Geek deals Save big on Cyber Monday

first_imgHot on the heels of Black Friday, bargains are still popping up for Cyber Monday. We’ve found huge discounts on eReaders, 4K TVs, cloud storage, laptops, and so much more, and we’ve collected the very best deals right here for your convenience. Browse around on your lunch break, and you’ll be able to wrap up your holiday shopping on the cheap.Top rated for picture quality: 50-inch Vizio M50-D1 4K ultra HD home theater display with a $200 Dell gift card and a 6-inch Android tablet remote for $599.99 (List price: $849.99)49-inch Samsung 6-series 4K Curved LED TV for $549.99 (List price: $999.99)Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Intel Celeron dual-core 15.6-inch laptop (4GB of RAM) for $199 (Coupon code: LT199 – List price: $299)Segway Mini Pro with app control, 14-mile range, and 10MPH speed for $599 (List price: $799)Starts 12AM Monday: CyberPower 1500VA uninterruptible power supply with pure dinewave for $129.95 (List price: $204.89)Starts 12AM Monday: Kindle Unlimited reading one year for $80.32, two years for $143.85 (Orig: $120 for one year, $240 for two years)Starts 12AM Monday: $0.99 Amazon Dash button and a $4.99 credit for $0.99 (Coupon code: CYBERDASH)See all the Amazon Cyber Monday deals and lightning deals as they go liveSee all the Dell doorbuster computer, TV, and electronics deals as they go liveStack Social Cyber Monday deals — Use site wide discount coupon: CYBERMONDAYT-Mobile Cyber Monday — Switch and get up to $800 with trade-inHome and miscellaneousSegway Mini Pro with app control, 14-mile range, and 10MPH speed for $599 (List price: $799)Hoover spotless portable carpet and upholstery cleaner for $59.88 (List price: $99.99)Hoover power scrub deluxe carpet cleaner for $80 (List price: $219.99)On Order – 16-Pack Philips 40W equivalent light bulbs for $19.99 (List price: $35.99)Oral-B Black 1000 power electric toothbrush with pressure sensor for $22.99 (Clip $10 Amazon Coupon)iRobot Roomba 770 robot vacuum with dual HEPA filter for $379.99 (List price: $499.99)AmazonBasics MicroCut paper shredder for $45.89 (List price: $69.99)Gaming$39 Xbox One or PS4 DualShock 4 controller for $39/each (List price: $59.99)Xbox One S and a Minecraft bundle for $249.99 (List price: $299.99)PlayStation 4 Slim and a Uncharted 4 bundle for $249.99 (List price: $299.99)Laptop and desktop computersASUS FX502VM Intel Core i5 Quad-Core 1920×1080 gaming laptop with GTX 1060m 3GB GPU, 16GB of RAM, and USB Type-C for $999 (List price: $1249.99)Asus C202 Chromebook Intel Celeron dual-core 11.6-inch laptop for $119.99 (List price: $199.99)Acer Aspire E 15 Intel Core i3-7100U Kaby Lake 15.6-inch 1080p laptop (4GB/1TB) for $329.99 (List price: $399.99)Acer Aspire E 15 Intel Core i5-6200U 15.6-inch 1080p laptop (8GB/256GB SSD/Nvidia 940mx) for $499.99 (List price: $549.99)HP Notebook 15 Intel Core i5-6200U 15.6-inch 1080p laptop (8GB/128GB SSD) for $399.99 (List price: $549.99)Microsoft Office 365 and a $25 Dell gift card for $79.99 (List price: $99.99)DropBox Pro one-year subscription and a $25 Dell gift card for $59.99 (Gift card automatically adds to cart)Electronics and componentsCyber Monday fitbit discount: $69 Fitbit Flex 2, $99 Alta, $90 Charge HR, $149 Blaze smart watchFoscam R2 1080p wireless camera with pan and tilt and two-way audio for $74.99 (List price: $129.99)eero Home WiFi system (Complete wireless coverage in your home) for $141.99 (List price: $199.99)ASUS Zenfone Zoom 64GB unlocked smartphone with 3x optical zoom for $199 (List price: $399)Harman Kardon SOHO headphones for $35.95 (List price: $99.99)Best selling dash cam: Rexing V1 1080p dash cam car recorder for $79.99 (Coupon code: V1BLAFRI – List price: $129.99)HDTVs43-inch Vizio E-Series 4K HDTV and a $100 Dell gift card for $349.99 (List price: $469.99)50-inch Vizio E-Series 4K ultra HD LED TV and a bonus Logitech Harmony 650 remote ($250 value) for $399.99 (List price: $698.99)70-inch Vizio D-Series 4K ultra HD LED smart TV for $899.99 (List price: $1199.99)Samsung UN55KU6600 55-inch Curved 4K LED TV and a $100 Amazon gift card for $747.99 (List price: $947.99)Didn’t find what you want? See all the latest Cyber Monday deals at TechBargainsOur commerce group sources the best deals and products for the Geek Deals posts. We operate independently of Editorial and Advertising and may earn a percentage of the sale, if you buy something via a link on the post. If you are interested in promoting your deals, please contact us at [email protected]last_img read more

