EBay part of the seller’s money has been credited interest compensation has not been mentioned

following the newspaper yesterday published "eBay" in cash ": the seller half did not receive the money" one article, to the evening of October 10th, at least 13 sellers said the money has been to our account. Relevant person in charge of the eBay Technology Department, Mr. Xu told the daily economic news reporter, said the delay was due to the site optimization and upgrading, has now been restored.

from September 21st to October 9th, the seller’s withdrawal is delayed about 20 days, the money has been unable to successfully account. That money stays in the eBay eBay platform, but to delay the payment of interest, Mr. Xu said, "we have not mentioned this, I can talk to business departments should ask, no." read more

The development of e commerce in the company’s annual maximum of 5 million financial support

news from yesterday held the city to speed up the development of e-commerce, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional market work meeting was informed that this year in Chengdu for third consecutive years to support the introduction of the development of electronic commerce support policy, a single enterprise annual maximum amount of 5 million funds, which reward the most high 3 million, the highest subsidies 2 million.

"in the field of trade and business, we will with the commodity market in Chengdu International Trade City, Qingbaijiang District, Shuangliu County, Longquanyi District Development Zone as the focus, in the" notes "in the implementation process to actively promote the integration and development of real and virtual market, vigorously develop online wholesale, online auction of B2B e-commerce. Actively promote the central business district and the main business district information platform to support large-scale department stores, shopping centers, supermarket chains to build online mall." Director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce Guo Qizhou, to promote the traditional enterprise through the use of advanced information technology to achieve the transformation and upgrading, Chengdu will focus on encouraging the traditional enterprises to achieve online transactions or through self build e-commerce marketing channels, to join the third party platform in a variety of ways; on the first joining the e-commerce platform to carry out business transactions, giving 50% service fee subsidies the use of digital certificates; (CA) services such as subsidies given service fee of 50%. read more

Ali network covering six continents security first globalization double 11

morning news to the United States and Africa users, can also happy to participate in this year eleven? Alibaba technical team yesterday revealed that this year, the Alibaba group extending overseas IT infrastructure to meet the first global double 11.

Alibaba technical support department senior expert Pan Jian, experience for the protection of overseas buyers and sellers of user access, Ali technical team made a series of deployment in June this year the new delivery of a large data center, for the protection of overseas business overseas; the number of servers doubled, up to 10 times international line network bandwidth; network nodes and overseas CDN compared to the year has doubled, and more comprehensive coverage, New South Korea, India, Macao and other Asian nodes, covering Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, North America, Oceania six continents. read more

EMS price secret sorrow has edge on the electricity supplier delivery field

electricity supplier is one of the main force in the field of EMS overwhelmed prices. Reporters learned in the interview, the electricity supplier is the fastest growing in recent years, the field of express delivery, but the electricity supplier will not choose the basic price is not high courier service. The price of high-end EMS in the field of electricity supplier has basically marginalized]

fierce competition in the courier industry, making the price, or not to become China’s express delivery enterprises must face the problem. The day before, always take the high route Chinese Post Express Logistics Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "EMS") even quietly low noble head "". read more

Taobao C store small sellers redemption you do not know the classic way to win

now young friends, the thought of entrepreneurship, will first think of the network, that network will first think of Taobao; so small Taobao C store started, but now the competition as we all know, segments of the small category, have already started the competition.

if you still want to focus on Taobao, then drill. Passenger car is a must. To promote drainage, taking into account the individual shop C strength of three ordinary boat Amoy students if C shop customer service, and often advise their operation and train, Amoy, perhaps you to sing anti cavity, what you don’t have much guest, store product sales, but also the personal C small shop, not what the guest your boat, not against the objective facts. read more

Market Service ten years of national domain name

      in 1997, CNNIC established the CN management domain name registration, CN domain name registrations only 2000; 10 years later, CN domain name registration has reached 5 million 300 thousand, more than COM domain name, domain name in China has become the first big success, occupy the world of top-level domain name three position.

corresponds to this, 10 years ago, China has only a number of Internet users, after 10 years, the number of Internet users in China exceeded the number of 140 million. The CN domain name, the development of the Internet and China economic construction, a road in the world, the Internet pattern in the position of victory on the day. read more

Tmall Electric City 2016 strategy to build a group of ten million fans shop

DoNews April 11th news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) Tmall India wells City president today announced that Tmall Electric City in 2016 to help at least ten brands to achieve 10 million fans attention and the interaction of the goal, to create a number of tens of millions of fans and consumers make brand shop, expand the depth of interaction in Tmall, cultivating the diverse needs of consumers.

, according to Yin Jing introduction, Tmall electric city this year will be in content operations, industry chain, entertainment and sports game industry, services, intelligence to help reshape the brand five aspects of ecology, to meet the diverse needs of consumers. At the same time to continue cultivating consumer experience, service in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen City Hangzhou five goods, logistics, customer service and innovation. read more

On the concept of direct marketing model

direct marketing mode, in fact, Chinese still has a lot of prejudice, that is the so-called direct marketing, direct selling in fact is not as we imagine, there are still many places there is merit. Today we will look at the direct marketing system.

direct marketing is also known as direct marketing or direct marketing, can be said to be a media to communicate directly with the customer, and can produce the interactive effect of the transaction, it is also a kind of constantly update and enrich the concept. read more

Double 12 new track mobile payment war burning Wang line shopping

use of preferential subsidies to encourage users to go to the next line of the store with the mobile terminal consumption, behind the bustling shopping festival, but actually staged a O 2O and offline payment war.

if the "double eleven" is to allow electricity providers to harvest Online Shopping Festival, then "shuangshier" is a big Carnival online store. Since last year, Alipay parent company ant gold clothes to create "1212 Alipay reputation global Carnival" fame, this year, WeChat paid beauty group public comments have also added "shuangshier" war. read more