance-based administrative structure for building a welfare country,” she added.Hasina said there is no need to form a separate agency comprising of manpower from different elite force as the ACC now gets cooperation from any government agency whenever the anti-graft body seeks.Mentioning that the ACC is an independent and autonomous body, she said the commission explores and investigates any corruption allegation neutrally.Therefore, the trend of corruption among staff and officials of different ministries and departments is decreasing gradually, said the prime minister.last_img read more

Sports Monday Astros Split at Fenway And Texans Tied for First

first_img To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: The Astros are back home for Game 3 of the ALCS Tuesday night after splitting the first two games of the series in Boston over the weekend.Plus, the Texans struggled against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, but narrowly walked away with a 20-13 win to improve to 3-3 and move into a tie for first place in the AFC South.And the Rockets continue to fine tune things in the preseason in preparation for their regular season opener Oct. 17.We discuss those and other local sports stories with Jeff Balke, who writes for Houston Press and Houstonia Magazine. David J. Phillip/APYuli Gurriel watches his three-run home run against the Boston Red Sox during Game 1 of the ALCS. 00:00 /10:10 Listencenter_img X Sharelast_img read more

Cardinals Fall to Marquette 7774 in NIT Season TipOff

first_img ESPN Full Schedule Roster Next Game: MICHIGAN STATE 11/27/2018 | 7:30 PM PDF Box Score Listen Live Live Statscenter_img Story Links Preview Matchup History NEW YORK (AP) – Markus Howard had the go-ahead basket in overtime to cap a 21-point night and lead Marquette past Louisville 77-74 in the third-place game of the NIT Season Tip-Off on Friday night.The Golden Eagles (4-2) were once again led by Sam Hauser, who followed up his strong semifinal performance with 22 points. His brother Joey hit the two free throws to put Marquette up by three with 18 seconds left in OT.Joey Hauser had a put-back of Howard’s miss to tie it at 68 with 20 seconds left in regulation. Darius Perry then missed a 3-pointer from the wing, and Louisville couldn’t get a couple of put-back attempts to drop before the buzzer.Christen Cunningham scored 16 points for Louisville (4-2). Jordan Nwora had 15 points and seven rebounds, and Steven Enoch hit his first three shots and finished with 10 points.Louisville led by as many as eight before Marquette took its first lead, 55-53, on a dunk by Theo John with 6:42 remaining. From there, it was back and forth.Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

Monsoon to hit North Bengal in 3 days

first_imgKolkata: The Monsoon is all set to hit North Bengal within the next three days but for the South Bengal districts, it might take some more time. There may be some pre-monsoon rains in the South Bengal districts including Kolkata. Various South Bengal districts received moderate to heavy rainfall on Monday morning disrupting normal life. According to the Regional Meteorological Centre at Alipore, South Bengal districts including the city may witness thunderstorms as a result of pre-Monsoon rains within the next 48 hours before the advent of Monsoon in the state. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsAccording to a senior official of the weather office, a circulation which was staying over Bangladesh could trigger a storm in some parts of North Bengal. A favourable atmosphere for rain has already been prevailing in the Himalayan regions. Various South Bengal districts including North 24-Parganas, Nadia, Murshidabad, Hooghly, Howrah and parts of the city received moderate to heavy rainfall on Monday morning. “Local clouds have started forming due to the impact of approaching Monsoon. It will trigger mild thunderstorms mainly in the North Bengal districts. However, there is hardly any possibility of squall in the city and the South Bengal districts. Cloud masses which have been floating in from the neighbouring areas for the past few days are not potent enough to initiate a squall in the Southern parts,” a senior official of the weather office said. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedIt may be mentioned here that Monsoon currents have already reached Tripura and parts of central Assam and Bangladesh. The currents have started advancing towards North Bengal. It is expected that Monsoon currents will arrive in North Bengal by the middle of this week.However, it is difficult to predict the date of the arrival of Monsoon in South Bengal and Kolkata as there is no clear indication to the weather office. This is because there is no low-pressure or any cyclonic circulation over the Bay of Bengal. The Monsoon is not likely to hit this week as there is no such system prevailing over the Bay of Bengal.last_img read more

Klip River in full flow

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite While no one wants to go on record and say the drought is over, things for Ladysmith are looking good. It does not look like water restrictions in the town itself will officially be lifted yet. An official notice from uThukela District Municipality will have to be published to end restrictions. This would only be likely if rain continued falling for the rest of the month. Currently, restrictions are still in force, despite the Klip River flowing at near capacity.Farmers are the ones most affected and while grass is beginning to grow, farm dams are still way below sustainable levels.Everyone is holding thumbs that rains continue to fall.A warning to low-lying areas that flash flooding is possible has been issued in some areas.last_img read more

Senate Banking Committee Votes Yes on Brian Montgomery Nomination

first_img in Daily Dose, Featured, Government, News Brian Montgomery FHA HOUSING HUD mortgage Senate Banking Committee 2017-11-28 Rachel Williams November 28, 2017 722 Views Today during a nomination hearing held by the U.S. Senate Banking Committee Brian Montgomery was approved as Assistant Secretary for Housing—Federal Housing Commissioner, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. His nomination will now move to a full Senate vote.Brian Montgomery is currently Vice Chairman of The Collingwood Group, a Washington D.C.-based advisory firm that he co-founded, and he previously served as Federal Housing Administration commissioner under former President George W. Bush. In a letter sent to Senate Banking Committee Chairman Crapo and Ranking Member Brown endorsing his nomination and encouraging his confirmation, Ed Delgado, President and CEO of the Five Star Institute wrote:During my 25 year tenure working within the mortgage banking industry, I have had the opportunity to work side by side with Mr. Montgomery during his times within both public and private service on issues that face the American homeowner,” the letter said. “I can attest to his qualifications as a leader and his devotion to the cause of furthering responsible homeownership in the United States. An examination of Mr. Montgomery’s record will reveal a dedicated public servant and champion for homeownership, fully committed to ensuring the American Dream lives on for generations to come.During his October testimony before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, Montgomery said, “Some of my Republican friends and colleagues still ask why I agreed to serve in a Democratic Administration and my answer has always been the same: they asked for my help. It was that simple. Now when I’m asked why I would want to return to HUD, the answer is just as simple: I believe I can make a positive difference.”center_img Senate Banking Committee Votes Yes on Brian Montgomery Nomination Sharelast_img read more

m while television

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