Brackney Inn’s business is trying to recover since reopening

first_imgIn March 2020, the Brackney Inn closed down again due to the pandemic. MacBlane says he hasn’t seen most of his regular customers as much as he used to.  Valerie Hadaway, Brackney Inn server and bartender, says with the restaurant at a limited capacity she’s had to change how she takes orders.  MacBlane says right now it’s a struggle and he doesn’t know if it’s worth being open.  “There’s a lot of time where myself and a bartender are basically doing nothing,” MacBlane said. “We sit here by ourselves for hours at a time.” “I’m just kind of just writing off 2020 is just trying to stay open and not go into too much debt,” MacBlane said. “Hopefully next year will be a better year.” MacBlane says their business was getting back to normal before the pandemic hit. In June, the Brackney Inn reopened for indoor dining with a limited capacity.  For more information about the Brackney Inn, check out their Facebook page. “Every time it picks up again something else happens,” Greg MacBlane, Brackney Inn owner, told 12 News Wednesday. BRACKNEY, PA (WBNG) — The Brackney Inn was open for over a year since having to close due to two fires that were months apart. With restaurants and bars increasing capacity to 50 percent on Sept. 21, MacBlane says any increase will be good. “We had customers that were regulars coming in everyday by themselves,” MacBlane said. “After a hard day’s work they like to come in for four or five beers.”  “You don’t serve over the bar,” she says. “You don’t take an order over the bar. You walk around, you go to those tableslast_img

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