Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue Service wants residents

first_imgTuscaloosa Fire and Rescue Service wants residents knowing that while there are fewer fires in summer, the ones that do happen are largely avoidable.Since March, nearly 50 percent of the house fires reported in Tuscaloosa were a result of kitchen mistakes. Leaving a stove on, letting oil spill over, not watching a pot are all easy issues residents can avoid by simply staying in the room, said Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue Safety Educator Holly Wingham.“Don’t leave the room, especially if you’re frying or using grease on the stove,” she said. “Keep anything that can burn, like oven mitts, paper towels, any kind of towels away from the stove.”All kitchens need a working fire extinguisher, Wingham said, and you can buy one in local big-box stores, home improvement stores or online for less than $50.“If you have any doubt that you can’t put out a fire then just make sure you get out,” Wingham said. “Get out and call 911, and the fire department will be there as soon as possible to help you.”last_img

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