Watercress most worried about the 4 issues

not long ago with a few Internet circle of friends for dinner, talking to several known watercress employees have left things, speaking of the bean in this company, I did not expect more and more excited to finally say, everyone began to hurry to bean penhold table, probably because turn iron into steel, everyone in the Internet the pursuit of the era of fast, easy to have a slow products to impress people, you want it to be slowly getting better, but I see, is slowly become commonplace. read more

Taobao students detonated educational information hundred billion market business model analysis

read: last year, Taobao education sales of 330 million yuan, of which 1/3 is teaching materials, teaching assistant, and the other 200 million is curriculum sales. Taobao internal estimates, the current online education in Taobao’s average daily turnover of about 3 million yuan, this year can do 1 billion yuan scale. The future "Taobao classmates" layout will be a 2B 2C hybrid platform model.

according to media reports, Taobao insiders said, Taobao or will further strengthen the development of education, training, electricity supplier, and may soon launch "Taobao classmates" education channel. With the advent of summer, a variety of educational training institutions reproduce the hot situation, and the market size of China’s educational information has more than 100 billion. Under this background, the relevant listed companies such as Qiming information (002232), 002396), lanxum Ruijie (300010), square straight technology (300235) concern. read more

Web site operations cost traffic profitability and conversion

1, cost brief:

in site operation, universal cost such as the server or host space and bandwidth costs, computer tools such as costs, labor costs, for a business website, other expenses and the normal operation of the company, such as office expenses, staff salary and other

2, flow analysis:

traffic is the basis of a web site operation, traffic is not universal, no traffic is absolutely impossible. If a website uses traffic as a terminal product, such as selling traffic and selling advertising, then the site traffic sales minus the site operating costs are equal to the site’s profit. read more

Several ways of realization of community

we all know that the fan economy has arrived, and many friends have gathered a lot of fans who like their columns through short videos, and they have also started building communities to manage them. But is it simply the end of the community? Today, light rain to share some of the social realization of the relevant content, and tell you how to use our community in the hands of cash realized profits.

I, community economy,


explains how to make use of the community to help you make money, let’s share with you what social economy is. Understanding the community economy can help us better use our community and help us make profits. Light rain from three aspects to explain what is community economy. read more

Shout webmaster need to firmly go down

personal Adsense is not easy to do standing. First, the information for the record is depressed, and later heard that the Ministry of national information should implement hierarchical management of the content of the website, that is, management is more strict and detailed. Now a large number of room rectification and website content of illegal information inspection. Come back really fast, perhaps this is because there are too many personal webmaster.

It is reported that:

for a web site is the exposure site, recently resolved to the north room a server, and the two day CCTV interview in Shanghai Telecom, this leads to enormous pressure, forced all the network disconnection, our server inventory work started immediately. read more

Understanding user operating systems user segmentation and clustering

is probably a

business that covers a wide range of users from shallow to deep

editor’s note: This article comes from the public number Qin Lu (ID:tracykanc), author Qin road; 36 krypton authorized release.

what is user operation?

aims to maximize the value of its users and increase its activity, retention rate, or payment index through various means of operation. In the user operating system, there is a classic framework called AARRR, that is, new, retained, active, spread, and profitable. read more

Free of charge very aggrieved met a slander my users

met another user who abused us today. The reason that he called us "liar" was "two points:

"Why did

1. block his account?

Why did

2. delete his space?

later, he gave us two consecutive user names, and we all found that the database did not find this person, because even if the ban is recorded. Later, he reported his name and identity card to find out, the original mistake is his own user name.

as for why his space was deleted, because of the violation of the rules of space, the first article: there is no binding www. at the beginning of the domain name. read more

Message new Adsense horse More haste less speed

when the webmaster circle more and more prosperous, more and more new Adsense to join in, we know, and a webmaster spring is coming. But behind the prosperity but is often the most direct crisis, especially for the new owners had just entered the circle, once did not understand the mentality, the right strategy and execution in place has no choice in the stand, it is often for his site failures. Every day there are countless new sites on the line, but at the same time there are countless sites become dead stops, or even directly turned off. Therefore, as a new webmaster, must be from the following aspects to prepare, in countless wars for a slim chance of survival website. read more

8 common sense of anti virus

1, ready to start floppy disk, and write write protection.

check any computer problems, or detoxification, it is best in the absence of virus interference in the environment, in order to fully measure the real cause, or a thorough solution to the invasion of the virus. Therefore, after installing the system, you should make a startup disk in time for a rainy day.

2, important data must be backed up.

is the most important procedure, the damage that can be re COPY, or even buy a, but their own type of information, may be three years of accounting information, may be painted three months the pictures, one day, hard broken or damaged because of the virus, will make people want to cry no tears, so for the important data backup often is absolutely necessary. read more

Believe in yourself you can do wonders

I love blogging. A few days ago I had a problem.

I installed a small plug-in for record access. I didn’t get it right. The location of the display was out of order, and the contents of the right column of the front page went down, and that little plugin ran to the bottom. When browsing with Firefox, it appears on the right hand side of the screen, the screen does not display, and needs to pull the note in the direction of the left and right.

isn’t really something. It can’t solve the problem once it has been reinstalled. I don’t think it will work. Want to delete this plugin, but not. What should I do, read more