How to Set Up a New PC

first_img(Photo Courtesy: Pexel Images.) Advertisement Bought that new PC you always wanted but wondering howyou can set it up?Buying a new computer is definitely a cause forcelebration. No more is your PC going to hang up on you midway during acritical update. It’s going to be smooth sailing from now on, and you can eventry out new things like a Betwayonline casino anytime. So, how can you get things started?The Top Tips to Set up a New PC – Advertisement – Yes, the primary challenge is to know how to set upyour PC. Don’t worry –we can help you.1.    Update Windows on your new PC:This is the most important, yet the most tiresome stepof the process and can sometimes take up to hours. Connect your PC to theinternet and click on the start menu. In the settings option, click on checkfor updates. The windows update will now take place automatically.2.    Install a browser:Of course. How else are you going to dive into thevast world of the internet without a browser? Choose from the likes of GoogleChrome, Mozilla Firefox and more.3.    Install and update the security system on your PC:Themost essential task once you get an internet browser is to have goodquality updated security systems on your PC. Use of antivirus is mandatory ifyou don’t want the data stored on your computer to be hacked using a virus,only for your personal information to be used for malicious intent.4.    Clean your new PC:Often, the company that makes your PC puts inunnecessary updates and software on your computer that you have no use of. Thissoftware only ends up using the space that might have otherwise have been usedfor better purposes. Thus, cleaning up your new PC is mandatory to help savespace on your computer.5.    Install new software:Now that you have deleted all unnecessary files andfolders from your laptop, it is time for you to install new software that youmight actually need for your day today working with the computer. MS Office,Adobe Reader, maybe an Adobe Photoshop, depending on the kind of work you do onyour computer, you can install the necessary software, as per your will.6.    Back up:The last and final step which is also very crucial.Many of us tend to forget taking a backup only to end up crying when they loseimportant data when their system fails to function. To avoid a situation likethat, it is advisable to always keep a backup of your computer ready with youat all times.Now that you know all the steps to set up a new PC,don’t just linger. Go get your new baby all shiny and fixed up. Your computeris going to be your constant companion in all spheres of work, and it is onlyin your best interest to look after it well.last_img

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