Lessons of the Week! Hugh Jackman, Newsies & More

first_img View Comments It’s Friday, and you know what that means—time to jump into your Wicked jammies, pour a giant glass of wine and get ready for the Lessons of the Week! We’ve learned so much about Jake Gyllenhaal’s flying friends, Hugh Jackman’s dangerous cooking skills and Ramin Karimloo’s taste in ladies, we couldn’t wait to share. Check out this week’s lessons below!Tavi Gevinson Can Get Taylor Swift TixStep away from StubHub. We repeat, step away from StubHub. We have a way better way to get tickets for Taylor Swift’s 1989 world tour: just become BFFs with This Is Our Youth star Tavi Gevinson! Apparently they know each other and they’re practically like this. (We’re crossing our fingers right now. Can a website cross its fingers? Does a website have fingers? Whatever.)Jake Gyllenhaal Has Bee BuddiesSpeaking of Taylor Swift (and when aren’t we), her ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal has been spending some time with some weird, buzzing friends since their breakup. To prep for his role as a beekeeper in Constellations, the star told us he’s “hanging out with some bees” to research the role. Please tell us you went up to a hive and said, “Let’s bee friends.” Bzzzz.Hugh Jackman Cooks En FlambéTony winner Hugh Jackman can pretty much do it all: Comedy, drama, singing, tap dancing, and even gutting a fish onstage in The River (well, sometimes he cuts himself, but that’s a lesson for another day). But his other secret talent is making Crepes Suzette en flambé. Yes. ON FIRE. Hugh, please be careful. No one likes a Wolverine with no eyebrows.The Secret Password Is: (Fart Noise)Guys, it’s finally here! No, not that “I love Idina Menzel” pillowcase you ordered on Ebay. The trailer for Pitch Perfect 2! The clip shows the Bellas going to a secret Riff-Off where they have to make a fart noise to get in. Coincidentally, that’s the same secret password we use for the Broadway.com holiday party!NeNe Leakes Has a Big MouthThe Real Housewives of Atlanta star is stepping into Broadway’s Cinderella this week—what makes her portrayal different from the evil stepmothers who have come before her? According to NeNe, she has the biggest mouth of them all. Hmm, we’re pretty sure Fran Drescher would be willing to fight you on this one, but we’re keeping our big mouths shut.JCM Can’t Put Down the WigEven after recently denying he would be reprising the role he created and originated 15 years ago, John Cameron Mitchell is indeed pulling the wig down from the shelf to play Hedwig on Broadway! Very sneaky, JCM. Don’t worry, we know you’ll still fit into that old Sergio Valente—and we know another three-name celebrity who can give you some diet and exercise tips.The Newsies Left Nasty Parting GiftsWhen the cast of Honeymoon in Vegas told us the stars of Newsies left a few things behind for them in the Nederlander Theatre dressing rooms, we assumed they meant flowers and chocolates. Nope. Apparently, they left gym shorts, roach spray and “the man stench of splits.” Wow, we thought these guys were classy gents, but we guess newsboys will be newsboys.Daisy and Violet Traded PlacesSide Show naturally had to take some creative license while adapting the true story of Daisy and Violet Hilton, but we never knew composer Henry Krieger and book writer and lyricist Bill Russell actually swapped the positions of the conjoined twins to make the songs sound better. You hear that, aspiring composers? If you get stuck, just change history! Works every time.Just Say No To Sneaky TrollsWe always thought On the Town’s troll mascot Chabsey was cute and harmless, but according Broadway.com video blogger Alysha Umphress, he’s a no-good troublemaker. Apparently he’s been running wild in the theater, stealing hats and taking totally unauthorized Polaroid photos. We’d be furious if he weren’t so darn cute.Ramin Karimloo Likes His Ladies RippedOn this week’s Show People, Les Miz star and Broadway’s Sexiest Man Alive contender Ramin Karimloo revealed what really “turns his crank”: Women with giant muscles. Anyhoo, we’d love to chat but we’ve gotta go sign up for Mark Fisher Fitness, buy a 10-pound drum of protein powder and do push-ups for the rest of the night. See you guys next week!last_img

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