Rip Returns in the Weirdest Way Possible on Legends of Tomorrow

first_imgHey, remember when the Legends brought their old captain who’s now evil aboard the Waverider as a prisoner? It turns out that was a really bad idea! Who knew? Gideon still recognizes Rip as Captain. Even though the ship has been instructed to ignore him, he’s able to input an override code and take control. Sara tries to regain control while Mick, Nate, and Amaya confront Rip. Mick is able to knock him unconscious, but not before he destroys the amulet. Now there’s no hope of finding Nate’s grandfather and the last piece of the spear.Well, maybe not entirely. Mick brings up the idea of cognitive intrusion. Also known as going inside someone’s mind! It turns out Time Masters developed that technology in the future and installed it on every one of their ships. How convenient! Yeah, this is about as big a plot coupon as you’ll see on TV, but this premise is so cool, I’ll forgive them for wanting to get to it as fast as humanly possible.Inside Rip’s mind isn’t the only awesome location featured in this week’s episode. During the struggle, the ship was forced to crash land at its earliest logged location. That means it ended up in the Cretaceous period, where Ray was stranded at the beginning of the season. A piece of the Waverider fell off during the crash, meaning Nate, Ray, and Amaya have to get it for the team to have any hope of resuming their adventures. Ray can track the piece fairly easily, but there’s one problem. It’s in the territory of Gertrude, an irritable dinosaur who Ray pissed off the last time he was there by eating one if its eggs.Nick Zano as Nate Heywood/Steel, Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/Atom and Maisie Richardson- Sellers as Amaya Jiwe/Vixen (Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW)As the trio figure out how to get the part back, it becomes clear to Ray that there’s something going on between Amaya and Nate. Amaya has decided to abandon her “no fraternizing” rule and have some fun with Nate. The problem is Ray has met Amaya’s granddaughter. She has her own CW Seed animated series and a cameo on Arrow. Nate can’t date Amaya because then Mari won’t exist. Nate is convinced he can keep it casual, but we know that’s not going to happen.They find the part they’re after and wouldn’t you know it, it’s in a T-Rex nest. Ray can retrieve the piece without issue, but Gertrude shows up. Yes, we finally see the dinosaur. This scene is clearly where the episode’s budget went. It looks pretty good, which is why it only has a few seconds of screen time. Nate turns into Steel to fight it, but Amaya has another plan. She walks right up to Gertrude and uses her amulet to bond with the beast. She strokes its nose and sends it away. Nate realizes he’s in love.While all this is going on, the much cooler part of the episode is happening inside Rip’s mind. Sara and Jax have gone in to find out where Commander Steel ended up. They find a dark, corrupted Waverider patrolled by evil versions of themselves. Sara is caught off guard and put in a cell where she finds the real Rip Hunter huddled in a corner. He’s initially distrustful, leading to a pretty major reveal. Rip, at least in his mind, has superpowers. He’s able to push Sara across the cell using only his mind. Well, his mind inside his mind. This episode gets weird.Franz Drameh as Jefferson “Jax” Jackson, Victor Garber as Professor Martin Stein and Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/White Canary (Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW)Jax, who managed to escape his evil counterpart comes across Gideon. In human form. She’s on their side because the Legion of Doom didn’t see any reason to corrupt a ship’s operating system when they messed up Rip’s mind. (By the way, I love how everyone has just accepted the name “Legion of Doom” for the bad guys this season.) With Gideon’s help, Jax frees Sara and Rip. The four make their way to the study, hoping to find something to jog Rip’s memory. Being trapped inside your own mind by hostile bastardizations of your friends will make you question what is real, it turns out.On their way there, the team is waylaid by said hostile versions. This leads to a pretty awesome fight scene where Sara and Jax fight and overpower themselves. The Canary vs. Canary scene, in particular, is exceptionally well-choreographed. The team finds out that the evil counterparts can’t be killed. When all seems lost, Gideon makes Rip realize what’s real and what isn’t. He defeats the corrupted versions of his friends and saves his real ones. As Rip now realizes what is real and what isn’t, his construct of the Waverider begins to fall apart. Jax wakes up on his own and helps Sara do the same. Inside Rip’s mind, Rip kisses Gideon goodbye and wakes up in the real world. Rip is now back to normal, and the real Gideon remembers the kiss somehow. He seems OK with Sara taking on the role of Captain, and with the Waverider repaired, the Legends set off to find Commander Steel. Next week: We go to Apollo 13.Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory/Heat Wave (Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW)While it was disappointing that we only got to see a dinosaur for less than a minute, I understand that budgets are a thing shows like this have to deal with. The rest of the episode more than made up for it by being absolutely bonkers.  Going inside Rip’s mind a weird, fun choice that reminded me why I love this show so much. It’s not afraid to be ridiculous and even a little stupid at times. As long as it leads to some unconventional superhero fun, anything is possible. Even the Cretaceous period scenes were fun when they showed how Ray survived being stranded there. While I certainly would have appreciated more dinosaurs, Legends of Tomorrow managed to turn in a great episode without them.last_img read more